Closed! One of Three Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottles

And the winners are… Michelle, Sonya Nicole and Michelle Field! Thanks for your entries, we hope you enjoy your Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottles.

This week, we’re giving away three green Brita Fill & Go water filter bottles, valued at RRP $19.95 each! Here’s a look at what the winners will receive…

BRITA_Fill_+_go_bottle_greenBrita Fill & Go water filter bottle, 600ml

Stay on top of your eight glasses a day with this smart and stylish water filter bottle. Simply fill with tap water and the integrated activated carbon filter (in the lid where you can’t see it) reduces impurities, odours and taste. It’s dishwasher safe and filters need swapping just once a week. The starter pack, with bottle and four filters, is priced at just RRP $19.95. Replacement filters cost just $12.95 for eight – work that out at a little more than $1.60 each, and it’s more economical that purchasing bottled water, that’s for sure! Available in green, grey, blue and pink.

Available at leading department and homewares stores, including Target and Myer. To find out more, phone 1300 557 762 or visit



Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

  1. Like on Facebook (and share the love by sharing this link!)
  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: why do you need a Brita Fill & Go water filter bottle? 

*Competition opens 6.00am Wednesday 6 November 2013 and closes 11.59pm Tuesday 19 November 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Tuesday 26 November 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here.

113 comments on “Closed! One of Three Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottles”

  1. Stephanie

    I’ll drink much more of our rainwater knowing that the Fill & Go is filtering out the frog wee and any ‘extras’ that may be in my tank!

  2. kristy Sweeney

    This handy Fill and Go water bottle would encourage me to drink more water, looks great too.

  3. Vanda B

    I need to drink more water and with one of these Brita Fill & Go’s, I have no excuse!

  4. Michelle Williams

    Drinking waters good for the completion, keeping minds in the right direction.
    With achieving your weight loss goals, its uplifting and soothing for our souls.

  5. tammie

    I need to ditch the caffeine filled soft drinks to gain a healthier lifestyle. …..Britta can help me achieve!

  6. Liz

    I simply don’t drink enough water when I’m on the go because I don’t like the chlorinated taste. This sounds like the answer!

  7. rachel

    i’d love one for my child taking it to school he can fill up his drink from the tap and know thats its healthy and filtered,can do it as many times as he likes

  8. Billie

    I would love one of these water bottles because my children and I only drink water and this would be super convenient and look great with the fabulous colours to choose from.

  9. Leigh Tannenberg

    I’m a plumber who is constantly on the go, and always getting offered glasses of water from the chlorine tasting taps. Yuck. I need to Brita water, as there’s no better tasting water.

  10. Tracy

    We have red water at our place and a Brita Fill and Go would make the water so much more healthy and palatable. It would be awesome for the kids to drink clear, clean water.

  11. Leanne Scott

    A Brita Fill & Go will help me with my health and vigour it will also bring me closer to that perfect figure !

  12. Lisa Maree Yelverton

    We only drink filtered water at home, when my daughter goes to kindergarten and her drink bottle needs refilling she won’t drink the water because of the taste. In the hot days and running around this is a really good for her to still get filtered water in her water bottle when not at home.

  13. David Roberts

    better buy a Brita filter feeling fitter not a quiter being bitter

  14. dianne inwood

    For a Brita future with no waste, no more plastic bottles clogging up our landfills. Water is much better for our waistline and leaves me feeling healthy and fine.

  15. Michelle Francis

    Perfect for my tween daughter. Image and ease is everything. Invisible filter, cool design, water straight from the tap, dishwasher safe. Finally something I can give her that’s cool and resourceful.

  16. Michelle

    Liked & Shared. I would love a Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle because I drink water all day long and I always feel guilty how many bottles I am putting out into the environment. Although I try to reuse them as much as possible, I would love to have a re-usable bottle that gives me pure, clean water every time at my fingertips. That means I save money and Brita saves the environment. Win/win.

