Welcome To TheFamilyKitchen.com.au

Samantha Brennan, Editor, TheFamilyKitchen.com.au

Samantha Brennan, Editor, TheFamilyKitchen.com.au

I am so thrilled to finally be launching TheFamilyKitchen.com.au. We have been working for months behind the scenes designing the site, developing delicious new recipes, deciding which nutrition issues to tackle first and discussing all the latest food news. The result is a comprehensive online resource for anyone and everyone who cooks for their family – and it really doesn’t matter what your family looks like, either.

We have easy dinners for mums and dads trying to please picky toddlers or ravenous teenagers every night of the week. Many of our recipes can be halved for families of two (or we’ll make a note to indicate when leftovers can be packed up for lunch the next day, or frozen for dinner next month), and others can be doubled for larger families or those evenings when you have extra mouths to feed. Perhaps you’re more likely to cook on weekends? Whether you’re catching up with friends over cake and a cuppa, hosting drinks on Saturday afternoon, or putting on a traditional Sunday lunch for grown-ups and grandkids, our weekend entertaining recipes are for those special days when loved ones come together to share good food.

And because we know that your family kitchen is about so much more than simply cooking, every week we feature nutrition articles from our Accredited Practicing Dietitian, as well as helpful cooking tips and resources, shopping wish lists to inspire you, plus food and nutrition news that affects the way we eat every day.

There are plenty of great features to come and we’ll be updating the site at least five times a week, so be sure to check in regularly to see what’s new. In the meantime, you can meet the team behind TheFamilyKitchen.com.au here, contact us here, read up on our recipes and nutrition information here and here, and join our family on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy browsing!

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