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Quick Chat with Monica Meldrum from Whole Kids

Words by Samantha Brennan We’ve been working with the folks at Whole Kids to help get their healthy food message out to mums and dad everywhere. Founded by a husband-and-wife team with a toddler of… Read more »

Try something new on the weekend - perhaps a slow-cooked stew that will freeze well for another night

Top Tips For Easy Family Dinner Planning

Words by Samantha Brennan Aside from the obvious must-haves, like family and great food, there are two things I can’t live without: red pens and notepads. I am a serial list-maker – I have right… Read more »

Annabel Langbein - Simple Pleasures FI

Chitchat with Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook

Words by Samantha Brennan Annabel Langbein is the free-range cook. The New-Zealand native has made an impression worldwide with her television show and cookbooks that showcase easy dinner ideas, healthy cooking tips, home baking and… Read more »

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Quick Chat with Mai V. Haven from SlendierSlim

Words by Samantha Brennan A few weeks ago, I discovered SlendierSlim, a healthy living brand that makes a range of products, like pasta, noodles and rice, from an Asian staple vegetable called konjac. When I… Read more »

Welcome to

Welcome To

I am so thrilled to finally be launching We have been working for months behind the scenes designing the site, developing delicious new recipes, deciding which nutrition issues to tackle first and discussing all… Read more »