Closed! One of Five Whole Kids Prize Packs

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And the winners are… Adela, Belinda Smetioukh, Courtney Brideson, Jodie Harlow and Shelley Chandler! Thanks for your entries, we hope you enjoy your Whole Kids Prize Pack.

This week, we’re giving away five Whole Kids prize packs, worth RRP $60 each! Here’s a look at what the winners will receive…


WholeKids Organic Juice Range


1 x Organic Apple Juice, 250ml, RRP $2.10; 1 x Organic Apple & Pear Juice, 250ml, RRP $2.10; 1 x Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Juice, 250ml, RRP $2.10

Whole Kids picks the finest, juiciest organic fruit they can lay their hands on, then squeeze and squeeze and squeeze (and do a bit of a wiggle and a jiggle) to make these delicious juices.



WholeKids Fruit Bar Range1 x Organic Apple & Sultana Fruit Bar, 200g box (5 x 40g bars), RRP $6.95; 1 x Organic Apricot & Manuka Honey Fruit Bar, 200g box (5 x 40g bars), RRP $6.95; 1 x Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Bar, 200g box (5 x 40g bars), RRP $6.95

These organic fruit bars are the perfect kids’ lunch box snack or for a nibble anytime. They’re oven baked (not fried!) in a nut-free bakery, with no artifical preservatives, colours, flavours or additives. (And no GMOs or other nasties.)


Whole Kids Dried Fruits Range1 x Organic Sultanas, 125g box (6 x 25g bags), RRP $3.95; 1 x Organic Sultanas & Apricots, 125g box (6 x 25g bags), RRP $3.95

We hear a lot about how sulphites are not so good for little kids, so Whole Kids chooses only the best organic sultanas and apricots they can find, then they keep all the sneaky sulphites away.


Whole Kids Popcorn Range1 x Organic Sea Salt Popcorn, 12g bag, RRP $2.10; 1 x Organic Manuka Honey Popcorn, 35g bag  , RRP $2.50

Whole Kids Manuka Honey and Sea Salt popcorn are favourites with kids and mums. Whole Kids air pops organic corn kernels, so they’re naturally higher in fibre and lower in fat. And they only use the best organic wholegrain corn and organic expeller pressed sunflower oil.


WholeKids Corn Chips Range1 x Organic Original Corn Chips, 35g bag, RRP $1.80; 1 x Organic Cheese Corn Chips, 35g bag, RRP $1.80

These crunchy munchy corn chips are made from organic wholegrain stone-ground corn and organic non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. And for the big cheesy taste, Whole Kids has created a simple, all-natural seasoning without any nature-identical flavours.


Whole Kids Frooshies Range1 x Organic Fruit Frooshie Banana & Apple, 90g squeezie pack, RRP $2.75; 1 x Organic Fruit Frooshie Banana Strawberry & Apple, 90g squeezie pack, RRP $2.75; 1 x Organic Fruit & Veg Frooshie Mango Banana & Carrot, 90g squeezie pack, RRP $2.75; 1 x Organic Fruit & Veg Frooshie Banana Apple & Beetroot, 90g squeezie pack, RRP $2.75; 1 x Organic Fruit & Cereal Frooshie Banana Apple Strawberry & Raspberry, 90g squeezie pack, RRP $2.75; 1 x Organic Fruit & Cereal Frooshie Banana Apple Apricot & Honey, 90g squeezie pack, RRP $2.75

Big little people can now enjoy fruit in a fun new way with yummy organic Whole Kids Frooshies. These real organic fruit pouches are mixed with all kinds of good healthy stuff like organic vegies, honey, wholegrain quinoa and rice flakes. No artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or additives. And no added sugar. Yummo!


About Whole Kids  Whole Kids is Australia’s favourite range of yummy organic snacks for kids,  founded by Monica and James Meldrum – a mum and dad fed up with trying to find healthy, additive-free snacks for their daughter Chloe so they decided to make their own. Whole Kids products are all certified organic and perfect for school lunch box snacks.  They contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives, and are also allergy-friendly and free from GMOs.

Whole Kids believes in nurturing healthy kids and a healthy world.  For every product Whole Kids sells, they donate one percent of all revenue to a non-profit organisation called One Percent for Our Kids to fund projects and programmes to help improve kids’ health, their communities and their environment. Whole Kids recently became the first food company in Australia to be certified as a B Corporation.  Certified B Corporations are a new type of company structure which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Whole Kids was founded on the principles of profit and purpose and, with their new certification, they are now part of an inspiring global community of ethical and socially responsible businesses that seek a better way to do business.

To find out more about Whole Kids, visit

Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

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  3. Join in the comments below and tell us: what Whole Kids product do you think your kids will love best?

