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Chicken Goulash

Easy Dinner: Chicken Goulash

Recipe by Amira Georgy This easy and tasty recipe for Chicken Goulash is a time-saving double-batch version (if you have a family of four – otherwise it’s a great dinner for six with plenty for… Read more »

Orange & Poppyseed Friands

Sweet Treat: Orange & Poppyseed Friands

Recipe by Amira Georgy These small oval cakes, made with almond meal and eggwhites, are a little fancier than regular muffins (though if you’re having trouble finding a friand pan, you could use a half-cup… Read more »

Homemade pizza is a family favourite

Easy Dinner: Antipasto Pizza

Recipe by Amira Georgy Forget ordering in this Friday night – try our quick and easy recipe for Antipasto Pizza instead. It’s loaded with delicious toppings, including grilled eggplant and gooey bocconcini, and guaranteed to… Read more »

Chilli Con Carne

The Moodie Foodie: Chilli Con Carne

Recipe, photography and nutritional analysis by The Moodie Foodie We love Mexican food in our house, particularly a good chilli, but I find it too meat-heavy and so I lighten it up with loads of… Read more »

Self-Saucing Mocha Pudding

Fast Fix: Self-Saucing Mocha Pudding

Recipe by Amira Georgy The fact that this Self-Saucing Mocha Pudding is so easy to master may be as much a bad thing as it is good: what’s to stop us indulging any day of… Read more »

Fast Beef Pho

Easy Dinner: Fast Beef Pho

Recipe by Amira Georgy This classic Vietnamese soup called Beef Pho is easy to make at home – the cheat is the stock. In our recipe, we use a good quality brand and spike it… Read more »

Sweet Treat: Lemon & Almond Slice

Sweet Treat: Lemon & Almond Slice

Recipe by Amira Georgy   There’s nothing like a sweet treat after dinner, and this simple recipe for Lemon & Almond Slice will definitely satisfy those cravings. The lemon rind gives this dessert a subtle… Read more »