What Time Do You Eat Dinner At Your Place?

Samantha Brennan, Editor

Samantha Brennan, Editor

My husband and I recently decided that once a week, we are going to eat a late dinner. “Late” for us means after we’ve put our toddler to bed and then cooked up something yummy – so about 8pm.

Before kids, dinnertime for us was usually about 7pm. Then for awhile, it was just whenever we could fit in 20 minutes to stop and eat while working around a little baby. When we reached toddlerdom, dinner became a family affair anytime between 5pm and 6pm.

Now, with us both working odd hours, we’ve realised that there’s hardly 15 minutes in any day for us to touch base. And I think it’s the same for lots of families – there aren’t enough hours in the day, and when you start sharing the dinner table with your toddler, the time you used to spend catching up over dinner becomes an exercise in how much food you can convince your kids to eat – and how many flying peas you can catch before they end up on the floor.

So, once a week, we’re going to wait till our boy’s asleep, cook something he hates, and enjoy it just the two of us. We’ll see how it goes – it seems a good idea in theory, but the downside is we’re cleaning the kitchen at 9pm!

Tell us, what time do you eat dinner at your place? Any particular reason why that works best for you?

One comment on “What Time Do You Eat Dinner At Your Place?”

  1. Shanyn

    I like to eat as soon as I get home (if possible) because I don’t like to sleep on a full stomach. Anytime before 7:30pm is ideal for me.