Closed! Tommee Tippee Cooking For Baby Prize Pack

And the winner is… Jean Rutherford! Thanks for your entry, we hope you enjoy your Tommee Tippee Cooking For Baby prize pack.

Today, we’re giving away a Tommee Tippee Cooking For Baby prize pack, valued at RRP $213.75. Here’s a look at what the winner will receive…

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Tommee Tippee All-In-One Food Processor, RRP $169.95

This smart multifunctional unit blends, steams, warms bottles and baby food, and sterilises. Use it to prepare fresh homemade baby food from scratch, or warm her milk feeds. All components are dishwasher safe, too (excluding the mixer motor and steamer base). Carry bag included.

Tommee Tippee Comfy Grip


Tommee Tippee Comfy Grip Fork and Spoon (9m+), RRP $7.95

Short, curved and cushioned handles, plus wide scoop tips, make this set a great choice for bubs learning to feed themselves.


Tommee Tippee first solids a-01Tommee Tippee First Solids Bowl, RRP $11.95

Dual compartments are great for separating foods at mealtimes, and the ergonomic thumb hold makes gripping it easy. It comes with an anti-spill lid for storage and travel.



Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl, RRP Tommee Tippee stickee bowl 03$13.95

This click-in bowl minimises mess when bub is self-feeding. An anti-spill lid for travel and storage, and loop spoon for a secure grip, are also included. 


This image is licensed to Semcom for marketing and advertisingTommee Tippee Heat Sensor Spoons, RRP $9.95

The tips on these smart spoons indicate when food is too hot for your baby (about 41 degrees). The long curved handle is comfortable to hold and the soft flexible tips gentle on bub’s gums. 




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Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

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  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: what’s your funniest baby food story? 

*Competition opens 12.15pm Wednesday 4 December 2013 and closes 11.59pm Friday 13 December 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Monday 16 December 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here.

30 comments on “Closed! Tommee Tippee Cooking For Baby Prize Pack”

  1. Belinda Smetioukh

    Cooking my little one dinner, then cooking mine…and his baby food tasting nicer than my risotto! I had baby food for dinner that night!

  2. Kathy

    When I gave her a lemon, grabbed the camera ready for a funny face…. and she loved it!

  3. Vija

    The first time he tastes something new, you can see through his facial expressions, the curiosity, the decision and then the smile or the spit out.

  4. Jean Rutherford

    Miss two year old tasted her bowl of broccoli and cauliflower flowerettes and said “Mummy this isn’t satisfactory!”

  5. Caro Shanks

    There is still nothing funnier than when my dad put frozen breast milk cubes in his bourbon. My sister had frozen some breast milk. Dad didn’t bother turning on the light and poured himself a bourbon and unbeknownst to himself he added some breast milk cubes. Although he said it was a little cloudy he said it still tasted fine when he found out the next day.

  6. Laura Jilka

    As soon as he tried baked beans and swallow his first spoonful, he let off the longest and loudest fart! Talk about digestion!!!!

  7. Kirsten W

    Going to the supermarket late one night to buy some baby food. Why? because I had the craving for it. Not my children (I had none). No. Baby food for me. For some reason I had the craving for the baby food fruit and of course there was none in the house.

    Little did I realise at the time but it wasn’t me craving the baby food but the new baby in my tummy!

  8. Regan

    Our toddler mastering cutlery for the first time, while also trying to cuddle the cat. “One spoon for me! One spoon for kitty cat!” Turned out the cat loved porridge….

  9. micheal

    my son does not liked baked beans, when I did try to make him eat it, and left him with the bowl while I turned off the oven, I got back and told him what a good boy he was, thinking he finished the baked beans in his plate, As I patted him on the back, I realised that while I was not there, he tipped them all the way down his back. and went all the way down into his pants…took about an hour to clean up. LOL.

