Five Minutes with Eliminated MasterChef Contestant #18: Lucy Wallrock

Today we spoke with Lucy Wallrock, the latest contestant to leave the MasterChef competition. We asked her all about her favourite MasterChef moments and what’s in store next for this marketing director-turned-foodie.

Lucy WallrockQ: What was the MasterChef experience like for you?

The show was amazing. If you asked me if I’d do it again, I’d say yes, definitely, it was incredible. The experiences we had – a week with Heston, what more could you ask for? But also going to Dubai and meeting Maggie Beer in the Barossa. And also just meeting amazing people – the contestants are lovely but also the crew were really lovely. What I really loved about it was, we were all amateur cooks and it was great to learn and take in as much as we could from the people around us – the chefs that came on the show, and being able to think and read and dream food for months at a time without any other influences was great. But also having the other contestants there and learning from them.

Q: Were any moments particularly fantastic, or particularly not-so-great?

One of my main highlights was in Ballarat when my husband and my mother were there, and my mum had flown in from overseas and I hadn’t seen her for ages. Having them there cemented that we were on MasterChef, that it actually was happening. It was also a milestone, because it was the top eight and we had been there for a while, so that was amazing. The worst part was the elimination when Daniel was sent home. I couldn’t think about what to cook, I had a nightmare. Sometimes you just had rubbish days in the kitchen and you couldn’t do anything about it.

Q: How are you feeling about your elimination and the dessert that sent you home?

Darren Purchase is one of my idol, he has done so well for himself and his desserts are incredible. The one we were recreating was 13 recipes in one, so I was proud that I went out on a good dish. It wasn’t disastrous. We all did well, and when we were waiting to hear how we’d done, we all felt like it could be any of us, it came down to the minute details. I felt it was a good way to go, but I did feel like it was my time. I had messed up the day before in the team challenge, so it was kind of right that I went, and it was nice to come home!

Q: What have you been up to since leaving, and what’s coming up next?

I’ve been out for a few weeks and to be honest, I’ve been sleeping! It’s sort of like revising for an exam for five months. I think everyone, when they get out, gets a little bit ill with exhaustion, so I’ve been sleeping quite a bit and getting back to normal. I’m setting up an online baking store, where instead of sending your loved ones a bunch of flowers, you can send them a box of brownies or a tin of cakes. Just keeping it local to the northern beaches in Sydney to start, see how it’s going to work, and go from there.

Q: Who do you think will win MasterChef this year?

The last people all deserve to be there. But I’d want Emma or Rishi to win. Rishi is mentally very strong, and that’s important in the kitchen – he’s got the upper hand there. And Emma because, she hasn’t been in that many eliminations and we haven’t seen her cook, apart from team challenges, when she seems to take on 20 dishes, so she’s a bit all over the place. But her food is incredible and I believe she’s one of the best cooks on the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won it.

Q: What three words best describe the MasterChef kitchen?

Incredible. Delicious. Surreal.