Closed! One of Three Annabel Karmel Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes Cookbooks

And the winners are… Mara Book, Ally Lee and Rachael! Thanks for your entries, we hope you enjoy your copies of Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes by Annabel Karmel!

This week, we’re giving away three copies of the brand new Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes cookbook by Annabel Karmel, worth RRP $24.95 each! Here’s a look at what the winner will receive…

Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes


Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes by Annabel Karmel (Random House), RRP $24.95

Annabel Karmel has packed 130 new recipes into her latest cookbook for little kids, and all of them are fast, fuss-free and good for you. This latest volume offers tips and tricks to deal with fussy eaters, as well as sweet and savoury recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. For a sneak peek, take a look at her recipes for Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry and Apple & Sultana Muffins.



Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes by Annabel Karmel is available now from booksellers and online retailers.

Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

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*Competition opens 6.00am Thursday 16 May 2013 and closes 11.59pm Wednesday 29 May 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 12.00pm Wednesday 5 June 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here.


30 comments on “Closed! One of Three Annabel Karmel Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes Cookbooks”

  1. KylieD

    My 3 and 5 year olds LOVE them, and Master 10 Months has started jumping up and down in his highchair when he spies them – I think I have another fan on my hands!

  2. Katrina Phillips

    Plain cooked spaghetti noodles.
    Oh, and chokkie frogs!

  3. Laura Jilka

    Banana’s for brekkie lunch and after dinner,
    Always my little one’s winner!

  4. Caroline McEvoy

    My kids love lollies from granny and museli and yoghurt from mum :)

  5. Mara Book

    My kids love fish, with a lovingly home-made crumb. I love that they’re eating something healthy, and enjoying helping me making it.

  6. Denise Sinnamon

    My daughters fave food is meat so would be great to have different reciepes to get her eating more of a variety

  7. Elisha Hasell

    my 10 year old loooves spaghetti bolognese, and my 16 year old loves macaroni and cheese or whatever we seem to be eating hits his spot well too

  8. natalie foster

    Both my children love Italian food and Lasagne is their favourite so long as it’s made by mummy as their dad made “Green Lasagne” much to their disgust….

  9. Ally Lee

    Shared on FB! :)

    My kids love Apricot Chicken! Yum, glad we share that favourite!

  10. Amanda Manning

    My kids love sausages but now I have found a butcher who will make up fresh preservative-free sausages.

  11. Crystal mcfarlane

    Lasagne like their favorite cartoon character garfield

  12. krystal p

    “Sketti” also known as spaghetti, in any form with or without sauce is the current flavour of the month for my 2 year old.

  13. Karlene

    Home made pizza…but just with tomato sauce, cheese and ham.

  14. Rin

    My daughters both love strawberries and can eat a whole punnet at a time


    Pizza! We have a pizza picnic every Saturday and watch a Disney movie together. She loves it :)

  16. Toni hill

    My daughter loves macaroni cheese or quiche, :) Very easy to please….

  17. Jodie F

    Mango. Shame it’s only in season for a short time.

  18. Kirsten W

    Ice cream. Thanks to the Grandparents, my toddler got a taste for icecream and now that is what she wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But just because it’s her favourite food, doesn’t mean she gets to eat it all the time – unless she’s staying at the grandparents of course!! thanks gramps!

  19. Deb

    My homemade salmon patties go down a treat – and they’re great finger food. Food can only be enjoyed if it’s wiped through their hair!

  20. Tory Huth

    Whatever I am eating, is what she wants to eat. At least it makes me eat healthily. But something she will never so no to, is peanut butter and cheese on whatever you can put them on.

  21. Anna

    Mummy to five,
    The very best nutritional food I strive,
    Easy said than done with a fussy tot!
    But with perseverance I’ve hit a “SOFT” spot!
    Apple! Sultana! Vanilla Yogurt Muffin is a delight!
    His eyes light up at first sight!
    Large batches I bake!
    Great to freeze and for outings it is practical to take!
    If these food items are given without disguise,
    He’ll Spit! Throw! Cry! So I must be wise!

  22. Amy Allan

    My toddler’s favourite food is anything I’m eating, or any crumbs she can find on the floor!!

  23. Karen.E

    We love rissoles with veggies, mashed potato and gravy. Yum!!

  24. Angie Boylan

    My kids love macaroni cheese! They are such fussy eaters, this book would be extremely handy to give me some new ideas!

  25. Narelle Rock

    My kids love chicken kiev with cauliflower, mashed potato and corn

  26. Amanda Gorton

    Mashed potato with cracked pepper and gravy – I suppose its soft and creamy with lots of taste

  27. Kim Magrath

    Spaghetti Bolognaise .. it’s my favourite too because I can sneak in as many veges as I like and she eats them all up!