Adrian Richardson’s Top Tips For Plating Up

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Adrian RichardsonYou’ve seen him on Channel 10’s Good Chef, Bad Chef creating indulgently delicious dishes, as well as beside Gary Mehigan, Miguel Maestre and Manu Feildel in Boys Weekend. Now Adrian Richardson, owner of La Luna bistro in North Carlton, Victoria, and cookbook author, shares his top tips for plating up like a professional – from preparing the ingredients to serving the meal, it’s all about being prepared and having fun.  

Step One: Food Preparation

Always make sure you have all of the ingredients you require for your recipe ready before you start cooking. I like to lay everything on the bench and weigh out all the ingedients before I start.

Step Two: Cooking

Ensure you have enough time to complete the recipe you are setting out to make, but mostly have fun.

Step Three: Carving, Slicing and Scooping

A good idea is to have someone help, this makes plating up easier and faster (and more fun). It also insures hot food is served hot.

Step Four: Choosing a Plate

Make sure the plates are clean, polished and counted (running out of plates is a common problem that can be very embarrassing). Warm plates keep food hot; the trick is to make sure they are not too hot, put five or six plates in the microwave for a minute just before serving.

Step Five: Presentation

I like to put the main ingredients on the plate and let the guests serve the vegetables and sauce themselves. I have a small linen cloth dipped in some warm water with a few drops of vinegar to wipe away any splashes or smears.

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