Product Review: Whole Kids Frooshies Squeezie Packs

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Whole Kids Frooshies Range

What is it? Whole Kids Frooshies, kids’ snack squeezie packs, filled with organic fruit plus vegies, honey, wholegrain quinoa and rice flakes. Available in Mango, Banana & Carrot; Banana, Apple & Beetroot; Banana & Apple; Banana, Strawberry & Apple; Banana, Apple, Apricot & Hone; and Banana, Apple, Strawberry & Raspberry. They’re free from preservatives, colours, flavours and additives, as well as added sugar.

How much does it cost? RRP $2.75 for a 90g squeezie pack.

Where can I buy it? The Whole Kids range is available nationally at IGA, leading independent supermarkets, organic and health food stores, speciality grocers and online at the Whole Kids website.

Where can I find out more? Visit, or to find your local stockists, call 1300 099 744.

Do we like it? Editor Samantha Brennan, Contributing Food Editor Amira Georgy and Reader Roadtester Colleen Krause tell us what they think of Whole Kids Frooshies…


Samantha BrennanEditor Samantha Brennan says… When buying snacks for my toddler, I always prefer the organic variety with no unnecessary additives. Frooshies fit the bill! My toddler, aged 2, is a fussy eater, but fruit has always been a winner in our house. I loved that two of the Frooshies varieties have vegies hidden in there – a great way to sneak in an extra serve without him even knowing! And pouches are popular at our place for the afternoon snack – it’s been yoghurt most days for a while now, so Liam was thrilled to try something new. I also squeezed the fruit purees over his morning porridge, which he loved (and I managed to get enough for two breakfasts out of the one pack, so I’m happy with that!)


Amira Georgy AGContributing Food Editor Amira Georgy says…  No artificial flavours… tick. No artificial colours… tick. No artificial preservatives… tick. No added sugar… tick. Five-year-old daughter finds them delicious… tick. Five-year-old daughter thinks they taste just like real fruit… tick.

Frooshies have everything you need in a snack. They’re nutritious, delicious and don’t carry any of the nasty stuff. I love the fact that they got creative with their fruit combinations and have snuck in ingredients that most five-year olds would frown at, such as beetroot, quinoa flakes and psyllium husks. Even though they are labelled a smoothie, the range is dairy-free and also nut-free, which makes them allergy-friendly, too. My daughter’s only negative was “… they look a bit like baby food, Mummy,” but after a quick taste test they certainly didn’t taste like baby food. Made with organic fruit, vegetables and grains, they can be eaten as is or frozen and enjoyed as an icy snack, either way they make a great lunch box filler. 


Colleen and RexReader Roadtester Colleen Krause says… The first thing I love about Frooshies smoothies is that they are organic. The second thing is that they contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or additives. They are basically 100% pureed fruit, or fruit and vegies, and a couple contain whole grains. And for those worried about allergies, they are nut and dairy free. I wish I had known about these when my kids were starting solids! To be honest, I would prefer my kids, aged 4 and 2, always eat real pieces of fruit, but nobody likes to find a mushy banana at the bottom of their bag! And these are so portable. Perfect for lunchboxes (I chilled them first) or to grab as a quick snack as you’re rushing out the door (which happens a lot in our house). We also liked to stir a little through Weetbix or porridge for breakfast, instead of honey. These tick all the boxes for me.


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2 comments on “Product Review: Whole Kids Frooshies Squeezie Packs”

  1. christine devlyn

    hello i was wondering if i could have a sample to try pls as im trying to find different things for my two children :) thank you


      Hi Christine, thanks for your comment. I don’t have any samples to send over at the moment – but the friendly folk at Whole Kids will be giving us about RRP $300 worth of delicious goodies to give away for a fantastic competition we’re launching next week. Be sure to check back and enter to win!