*Competition opens 6.00am Wednesday 28 August 2013 and closes 11.59pm Tuesday 10 September 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 12.00pm Wednesday 17 September 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here


88 comments on “Closed! One of Five Whole Kids Prize Packs”

  1. sue petrie

    The y all sound so healthy and awesome orgainic grown no terrible hormones and bugs i one they would love is the Organic Apricot & Manuka Honey Fruit Bars so delicious

  2. LConroy

    The fruit squeezies sound delicious and I’m sure my kidlet would love them

  3. Stacey Lee Raines

    My 3 kids would love all of the whole frooshie range love their fruit even my 1 yr old its great to see them smile over fruit 😀

  4. Courtney

    My daughter would love the fruit squeezies as she loves fruit shakes and fruit juice and I know she would love to drink these whilst squeezing the packet ! She would have fun while being healthy at the same time, great idea xx

  5. Melissa Jones

    Organic apple and sultana fruit filled bar would be his favourite one because he loves apple and sultana.

  6. Maggie Westbook

    Annie has just discovered air popped pop corn, as have I. We would be interested in having a go at these ‘special bags’ of popcorn.

  7. Laura Jilka

    Organic Manuka Honey Popcorn,
    Chips and crackers make him yawn!
    He loves popcorn and especially sweet,
    Healthy too – not just a treat.

  8. Cheryl McKibbin

    the fruit sqeezies! a great lunchbox treat and better than the usual bruise apple or banana they normally end up with!

  9. Kristy

    My kids will love the sultanas. No, maybe the popcorn. Or the juice. Doesn’t matter, all this food wont last 5 min in my house!

  10. Belinda Smetioukh

    Manuka Honey Popcorn has got my kids name on it….but they’ll have to fight me for it, sounds amazing!

  11. Natalie Stoute

    Corn Chips! We love going out for Mexican food as a family and we always buy a bag of take-home corn chips from the restaurant as they are natural and salt-free. They never last long! It’s great to finally find a company making natural, organic corn chips without all the artificial flavouring. Thanks!

  12. Courtney Brideson

    If by kids you mean me and by ‘love the best’ you mean eat ten packs of in a row, the Organic Cheese Corn Chips would be my pick. They’re healthy because they’re organic right?

  13. andreea cameron

    My kids will not be too fussy when choosing one of theses snacks, but i would say the popcorn

  14. Nichole Mckee

    Frooshie Squeezie Packs Look so Yum
    For our Kiddie’s Little Tum
    Might even nick one for me
    Whole Kids Kids Smiling Happily

  15. Nell Hamilton

    The finest, juiciest organic fruit packed into a squeezie
    My kids will love these treats, and for me you’ve made it easy!

  16. Deanne

    The organic sultanas my little toddler loves. He slowly and purposefully takes each one out of the box, examines it, then carefully places it into his mouth! Adorable!

  17. Jodie Harlow

    Hard to know but I would think the corn chips, as they’re a rare treat in our home. And if they win, the corn chips will be the first things I apply ‘mummy tax’ to (that is, one chip per packet I open 😉 ).

  18. Marlene Tham

    The sea salt popcorn. My daughter has just discovered watching the joys of seeing corn kernels become pop corn and this flavour will delight her. She will just pop!

  19. Debra Moody

    Organic Sultanas boxes, little Hayden just loves to nibble on snacks and especially sultanas they are one of his favourites to put in his little back pack.

  20. Kirsten W

    I’d love to say it would be the fruit juice or the bars, but I know in all honesty it would be the popcorn and especially the honey popcorn. I actually think that I’d find myself a little partial to the honey popcorn as well!

  21. Sharon

    The Organic Fruit & Veg Frooshie Mango Banana & Carrot, as it’s very healthy and contains some of their favourite fruit and vegetables.

  22. Rebecca Smith

    Definitely the fruit bars, even my fussy two year old would love them

  23. fay Quinlivan

    Miss 6 would love the popcorn and Master 3 would really like the organic apple and blackcurrant bars… And I would love everything…lol!

  24. Lynsey S

    I think my kids would LOVE the frooshies!
    They have a ball when we make fruit smoothies.
    These they could take anywhere,
    squeezie packs are great for little hands.
    So many yummy flavours to choose,
    one to suit every child, any mood.

    No hidden nasties, additive free,
    with all the goodness littlies need.
    No added sugar is an extra plus,
    as it makes my kids go nuts!

    Little tummies only deserve the very best,
    and mum can put her mind at rest,
    thanks to Whole Kids healthy contents!

  25. Melanie Farrugia

    Organic Fruit Frooshie Banana Strawberry & Apple,squeezie pack their favorite flavors mixed into one

  26. Adela

    The organic juices (all flavours). They love juice, but it is a rare treat in our house. They would be thrilled to try these.

  27. Anna

    This mummy to five would know too well,
    They will easily fall under the “Corn Chip” spell!
    Sumptuous flavours; original and cheese!
    Guaranteeing each “fussy” taste bud to please!
    A practical and easy to hold snack,
    Which they can easily hold and pack,
    Healthy eating without the need to convince,
    This mummy will be proud to purchase for my Princesses and Prince!

  28. Shelley Chandler

    I think my 2yo would adore the fruit bars, and I have been looking for ways to increase fruit intake but most bars are so high in sugar and preservatives and don’t include much fruit. These bars look incredible and are the ideal healthy option for my fussy toddler. I think she would also love the popcorn too!