  17. Rachel Faris-Cornwell

    A Brita will help to keep me hydrated and it’s highly rated! A stylish and practical piece my thirst will definitely decrease!

  18. Tanya Clarke

    If I had one of these water bottles, I know my water intake would increase dramatically and that is a wonderful thing.

  19. Jo Harlow

    My kids have learnt since an early age, hydrate your bodies first thing in the morning and all day long. Brita Fill and Go Water Bottles would be perfect for hydrating in the safest way possible. Perfect for Queensland summers, and winters and every day in between.

  20. Linda Clark

    I hate the smell of chlorine in my water, so a brita pack is perfect Thanks for the opportunity

  21. melissa myles

    This would be fabulous for me always on the go with no time to filter water … My skin and body would be in for a real treat

  22. Laura Jilka

    Always exercising inside and out,
    Water I can’t live without.
    Sipping on clean water on the go,
    Keeping my muscles moist to flow.

  23. Jodie Farnsworth

    Fresh clean chilled water is what I need on a busy day on the go with the kids.

  24. Rebecca Bird

    I’m always stealing drinks out of my kid’s drink bottles, I need my own!

  25. Vija

    I don’t drink enough water because its tasting a bit chlorine like, which is awful any worrying. Filtered water would allow me to drink clean water .

  26. Michelle Lambeck

    To complete the set! I already have 2 brita jugs on the go at one time. One for cold water and one for room temp. Would be great to drink on the go :)

  27. Grace Baker

    Water is the only thing we drink,
    Our towns water really stinks.
    I buy my water every week,
    Dollars spent to not feel sick.
    With Brita Fill and Go,
    I can save more money every week.

  28. Amber Boyce

    I have started to clean my diet ready for summer, but I hate buying bottled water – it’s creates such waste!

  29. michelle pyne

    Summer is here and I always make sure the kids are well hydrated and now it’s time to start looking after me with a Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle

  30. Adam Martin

    I’ve just started exercising again, after a few years and a few too many slices of cake! I’m already sweating before I leave the house so I’m in desperate need of a water bottle (never have invested in one) and this Brita Fill and Go looks absolutely perfect!

  31. Kye

    to keep myself well hydrated during work and hopefully back on track to good health.

  32. Courtney

    Because the water that comes out of my taps is BROWN! And I live in the city!!

  33. Patrick Johnson

    Well I don’t drink water because water rusts pipes, beer is much better for you and I’m sure it has my daily water intake in their somewhere. But if you were to shout me a new Brita Fill and Go I’ll stop with the beer and start on the water but only before 5pm of course…

  34. Kelly Ryan

    A Brita water bottle would be perfect to take to work ensuring I drink plenty of h20 as a busy nurse!

  35. Belinda Smetioukh

    I’d love a Brita Fill & Go,
    To keep me hydrated on hot summer days,
    After lying in the garden all day,
    soaking up the summer rays!

  36. Clare Ferguson

    The water in Melton Tastes terrible, owning a Brita fill and go might help me drink more water than I do.

  37. Jenny

    My tap water tastes disgusting, and I’m sick of having a recycle bin stacked full of bottles (can’t be good for the environment!)

  38. Kirsten W

    We breath, eat and drink so many chemicals that we aren’t aware of, so it would be great to be able to know that the water I drink is as natural as possible!

  39. Simone Driver

    I need one of these becuase the only water I drink is in my coffee’s, with the Brita fill and go I would drink alot more water!

  40. renata

    With that healthy twist,
    Full of goodness a busy mum cannot resist,
    Providing great fresh tasting water, a pleasure,
    Brita Fill & Go water filter bottles, my little treasure.

  41. LConroy

    I need a good water bottle to keep track of how much I’m drinking while I’m on my walks

  42. Jodie Craze

    Traveling as a sales rep I often just grab a bottle of soda to quench my thirst but having a couple of bottles to go in the car cooler is a healthier option I would love to try as our tap water doesn’t have a great taste

  43. Emily Rose

    I love to sip lots of water through out the day (usually about three litres!) but I’ve never owned a filter bottle before, and I think these Brita bottles with the little pop of colour are so cute!

