Jay Rogers

Jay Rogers, The Moodie Foodie

Jay Rogers is a food-obsessed moody girl who believes that healthy food doesn’t need to taste boring – she insists on great food always, and never misses out on her favourites. Ever. That may sound fine if she wasn’t a lover of pizza, burgers, lasagne and all things not so healthy. Not to be deprived, Jay has committed herself to finding ways to have her lasagne and eat it too. Her recipes remove a lot of the fat and kilojoules without losing any of the taste. Visit her blog The Moodie Foodie, or catch her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Sophie KnoxSophie Knox, Columnist

Sophie Knox is a passionate communicator of all the good things in life – food, wine, travel, family and fashion. With more than 15 years’ experience in publishing, she now works from the comfort of her own lounge room, editing, blogging, copywriting and content planning. Communicating with an audience is one of her strengths, creating high-quality copy that’s sharp and speaks directly to the desired market.



Christine RochaChristine Rocha, Woke Up Hungry

Christine Rocha is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, who believes that an informed food choice is always the best food choice. Her goal, as a nutrition writer, is to translate that complex nutrition jargon into simple, easy-to-understand practical food information. Currently based in the United States, Christine has garnered culinary tastes and flavours from the different countries and cities where she has lived, worked and travelled. Her knowledge, skills and experience are gleaned from books and grandmothers, from current research and ancient wisdom. Check out her blog Woke Up Hungry or visit her Facebook page.


Pamela bellingerPam Bellinger, The Veggie Kit Co.

Pam Bellinger is founder and designer of The Veggie Kit Co., a company that sells complete starter kits for growing veggies in containers. The Veggie Kit Co. kits contain literally everything you need in the right quantities – from the seeds to the fertilisers – and, designed from a horticultural perspective, they help you learn the fundamentals needed to grow your own with easy-to-follow instructions, great for those who are interested in the idea of self-sustainability but aren’t sure where to start.  Pam recently won National Horticulture Student of the Year with her innovative idea, and loves to spread the word about the joys and possibilities of productive gardening in containers. Check out her website or her Facebook page to learn more.  


Aerlie WildyAerlie Wildy, Healthy Life Coaching

Aerlie Wildy holds a Diploma of Life Coaching, and established Healthy Life Coaching to provide practical, family-friendly personal coaching for mums. Her big-picture vision is to support mums to grow without the guilt. Using a Family-Friendly Action Plan, Aerlie inspires mums to take control, build a positive mindset and grow into the person they always imagined they could be. Programs are designed for maximum flexibility, with practical tools customised for each mum to build self belief, create their version of good health, and help mums be proud of the legacy they nurture for their children.