  29. Joanne Cardamone

    The organic fruit & cereal frooshie banana strawberry & raspberry, my toddler loves pouches and these would be so healthy for her

  30. Kerry-anne Doughty

    Definitely the Manuka Honey Popcorn, because they would never in a million years believe that something that would taste so good could also be good for them!

  31. Rhonda Lockery

    The Squeezie pack Organic Fruit & Veg Frooshie
    its a great idea to give them snacks that offers the nutrition of both
    and something i,m sure they would enjoy

  32. Stacey Shailer

    My little man loves corn chips, so he’s sure to love the Whole Kids Organic Cheese Corn Chips!

  33. Lyndall

    The juice boxes – I don’t buy these for my girls – if they had one of these you would have a new customer for sure!

  34. Glenn

    The Corn Chips – my kids would think they are such a treat! (Little do they know they are actually good for them :) )

  35. Kelly Arndt

    Cereal bowls in the car, we’ve tried that before,
    Lovely spilt milk all over the car’s floor!
    The Frooshies will be sure to go down in a flash,
    Perfect for when we have to dash!
    Far less mess, convenient and yummy,
    Healthy and filling for each little tummy!

  36. Mick G

    Apple and Sultana Fruit Bars are great to pack for everyday snacks when out and about

  37. Jay

    I think our little ones would love Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Bars.

  38. Tamara Lamb

    My son isn’t a big fruit eater but loves your organic sultanas :) Thank you!!

  39. Graham Buckingham

    I have six children under eight and they absolutely love these packs and I would love to win these for them

  40. Renee G

    My son is a massive popcorn fan,
    He would surely gobble it all up as fast as he can!

  41. jessica ashbrooke

    Organic Fruit & Cereal Frooshie Banana Apple Strawberry & Raspberry the kids love their fruit especialy are great breaky one

  42. Antonietta

    The popcorn, great for school and snacking and not just for the kids :)

  43. Kathy Clark

    Apple and Sultana Fruit Bars, as its a bit of love in their lunch boxes everyday

  44. Jen

    They all look like a lot of fun but without a doubt the popcorn will be top of the favourites.

  45. Karlene

    The little packets of sultanas. One of the few healthy foods I don’t have to “hide” in other foods.

  46. tashana purkis

    my kids loooooove the popcorn and even i do it tastes too nice and fresh and you could just eat it forever and i no its healthy for them too which is a bonus

  47. Sarah B

    It’s a hard choice, but I think my girl would LOVE the fruit bars. A great quick and nutritious snack.

  48. Alarna

    The corn chips, my kids walk past the lollies and chips at the supermarket in awe and wonderment, hoping deparately something might end up in the trolley, imagine their excitement when I give them ‘corn chips’.


    My family likes to try a variety of new things. Thankyou.

  50. LyndA

    If my new Grandson takes after his Mother, he will love the Frooshies squeeze packs especially the apple, strawberry, and raspberry one.

  51. Tory Huth

    There isn’t anything she wouldn’t fight to get. But the one she would ask for everytime would be the fruit bars because she never gets anything like that at home.

  52. Alan Cuff

    My daughter will love the popcorn, the squeeze packs and the fruit bars. Winning these would certainly make her the envy of her lunch time school friends.

  53. Mandy Graham

    My boys would love the Organic Apple & Sultana Fruit Bars.

  54. mel

    Miss 3 would love the cheese corn chips and she wouldnt even know they the healthy version

  55. Jodie

    The popcorn…so much delicious fun everytime they pop into their mouths…just dont tell them its healthy

  56. Amber Boyce

    The Fruit Bars, especially the Apricot & Manuka Honey Fruit Bar

  57. Tash

    One of mine will be getting into the juice and the other into anybof the fruit squeezy pack.. daddy will be chowing down on those corn chips!

  58. tasha walker

    the squeeze yogurt bags because they are so convenient to use than trying to give your kids a tub of it and spilling it everywhere

  59. Sonya

    They all sound yummy, but I think my toddler would love the Organic Fruit & Veg Frooshie Banana Apple & Beetroot squeezie pack, as he loves sucking puree from these pouches. He’s very underweight so we like him to eat these as he can get them down pretty quickly, whereas he’s a very slow eater with other food.

  60. Carmel Corry

    Manuka Honey Popcorn! I think the whole family would be fighting over who gets those packets! :)

  61. julie d

    the squeeze packs yoghurts they are so versitile for there lunches and car trips and picnics

  62. Bonnie Chandler

    I have one that loves corn chips and any thing with Bananas and another that loves fruit all together so it would be a win win situation with your variety

  63. James Sharpe

    The yogurt squeezy packs because they are so easy to feed to my toddlers than tubs of yogurt

  64. Jessie Hay

    The Frooshies look so yummy,
    And perfect for their lunches,
    They put the good stuff in,
    Without a long list of numbers,
    My kids would love the range of flavours,
    They’re bright, fun and sugar free,
    With these they’d be excited about their lunch,
    They’re the perfect healthy treat :)

  65. Mick G

    The Organic Sultanas & Apricots boxes for sure. Cooper and Natasha love nibbling away on tanas and apricots would give them a new and pleasant taste to try out