Rachael Finch’s Family Kitchen

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Rachael Finch

We first met Rachael Finch in 2009, when she won the Miss Universe Australian title and went on to place third runner up in the Miss Universe pageant. In the years since, she’s appeared on our screens as a Channel 7 television presenter and the face of Speedo, as well as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity MasterChef, where she made it to the grand final. Now the 24-year-old (follow @RachaelFinch on Twitter or @rachael_finch on Instagram) is about to embark upon a brand new adventure: her first baby is due in September this year. We caught up with Rachael and asked her all about cravings, cooking and planning for the new arrival.

Q: You placed third in the 2009 celebrity series of MasterChef. Do you still enjoy cooking and creating new recipes at home? What’s your signature dish?

Still cooking all the time I absolutely love it! On a normal day I’ll usually cook simple, fresh, wholesome meals with minimal sauces and salts but when we have friends over I like to get a little more creative. I love making a roast lamb with baked vegetables on Sunday, zucchini slice is a fave at home and I make my own natural all-organic protein balls. 

Q: What’s your favourite meal of the day, and what would you usually eat? 

Most definitely breakfast! Sometimes I go to bed thinking about what I’m going to have in the morning. I try and have a different breaky every day so I get a variety of vitamins and nutrients throughout one week but my favourites are muesli or All Bran cereal with natural Greek yoghurt and fresh berries. 

Q: Congratulations on your pregnancy! You often hear about mums experiencing strange cravings or food aversions – have you had any interest in odd foods, or been left feeling nauseous at the thought of eating some things?

Thank you so much! It’s such a wonderful, exciting time and I’m actually really looking forward to the experience of giving birth. I only had two weeks of morning sickness in the first trimester so I’ve been extremely blessed. I still enjoy the occasional treat once every couple of weeks, which will usually be something made with chocolate, but I only crave fresh food, which is fabulous! A lot of oranges, bananas, cold crunchy salads with avocado and sushi – with cooked meat of course. 

Q: We know there are a few foods and drinks pregnant women are cautioned not to eat, so is there anything you’re looking forward to indulging in once the baby arrives?

The only thing I can’t wait to enjoy after bub arrives is sashimi! I miss having salmon, tuna and kingfish in some of our favourite restaurants in Sydney but it’s not long to go now. In fact there are also a few dishes, mainly desserts, that use raw egg, which is recommended to avoid, so it’ll be nice to indulge in those again. 

Q: What three words best describe your family kitchen?

Neat. Healthy. Lively.