All About Kids’ Food Allergies

Words by Karen Kingham

If you don’t have a child or family member with food allergies, then you almost certainly know someone who does. Here are some good-to-know facts that can make it a little easier to understand this increasingly prevalent condition.


Like any allergy, an allergy to food is a reaction by the immune system to something it thinks is harmful. The severity of symptoms is often unrelated to the amount of the culprit food consumed, and reactions tend to occur quite soon after eating. In some cases, food allergy reactions can be fatal. Treatment involves strictly avoiding culprit foods.


The most common food allergies are to a handful of foods that include nuts (peanuts and tree nuts), sesame seeds, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish, wheat and soy.

What to look for

The first signs of a food allergy can vary greatly but may include skin rashes (eczema), hives, swelling of lips, eyes and tongue, breathing difficulties/asthma or tummy upset. The most severe type of allergic response is anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal reaction. If your baby has trouble breathing or shows any sign of swelling of the lips or face after eating a new food, don’t delay in seeking urgent medical attention.

Going shopping

Being ingredient aware and label savvy is essential when there is a food allergy to manage. Australian food law requires labels to declare the presence of the common food allergens, and many contain statements on labels that warn of potential risk only, and so are best checked directly with the manufacturer.

Prevention versus cure

Breastfeeding before and throughout the time you introduce solids to your baby is thought to be the best thing you can do in the prevention of food allergy in children. Avoiding or delaying the introduction foods is not advised and may in fact increase food-allergy risk. There is no cure for a food allergy but children may outgrow them.  This is especially so for allergies to egg and milk.

More information

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Cooking For Kids With Allergies

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