  44. Noleen Brookfield

    I’d love a Brita Fill & Go water filter bottle to take to my exercise classes. It’d be wonderful having clean water to drink.

  45. Rachel Ditchburn

    I would love to win as the water here is more suitable for a swamp monster to live in!

  46. Nola Goodwin

    I only drink filtered or boiled water. I think it is important to filter our water as there are too many impurities in it.


    A Healthy Start to My up and Coming New Years Resolution to become Fitter and Healthier is to Start Drinking large amounts of Pure Rehydrating Water! Thank You.

  48. sonia cattley

    I dont drink enough water but I love “new toys” so this “new toy” might increase my water consumption

  49. kaz reimann

    Brita would give me the confidence to drink water from the taps at work – our scary old building has ancient pipes and sometimes I am so thirsty!

  50. Renee Annison

    Completely natural and naturally Complete ,nothing better then a bit of H2O on the go!

  51. Allan Smith

    I would love to take a Britta Fill & Go water filter bottle to work so I could drink enough water every day without it being full of chemicals.

  52. leanne

    knowing that chemicals from cheap water bottles arenot infultrating my water and not planning a mass atttack on my ody :)

  53. Helga Grenkowitz

    Not being connected to town water makes it necessary to filter our water. It would be awesome to have filtered water on the go.

  54. Kay Gerritsen Blaney

    I love the idea of filtered water on the go, much better than buying water and contributing to landfill.

  55. Falon Downing

    I’m constantly drinking water at work and I’m sure this would be much better for me (and our earth!) than refilling the plastic bottles!

  56. Maria P

    It would give me incentive to drink the required amount of water to keep me healthy.

  57. Tina Adams

    I would love to win this as im a big water drinker at home and have always said to my husband please can we get a pure tap, and the answer is always no as he does not drink water so this would be great to win!

  58. jacqui

    Would love to win to help me drink more water a day…as it is now i dont drink as much as i should

  59. Kelly EVANS

    I struggle at the best of times to drink water, I am always grabbing a coke or something as bad.. If I had a bottle on hand Water would be my first choice!

  60. tracy wedding

    for my weekly bingo day i would have fresh cool water on hand always

  61. jaimie webb

    this would be perfect for me save me buying water all the time for the bottles eveytime i go out

  62. jarree shelverton

    I need a Brita Fill and Go Water Bottle, so that it keeps me healthy by taking all the nasties out of the water for me.

  63. Christine Anderson

    Having a Fill and Go water bottle will be heaven for my dry mouth syndrome. Thanks

  64. Judith Senese

    Fresh and filtered water is what I crave, for walking with my boys, hydrating me with every sip.

  65. chloe taura

    Im out & about every day, This would save me alot of time & money. I would definitely drink more water, which would encourage hubby too.

  66. Benjamin Travia

    My family are constantly filling and refilling our water bottles. Thes Brita Fill bottles would help ensure what we’re drinking is as pure as possible.

  67. Tracey

    My water bottle is old and doesn’t have a filter – I need one of these.

  68. Kerryanne B

    Not only will it make the water taste nicer and remove some of the harshness but it will be a reminder to drink water throughout the day as it will always be in sight!

  69. Sonya Nicole

    We do a lot of camping and the water we have to drink sometimes is somewhat questionable! It can taste a bit dodgy, especially in small country towns, and a filter would improve the taste dramatically! (Don’t know why it’s never occurred to me before to get one.)

  70. Kaleena

    I’m a breast feeding Mum and I don’t drink enough water during the day, especially if I am out and about. This would be great and so much easier and healthier than re-filling a plastic bottle with tap water.

  71. daniela barbaro

    to give my seld some clean fresh water as the house i moved into the water is feral

  72. April Jane

    I need a little encouragement when it comes to drinking our daily water needs and our tap water tastes terrible.

  73. Marty Newstead

    Water is the source of life but a Brita fill and go water filter bottle would make my life even saucier!

