What’s it? We love the Peppercorn Food Company sausages, burgers, and meatloaves. Every item is extra lean, meaning less than 3% saturated oil per serving. They also get the Heart Foundation approval. The burgers are made with fresh ingredients, gluten-free, and the packaging can be composted. You can get burgers in both traditional beef and spicy Asian varieties. The sausages come in extra lean beef, pork, and chicken, as well as Italian style.

What is the cost? Starting at RRP $7.99 for sausages or burgers at Woolworths.

Where can you buy it? This Peppercorn Food range can be purchased at Woolworths and other leading independent supermarkets across the country.

Where can you find more information? Follow Peppercorn Food on Facebook for news, recipes, and competitions.

What do we think? Jen, a busy mom, tests the Peppercorn Food Company range with her husband Anthony, Oliver, and Harrison, her five-year-old son. Her creations included delicious sausage and salad sandwiches. Oliver helped! She also made delightful salad sandwiches and sausages (Oliver helped!). Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Other times, he will snack until dinner is ready and then eat a full meal. It is common for us to finish dinner by 5:30 pm on a weeknight.

What should you look out for when looking for family-friendly food and ingredients?

Fresh! Fresh! I only look for the things that my boys like. Every other week I throw in a new dish. Sometimes it goes down well, sometimes not.

What’s your family’s favorite dinner?

Oliver loves pasta. He’ll eat anything that has pasta on it. He also loves mashed potato, so he’ll be happy if he gets sausages/chicken/fish with mashed potato. Harrison still eats puree food but enjoys homemade beef and pumpkin with carrots.

What do you love most about Peppercorn Food Company sausages or burgers?

The meals were all delicious. They were all cooked with almost no fat, which is excellent. It makes you want it to be delicious! They were all delicious! When cooking for my boys and husband, I worry about whether they will like it. If they feel full afterward, that’s a good sign. Oliver and Anthony were both delighted with the three meals. They loved the extra lean beef chipolata, which will be on every meal list.


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