Closed! One of Three Ross Dobson Fired Up Vegetarian Cookbooks

And the winners are… Amy, Jane Wilson and Joanne Emery! Thanks for your entries, we hope you enjoy your copy of Ross Dobson’s Fired Up Vegetarian.

This week, we’re giving away three copies of the brand new Fired Up Vegetarian cookbook by Ross Dobson, worth RRP $34.99 each! Here’s a look at what the winner will receive…

Fired Up Vegetarian - HI RES Cover Image


Fired Up Vegetarian by Ross Dobson (Murdoch Books), RRP $34.99

Ross Dobson has packed 80 new recipes into his newest cookbook for Aussie barbecues, and all of them are meat-free! This latest volume offers loads of yummy ideas, inspired by cuisines from around the globe, including South East Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe. For a sneak peek, take a look at his recipes for Chickpea & Pumpkin Pakoras and Naked Samosas.


Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

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  3. Join in the comments below and tell us: who will you be sharing your next vegetarian barbecue with?

*Competition opens 6.00am Wednesday 18 September 2013 and closes 11.59pm Tuesday 1 October 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Tuesday 8 October 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here.

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53 comments on “Closed! One of Three Ross Dobson Fired Up Vegetarian Cookbooks”

  1. tracy wedding

    My friends family as her daughter is a vegan and she has shown me how to cook amazing food so i want to show her what i have learnt

  2. Michelle W

    My vegetarian daughter and carnivorous husband- not an easy pair to please.

  3. Jacoba Evans

    My niece who has been vegetarian since she was a little girl. I might make some vegetarian meals for me too and cut out some meat from my diet.

  4. dani beckett

    Out with the old,
    Vegies are in so bold,
    full of taste,
    nothing to waste,
    kids love the freshness,
    I love the crispness…
    Family I will share,
    Vegetarian fare!

  5. Roberto Colombi

    My amiable sister – always guaranteed to go without a ‘Snag’!

  6. Cecilia Warrick

    I really find cooking with vegetables so exciting,
    the colours and freshness are so inviting,
    but trying to feed my boys enough vegies I despair,
    but if they hear the word BBQ they will be there!

  7. Lesley

    Instead of just making vegies I’d like to cook a proper vegetarian meal for my daughter who doesn’t eat meat.

  8. Rose Pater

    MY KIDS;
    Instead of the usual veggi burgers they will get an injection of nutrition!

  9. jarree shelverton

    My sister in law is a vegetarian and she makes some wonderful vegetarian dishes…. It would be nice to surprise her with something equally delicious!

  10. Sorsha

    My sister in law , she makes the most amazing vegetarian dishes. Keeps us all a happy family.

  11. Helen J

    My friend David, he describes himself as a “junk vegetarian” because he knows he doesn’t eat as well as he could. I would not only cook for him, I’d give him the book if I win it. He actually gets ill if he thinks he has eaten an animal product

  12. Karen Kitto

    My sister Angela and her new found love for vegie meals, finally!!

  13. Amanda Casalanguida

    My 12 year old niece has just declared she’s “meat free”. Ok.. I’m on board. Come one come all for a meat free feed!! I can do this!

  14. Cheryl McKibbin

    my friend who is due over from interstate in a few weeks (and is violated by meat)

  15. Alicia L

    I’d treat my family to a vegetarian BBQ to show them that you can still have an all Aussie feast without meat!

  16. natalie foster

    Our best friends are vegetarian so I will be celebrating brand new recipes and ideas and cook for them.

  17. Ian Hawkins

    my father-in-law, a vehement meat-eater who I’ll cook a decent veg BBQ for yet!

  18. Clare Ferguson

    My Nan and Pop, My Nan is the best vegetarian cook, she makes all sorts of things, We grew up eating great vegetarian dishes.

  19. Mara

    My sister to teach her about vegatarianism
    My dad and boyfriend to teach him that you can use vegetables to substitute meat
    My mum just for the company

  20. sharron

    My mum and i always been vegetarians now my neighbours and a good mate converting hey the more the merrier at my BBQ’s

  21. Jenny

    My partner who has been told by the doctor that he has high cholesterol (for the third time!)

  22. Renata

    A Barbecue with that healthy twist,
    Full of goodness, one cannot resist,
    My parents will simply adore, a pleasure
    A Barbecue filled with vitamins, every bite, a moment to treasure.

  23. Rachael

    My husband, because he eats WAY too much meat and scoffs at the idea of vegetarian food, so he needs a culinary lesson!

  24. Adele Smith

    My mum, with my father away for a few weeks, and the neighbours providing her with nourishment, (as she can’t cook) I will thank them all with a bbq buffet of delights.

  25. Amy

    My brother is a broke student studying very hard to become a paramedic, he never eats properly which is extra important as a vegetarian so I like to spoil him when he comes to stay with his big sis and feed him up on delicious new dinners. If I had Ross’ new book I think Id be seeing a lot more of my little brother 😉

  26. AmberB

    My gorgeous niece and handsome nephew. I love cooking for them, especially healthy snacks.

  27. Jodie

    My family, whilst we are not vegetarian, we do enjoy a diet that is based on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables…summer barbecues are one of our favourite ways to share the wonderful flavours of the many different cultures that we are blessed with here in Australia

  28. Laura Jilka

    My vegetarian in-laws from overseas,
    They will be pleased!
    Really strict on their meat,
    Trying something new for us will be a treat.

  29. Jane Wilson

    Around Xmas time when the weathers warmer and my Australian Naval daughter is home from her latest tour overseas,She’s a true vegetarian and will love not just picking at salads ,while everyone else chower’s down on chops

  30. Kate M

    Summer is nearly upon us which means BBQ season! Will be sitting under the sun enjoying a veggie BBQ with my Mum & boyfriend. We always cook amazing veg meals!

  31. Chloe

    My partner! We’re both herbivores and can’t resist a veggie barbecue in summer!

  32. Tory Huth

    My husband. He would be thrilled to share a vegetarian feast with me, because it would have meant that I cooked!

  33. Fiona Hennessy

    My mum! We recently went to the union and loved his food. So many vegetarian choices for my mum our table was full.

  34. Cassandra McNeill

    Ill be sharing it this spring/summer with my beautiful family and friends. Nothing like sharing healthy and most of all delicious food with your loved ones.

  35. Joanne Emery

    Everyone – my whole family are vegetarian and we’d love love love this book!

  36. christina

    My sister-in-law who’s a new strict vegetarian and eats organic fruits and vegetables and even organic milk. It will help her with more yummy recipes

  37. Nell Hamilton

    Christmas dinner with family and friends is always vegetarian. Vegos love it and our carnivore friends love it too!

  38. Margaret Hollis

    Daughter who has been vegetarian for 20 years, and this book would help us cook even more amazing vegetarian meals

  39. Kathryn McHugh

    I would love to win this. A lot of men can be very narrow minded about vegetarian food (specifically my husband) who has 2 very good friends who are vegetarian. I would love to cook some of these meals for all of them

    • David Spillane

      Your husband’s friends would love for you to cook these meals for them as well.

  40. Melissa Wilkes

    My Bestie Janette, she is the amazing person that introduced me to the vegetarian way and I try to incorporate at least three meals a week for my family without meat.
    Having new inspiration would be “delicious”.
    .P.S I have fallen in love with vegetarian pizza.

  41. Nola Goodwin

    with my youngest sister who is Scailac “sorry cannot spell it” and can only eat organic vegetables

  42. Narelle Rock

    close friends of ours who are vegetarians, we always try to make something different but delicious when they come over for dinner or lunch.