Product Review: Carman’s Yummo’s Snacks for Kids

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Carmans Yummos range

What is it? Carman’s Yummo’s, a new range of kids’ snacks perfect for school lunch boxes. Available in Honey Wholegrain Popcorn Bars, Wholegrain Popcorn Bites in Strawberry, Apple & Yoghurt or Raspberry, Apple & Choc, and Star Bakes in both Apple and Choc Chip. They’re packaged up in pocket-size portions just right for little tummies and are low in salt.

How much does it cost? Honey Wholegrain Popcorn Bars, RRP $3.99 for 120g box (6 x 20g bars).
Wholegrain Popcorn Bites, RRP $4.99 for 135g box (9 x 15g bites).
Star Bakes, RRP $3.99 for 150g box (6 x 25g biscuits).

Where can I buy it? The complete range is available at Woolworths stores Australia-wide, while the Honey Wholegrain Popcorn Bars and Strawberry, Apple & Yoghurt Popcorn Bites are available at Coles and IGA stores.

Where can I find out more? Visit or head straight to the Carman’s Yummo’s product page here.

Do we like it? Contributing Food Editor Amira Georgy (with daughter Tia, 5), Nutrition Editor Karen Kingham (with daughter Ella, 10, and son Samuel, 7) and Reader Roastester Samantha Warby (with son Rhys, 8, and daughter Paige, 4) tell us what they think of Carman’s Yummo’s…


Amira Georgy AGContributing Food Editor Amira Georgy says… “Which would you like to try first, Tia?” I asked. “The one in the pink box, Mummy!” she yelled. I should have known. She ripped the wrapping off one of the Carman’s Yummo’s Star Bakes Choc Chip biscuits and gobbled it down. “What do you think?” I asked. “Mmmmm”, she replied as she nodded her head. Five-year-olds have a tendency to like anything that’s star-shaped, so I decided to try one myself. “Mmmmm”, I thought. They are the perfect size for a snack, the perfect size for a lunch box and taste delicious to boot. With a lovely crumbly texture that a biscuit should have, these treats also have the right amount of choc chips to make you feel like you’re having a sweet treat. Carman’s Wholegrain Honey Popcorn Bars and Popcorn Bites have a lovely, almost muesli-like, chewy texture that also got my five-year-old’s nod of approval. When something is delicious, nutritious and has your child saying, “Mummy, I want another one of those popcorn bars in my lunch box”, you know it’s sure to become a staple on your shopping list!


Karen Kingham

Nutrition Editor Karen Kingham says… Carman’s muesli bars have been my “bar” of choice for a long time. So with the new Yummo’s range of school-friendly snacks to review, I was keen to see if Carman’s could win over my children (who have refused most of the healthy snack bars I’ve offered over the years). As it turns out, the Wholegrain Popcorn Bars and Bites were a hit and I have had daily requests for them ever since!

With taste-testing a success, it was time to get to the pointy end of the task: nutrition. Crunching the numbers on comparison with other muesli-style bars, Yummo’s aren’t greatly different – all contain some whole grains, are low in salt, and are held together by sticky sweeteners such as honey, glucose or rice syrup. And if they have a yoghurt or choc layer, they’ll have some saturated fat, too. The point of difference with Yummo’s compared to others is portion size. At 15-20g per bar, they’re half the size of many others. And smaller snacks mean fewer kilojoules, sugar and saturated fat for our kids.

Wholegrain goodness often needs a little of the naughty stuff to make it yummier – think brown sugar on morning oats or honey on grainy toast. So a little sugar and fat together with some whole grains, seeds and dried fruit, makes for a yummy treat that teams well with the healthy must-have lunch box staples like fresh fruit, grainy bread sandwiches and low-fat yoghurt, milk or cheese.

My best nutrition pick? The Honey Wholegrain Popcorn Bars, which boast significant wholegrain content, are low in saturated fat and have a mere 3g of sugar per bar, yet enough flavour to keep my kids happy.


Samantha WarbyReader Roadtester Samantha Warby says… I love that Carman’s Yummo’s are Australian made and owned, by a real mum. Also knowing that they are packed full of goodness is a real plus for me. The packaging is attractive and very informative, and the quantity in each box adds value for money. Portion sizes were perfect for my daughter’s little tummy, however only just hitting the sides of my 8-year-old son. With the Star Bakes, both Apple and Choc Chip, being the winners in our house, we all found the Honey Wholegrain Popcorn Bars just a little bland for our liking. Overall, Carman’s Yummo’s are great tasting, value for money and packed full of yummy goodness. I would definitely recommend to others and will be purchasing myself for lunch boxes in the future.


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