Meal Planner

Breakfast: 2 slices Purebred Raisin Toast, Nuttelex Spread.

Lunch: Leftover gluten-free spaghetti Bolognese from the previous night.

Dinner: Salmon with baked carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, and eggplant

Snacks: apple.

Diary Entry

Things are moving along well at this point. I feel more awake, although I attribute this to the gluten-free diet and all the fruits and vegetables I have been eating. My bloating is still under control, and that’s due to my new eating habits. Even though my food choice was more straightforward, I was still happy with the results, even though it was a little bit lazy with lunch and breakfast.

I wanted something simple for breakfast, and I had to admit that I was running late this morning, so I had little choice. So I tried the Purebred raisin bread with Nuttelux spread. Although it didn’t taste the same as the raisin bread I used to enjoy, it was still delicious and satisfying. As a snack, I purchased an apple from a Sydney fruit stall. Lunch was just warm-up for last night’s dinner. (I found this very tasty the next day because all the bolognese flavors had intensified over the night!) I had a 150g salmon piece cooked in a pan and topped with baked vegetables.

This gluten-free challenge is a great start. Although there are small but positive changes, I generally feel better about my overall health. Let’s all hope that I feel better every day.

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