  74. fraupam

    Another chance at a healthy option. If I could only get started with one…. maybe the rest would follow.

  75. Lisa

    So I can fill & Go anywhere anytime and know everytime the water is safe, fresh & tasty.

  76. Graham Buckingham

    I would love one of these bottles to take with me to the gym to use when I get out of the sauna.

  77. Beryl Taylor

    The Brita Fill & Go water filter bottle is just what I need because our tap water tastes like crap and I struggle to drink one glass of water let alone eight glasses.

  78. Heather Hopley

    Living in the country we only have tank water. Unfortunately at the moment, due to little rain, our tank water is not good enough for drinking. Buying drinking water gets very expensive. Brita can be great for my health and my pocket.

  79. Michelle Field

    Water is so precious where we live, we rely on rainwater and when that’s all gone we have to pay to truck it in! It tastes terrible but I am sure Brita can help.

  80. Kylie Embury

    Swimming laps and drinking too much chlorinated water – fill and go at the end of the pool would allow me a fresh, filtered drink when I need it!

  81. angela beales

    so the kids stop pinching my plain water bottle and leaving splash backs in it!

  82. Jane Wilson

    To make sure i take water with me on my morning exercises…am guilty of not drinking nearly enough water.

  83. Brian

    Off to Vietnam next year and this will be great to ensure I am drinking safer water

  84. Erin Ritosa

    Water in its purest form, without any nasties that could be doing my body harm- Not to mention the bottles are super cool to look at!

  85. lesley

    id love to win because i work in an aircraft all day and would love dependable filtered water as i drink a tonne of it.

  86. Jodie M

    Bottled water, is environmental slaughter, too much plastic and waste.
    With Brita fill and go, its good to know, we’re still getting quality and taste!

  87. Ilonka

    I need a new water bottle and this would help me to drink more water

  88. Michelle Frain

    I am a water obsesive
    I sip all day
    It would be great to drink Brita instead of copious amounts of plastic bottled water

  89. Mick G

    Brita Fill & Go water filter bottle is perfect for when I need to fill up my water supply when on the move giving me the advantage of cleaner, tastier water

  90. Elle Cubbins

    Awesome product and I know that I would be having my eight glasses of water per day as I needed to help me stay healthy and knowing that it’s filtered is even better.My whole family might start to drink more water

  91. sharron smith

    Perfect healthy choice first thing love to put in my little campervan love bushcamping but good water always a problem

  92. Narelle Rock

    with my daughter playing netball and my other one soccer, the youngest wanting to play football, we will be out and a bout a lot and will need to keep hydrated!

  93. Angela Murray

    This would encourage my whole family to drink fresh, filtered water. Not to mention, encourage me to drink my eight glasses a day!

  94. Janelle Dowton

    With Brita Fill and Go,
    I could now drink water I know,
    No more chemicals,
    Just water ala natural!

  95. Nannette Walker

    I buy bottled water so much, it would be nice to just have a Britta Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle and refill over & over. I go walking a lot & this would be a Blessing to have.

  96. Tony L

    I love to live a healthy, long and active lifestyle so I am picky about what I put in my body. I have a Brita tap filter but not water bottle. I want!

  97. Julie

    I really need one of these water filter bottles. I work in a busy call centre and always needing a drink to lubricate my voice. I can fill this up from the tap and know am still getting fresh clean water and magnesium to keep me hydrated. Great idea.

  98. julie hurst

    I definitely need one of these water filter bottles. They are so convienent

  99. susan banyard

    I buy bottled water as i hate that mineral taste in the tap water, to have a bottle that i can fill from the tap and have the great fresh taste would be perfect.

  100. Claire Smith

    I am shocking at drinking enough water, always buying bottled water on the run. Would love one of these to encourage myself to drink more and keep hydrated the cheaper and healthier way.

  101. Monique

    The only water bottles I have are years old, and probably giving off all kinds of chemicals. It’s just one of those things I never think of when I’m out shopping.