The Redhill and Bukit Merah precinct, often compared to Tiong Bahru’s well-known neighbor, is often viewed as a charming suburban residential community with many storied shops that have faithfully served its residents for decades. Thanks to its rustic charm, this area has seen many new cafes and restaurants make it their home over the years.

Redhill and Bukit Meerah, where are they located in Singapore?

Redhill and Bukit Melah are located south of Singapore’s Central Region. They are also close to the city’s fringe. Redhill can be reached via the East-West MRT line. However, most shops are in HDB estates; you must walk around the area. Bukit Merah’s core is only accessible by bus. The district is also within reach of Tiong Bahru and Alexandra.

These neighborhoods are fascinating

Redhill and Bukit Melah were designated mature estates by the Singapore Government. They are home to heritage shops and residential HDB homes. Its charm has been recognized by entrepreneurs who have opened some of the area’s most popular cafes and restaurants, injecting new energy into the district to revitalize it.

Fun fact: Bukit Merah, Malay for Redhill, is the Malay translation of Bukit Merah – “Bukit” is a hill, and “Merah” is red.

Alchemist, a specialty coffee roaster, brews delicious hot cuppas deep within the Bukit Merah industrial area. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee is another well-known homegrown coffee brand. They also operate a cafe and continue their coffee bean wholesale business. They also supply their unique blends of coffee beans to many F&B restaurants in Singapore.

Durian Lab Cafe is an excellent place for lovers of sweet fruit. Ah, Seng Durian owns the cafe so that you can enjoy high-quality imports of this sweet delight. First, eat at Abundance. This Taiwanese-style cafe serves street food like Gua Bao and bite-sized snacks like Prawn Toast and Dumplings In Red Chilli Oil.

A mature estate doesn’t have to be boring, but who says? Rediscover charming neighborhoods by dining at specialty restaurants ranging from a modern Zi Char to a flashy Thai Bar and Bistro. Continue reading to discover the best places for food in Redhill or Bukit Merah.


Alchemist outlets can be found in unique places – the flagship store at Khong Guan, the former biscuit factory in Tai Seng, is a good example. The Mill, an Instagrammable Neo-Gothic building that houses Alchemist Jalan Kilang, looks straight out of Batman’s Gotham City. As with Alchemist’s sister shops, its interior is minimalist industrial.

There are no surprises here, either. The menu features the same familiar and reliable items that make Alchemist the go-to place for a cup of java. Dark Matter house-blend is still a favorite in Black, White, Mocha, and Pourover. Pair your drink with selected pastries, such as croissants or Danish, from local micro-bakery Bakehaus.

Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar

Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar are located in the urban and community farming space City Sprouts, formerly known as Sprouts Hub. It brings lively Bangkok night market vibes to the heartlands. Chew Chor Meng, an actor who owns a Mookata store with two of his friends, co-owns this new restaurant.

Viewdee Thai Bistro and Bar use the canteen layout (it was once a secondary school) to restrict their respective food tenants among the flashy neon lights. You will find a variety of Thai dishes, including a unique flaming pork knuckle or fish head steamboat and popular Thai dishes such as Thai Omelettes and Moo Ping (pork skewers). You can wash off all the saltiness with a glass of beer Gao, a combination of beer and stout.

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

It is essential to be current and keep in touch with the past. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, a homegrown roastery with 50 years of coffee-making experience, opened a cafe in 2014. They continue to supply their blends and beans to restaurants in Singapore.

They are coffee experts and use a unique method to make cold brews. This requires only an hour of steeping time instead of 12 hours. Tiong Hoe’s cold brew blend is 50% Columbia and half Guatemala and is roasted darker than usual. The Pollen White cold brew has honey added to the milk to add natural sweetness.


Abundance offers witty wordplay and delicious Taiwanese cuisine. The show’s star is the Taiwanese Gua Bao (pork belly bun). This bao bun is semi-circular in shape and can hold all the ingredients.

Abundance’s Chinese “hamburger” version is satisfying with a thick, savory pork belly and sweet peanuts. It’s also balanced with refreshing pickles and sweet peanuts. Side dishes that are xiao chi delicious include red chili oil dumplings ( Hong You Chao Shou), crispy Prawn Toast, and fried century eggs.

Cheval Chi Bao

Finding a char (stir fry)-a bistro concept restaurant is rare. However, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy your favorite dishes under one roof or if you want to have a variety of foods. This establishment, which combines Chi Bao (Chi Bao) Chinese Cuisine with Cheval Cafe Bar Western Cuisine, is located in the Sports Lifestyle Centre (formerly Bukit Melah Swimming Pool). As you dine outside at the pool, you can feel like you are in a resort.

The Cheval Signature Fish & Chips, various pasta dishes, and Slow Braised Beef Ribs are all worth trying. There is also a brunch menu on weekends. Chi Bao’s delicious Signature Grandma’s Prawn balls and flavorful wok-hei-infused Truffle Fried Rice are also options for those who prefer Chinese cuisine.

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