  10. Jennifer Round

    My niece did not want her lunch so I ate it boy did she get upset now when ever shes eating am I come near its No Gigi mine

  11. nicole larsen

    Leaving my teenager to feed her baby brother whilst I hung out the washing. It just got too hard for her so she ended up feeding it to the dog instead

  12. Jess

    We grow our own lemons and oranges and my son asked if he could juice some fruit for breakfast so i said sure. We all sat down to have breakfast and as i always get the kids fed first i offered my young 6month daughter a sip of juice… She cringed and wriggled and spat it all over me. Needless to say now we check the juice before gulping it down.

  13. Lauren Dean

    When my little one tried food for the first time, the scrunched up look on his face was priceless, you would have thought it was the worst food ever, a few seconds later he couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

  14. Karen.E

    Trying new foods out on our little miss is always funny she either pulls a funny face or gags on it

  15. Kylie Bowers

    Liked and shared! Would live this for my 5 month old, getting organized to stock up on foods for her! She us loving pears at the moment the only thing she doesn’t spit out!

  16. Kim m

    My daughter ate so many peas once, that when I changed her nappy her number two’s were bright “pea green” bit of a shock it was!!!!

    I have liked and shared too

  17. karina w

    My nephew threw a whole spoonful of baby food against our white walls. Looked like a Pro Hart design!

  18. Melissa Jones

    I don’t have a funny story but have a moving story. My little boy’s grandpa used to refuse to eat fruits. Once when we fed him apple slices, he tried to give one to his grandpa. Magic happened, his grandpa ate it! We laughed and clapped the hands, so did our lovely son. Since then, my boy and his grandpa always eat fruits together.

  19. Lisa G

    Helpful Dad tried making home made baby food, unfortunately it tasted so bad even he couldn’t eat it.

  20. Tamara Lamb

    My eldest boy who is now 8, when he was starting solids would get so excited that he looked like that flip-top character on the toothpaste ad with his mouth wide open!!

  21. Adriene

    I had my wisdom tooth removed. It was the most painful experience of my life during which I could only eat baby food. Pureed everything!

  22. kerry santillo

    Whatever my son ate, the faces were so funny like we gave him lemons!! He had his feed down pat, Take a bite, make a face, swallow very carefully, shudder. Makes me laugh every time. If we didnt spoon it quickly enough he got upset, after every bite he clenches his little fists and makes a brum noise ,like hes riding a bike!!!
    I cant wait to see what he does when hes ready for meat!! lol

  23. Brooke

    My funniest moment was when my 1 year old was happily having his puree from his reusable squeezee thing. when i left his side for what felt like a moment but when i returned to the table it was covered in puree as well as the chair the floor and most importantly him. He couldn’t stop smiling!!!! How could you not laugh at that!!

  24. Candice

    My baby boy hasn’t started solids yet he is breastfed the other day he decided to pinch me and squirted milk into his eye. He gave me a strange look blinked a couple of times then smiled.

  25. Christy Seymour

    i love christmas especially seeing the smile on my kids faces when they open their presents.

  26. Melissa Lavis

    This is my first bub so no funny food stories but hoping to have some funny stories in the future :-)

  27. Kirsty

    I had made a large batch of puree that contained an item that we usually wouldn’t eat after reading about how nutritious this ingredient is for children. I usually freeze it straight away but not this day!

    A large container of puree was sitting in the fridge which hubby took to work mistaking it for vegetable soup. He shared it around as he and his colleagues usually so but perhaps he should have checked with me first. To this day I have kept the secret that what it contained was something that I know he would never touch let alone eat – Vegetables and Sheeps Brains!

    I have never made that flavour combination of puree again.

  28. Peta

    I wish I had a funny baby food story to share but my baby is nearly four months so the fun is yet to come!

  29. Diana O

    Your youngest slowly getting onto solids & loving Sultana’s. Then at nappy change time, our eldest reaching into the nappy & retrieving a whole Sultana, announcing ‘tana mummy’ as he was about to eat it! Thank God I’ve got quick reflexes!!!