If you’re gluten-free or hosting those who are and you’re hosting them, we’re here to help with various delicious dessert recipes. Our top suggestions for gluten-free desserts feature innovative takes on classic recipes. You’ll realize that baking without gluten is easy when you use our three-proven recipes for gluten-free cookies, cakes, brownies, pies, pies, pavlovas, puddings, and many more.

Coconut-Pecan Tart

This gorgeous tart features an easy crust composed of shredded coconut and almond flour, and the filling is heavenly, with a delicious butterscotch flavor. The top part? It’s adorned with pecans and chocolate.

Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Caramel Cereal Bars

There’s a lot to enjoy in this gluten-free version of Millionaire’s shortbread. Crispy rice cereal and marshmallow base replace the standard cookie layer, while there’s an ice cream caramel tier with peanut butter and Dark chocolate shell. It’s a no-bake bar cookie that tastes like you hit the jackpot.

Five-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almond butter is the ingredient that holds these chocolate chip cookies. They’re gluten-free and, therefore, suitable for those who are gluten-intolerant.

Peach-Guava Pops

Get the delicious taste of juicy fruit in the summer in these ice pops, which your entire family will love. A blend of peaches that have been pureed and cut is blended with lime juice, guava juice, and sugar to create a gluten-free energizing sweet treat.

Flourless Chocolate-Almond Cake

Everyone would love to have a piece of this decadent sweet, rich, and delicious Gluten-free Chocolate Cake. Almond flour provides the bittersweet chocolate cake body. A whipped crème fraiche topping adds sweetness.

Strawberry-Lemonade Angel Pie

Like a pavlova, this gorgeous summer dessert comes with meringue for the base and a strawberry filling made using gelatin to make it simple to cut. Whip cream and slices of strawberries are all the topping it requires.

Vegan Blueberry Crisp

Six cups of fresh blueberries are baked on the almond and oatmeal crumble. This dessert is not only gluten-free, it’s also vegan and delicious.

Brown-Sugar Peach Pavlova

Using brown sugar in the meringue adds an effervescent taste that is perfect with the poached peaches in this pavlova.

Dark Chocolate-Walnut Date Bar

There’s a decadent, no-bake snack that is gluten-free and free of refined sugar. This dark chocolaty bar has been sweetened by an oat-forward caramel date puree sprinkled with nuts and peanut butter. It’s then covered in dark cocoa.

Coconut Water Granita

This delicious gluten-free dessert made using sugar, coconut water, and strawberries cut up into slices — is precisely what we’re looking for during a hot summer day. All you have to do is mix the sugar and coconut water within a pan, then freeze until the mixture is firm, and occasionally scrape the surface to create ice crystals.

No-Bake Chocolate-Eggnog Creme Brulee

Avoid the hassle of a cooking process by making this recipe for gluten-free, no-bake Creme the Brulee. The cream mix is flavored with nutmeg and cinnamon, making it taste like our favorite holiday drink.

Apple Sundaes with Cider Caramel Sauce

Make the sundaes a fall-inspired flavor by giving scoops of vanilla, baked apple slices, and a spiced caramel sauce.

Almond-Coconut Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Almond flour replaces the all-purpose flour used in these delicious cookies. They’re made with bittersweet chocolate, roasted almonds, and shredded coconut.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

A Crisp, rice-almond pie crust is the most effective tool in our baking kit, made gluten-free. It’s an excellent match for this dessert’s cinnamon and nutmeg-infused pumpkin-based filling. It’s also an excellent base for any pie.

Rice Pudding topped with Sea Salt-Caramel Sauce.

Rice pudding might appear old-fashioned; however, this gluten-free version is entirely modern. While the smooth pudding is tasty by itself, we’ve taken it to the next level by adding a homemade sea salt caramel sauce, freshly picked berries, and a few nuts on top.

Cherry-Raspberry Semifreddo

The floral elderflower liqueur enlivens the tart cherry and sweet raspberry combination in this Italian-inspired dessert. It should be prepared at minimum eight hours ahead and is perfect for preparing ahead and hosting a party.

Raspberry-Almond Crisp

Fresh raspberries coated in Brown sugar are in full bloom beneath a gluten-free crumble made of butter, rolled oats, and chopped raw almonds. It’s an excellent snack for large groups (it can serve at least six people! )–and nobody will ever believe that it’s healthy.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Semifreddo with Caramel Corn

Soft and light, the supreme combination (chocolate with peanut butter) is the main focus of the Gluten-free Italian dessert. Each slice is decorated with caramel popcorn made from scratch, a fun, carnival-themed sweet.

Lemon Cornmeal Cake

Two portions of lemon juice and zest, along with almonds (chopped together with extract)–give this cake a hint of Italian flavor.

Flavorless Chocolate Date Cake and Salted Caramel Sauce

This cake is for all old and young, regardless of preference for food. By skipping the flour, you have a thick crumb. The salted caramel sauce, as well as whipping cream, add even more indulgent.

Coffee Meringue-Ice Cream Cake

Dress up coffee ice cream using almonds, coffee beans ground, and crispy salt. Then, put it in between coffee-swirled meringues to create this extravagant dessert.

Fudgy Pecan Brownies

Cornstarch provides this brownie structure, much like gluten in flour can. We added toasted pecans; however, hazelnuts or walnuts could taste delicious.

Basil-Yogurt-Panna Cotta Panna Cotta Grapefruit Gelee

Pink and pretty, elegant, who would not want panna cotta, a classy gluten-free dessert? Fresh grapefruit-gelatin mix is paired with milk infused with basil to make a top-quality sweet.

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