Closed! Peppercorn Food Company Complete Range Prize Pack

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And the winner is… Sandy Wallace! Thanks for your entry, we hope you enjoy your Peppercorn Food Company Complete Range Prize Pack.

This week, we’re giving away a Peppercorn Food Company Complete Range Prize Pack, worth RRP $100. Here’s a look at what the winner will receive…

Peppercorn Food Range1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Beef Burgers, 540g (6 x 90g patties)

Can’t go past these patties for a traditional homemade hamburger! Or break up and add to pasta sauce, or our Chinese Beef & Salad Wrap.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Beef Sausages, 500g

The original and always-popular beef banger! Perfect with a side of mash and gravy, or hot off the barbecue for a Friday night sausage sizzle.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Italian Style Sausages, 375g

Fennel and tomato make these Italian-sausages so versatile – remove the skins and break into bits for tossing through pasta sauce or risotto.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Asian Style Beef Burgers, 540g (6 x 90g patties)

Try these in our recipe for Chinese Beef & Salad Wraps, or a burger with a spicy bite.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Chicken Sausages with Fresh Lime and Spices, 375g

A sophisticated recipe for grown-up tastebuds, try these sausages in a warm Asian salad.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Beef Chipolatas, 500g

The pick of the bunch when it comes to pleasing the kids, these little sausages are also perfect for a big Sunday breakfast.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Pork Sausages with Ginger and Shallots, 500g

Spiked with Asian-inspired flavours, these are a flavour-packed twist on traditional pork sausages.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Beef Meatloaf

This family favourite just got a whole lot easier! Loaded with yummy flavours, this goes straight from fridge to oven – packaging and all.

1 x Peppercorn Food Company Extra Lean Pork Meatloaf

Try the pork meatloaf for a change – and save on washing up, because it bakes in the packaging.

Plus! Peppercorn Food Company merchandise, including a cooler bag.

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About Peppercorn Food Company  All Peppercorn Food products are extra lean (with less than 3% saturated fat), have been awarded the Heart Foundation Tick of approval, and are made with fresh ingredients, so you can feel good about feeding Peppercorn Food to your family.

Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

  1. Like Peppercorn Food Company on Facebook (and share the love by sharing this link!)
  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: what’s your favourite dinner using sausages?  

*Competition opens 6.00am Wednesday 2 October 2013 and closes 11.59pm Tuesday 15 October 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Tuesday 22 October 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here

260 comments on “Closed! Peppercorn Food Company Complete Range Prize Pack”

  1. deedeedag

    angus beef with herbs and garlic because they taste fantastic in every way – on the grill, in a hot pot, and even in a frittata!!

  2. Santhia Keiller

    Sausages with ‘Bratkartoffel’ (potatoes fried in bacon fat).

  3. Michelle W

    Curried sausages but one pot of beef sausages and one of vegetarian sausages.

  4. TRUDI

    Creamy curried sausages with piping hot fluffy white rice, fresh sesame seed french stick with real butter! YUMMMMMOOOO!!!

  5. Ginny

    Hot dogs!!!! Quick and easy in front of the telly meal… not very traditional but it’s always a breeze, taste delicious, and fun for the whole family to get involved making it AND of course, eating it :)

  6. Mel

    I do love bangers and mash with onion gravy when the weather turns cold, but nothing beats a good quality sausage in a slice of fresh bread with tomato sauce! Simple comfort food!

  7. Rebekah Ballingal


  8. Ann

    Sausages hot from the barbie,
    That irresistible aroma can’t be beat.
    Good conversation and lots of laughter,
    The perfect accompaniments with which to eat.

  9. Catrina Murray

    My homemade tomato and onion gravy with chicken and garlic sausages, corn and mashed potatoes


    My Favourite Dinner using Peppercorn Sausages is Barbecuing them and having a Monster Salad to Complete the Perfect Healthy Meal to Feel at My Best.

  11. Heather Beech

    what a great prize pack.. I love sausages with lots of fresh Vege and homemade gravy on the mashed potato’s, i guess my English/south african heritage surfaces cause you just cannot beat a good ol Bangers and Mash (vege included for that added healthy stuff we need)

  12. Tabatha McCarthy

    Deviled sausages are so delicious that they must me from hell!

  13. Tracey Drescher

    Toad in the Hole a touch of my mother’s homeland. Lots of gravy and green vegetables

  14. Ben

    I like to make a hot pot using sausages and I like to use the extra lean version to avoid fat due to cholesterol, I usually chop up some onions,fresh tomato,basil,and garlic then I use whole tin tomatoes fry off the sausages a little and the add them all to the pot.
    A couple of hours to reduce and thicken,serve along side cous cous and you have a healthy yet delicious meal I generally have the during the cooler months but its good anytime.

  15. Emily Lawes

    Sausage noodles! Cook the sausages lightly and then cut into pieces. Push strings of uncooked spaghetti through the middle and cook in boiling water until pasta is soft. Kids go crazy for them! Happy kids, happy me!

    (Corrected version. Sorry!)

  16. Jenny

    I love to grill sausages. Gets them nice and crispy on the outside. Served with mashed potato, gravy and peas – perfect!

  17. kerry mcgugan

    MY dad makes the best curried sausages ever : he wont tell anyone what the secret ingredients are but my guess its his choice of sausages , great memories are shared over the table during Curried Sausage Dinners as they are soooo special to us because we only get to see my parents 3 times a year and we all insists that he cooks this very special meal for us each time xx

  18. Nadine

    One-pot Italian Sausage Rice
    Made with Peppercorn Extra Lean Italian style sausages, plump tomatoes, tasty capsicum and onion, and flavoursome herbs. Prepared and cooked in less than 1 hour, great for a quick and delicious mid-week dinner when time is short after the working day is done!

  19. Wil

    ‘Appetissant Delicieux’ my family say. These sausages taste gourmet.
    Adieu bland stew. Now it’s Bonjour hearty cassoulet,
    And mouthwatering sausage ragout.
    Good enough to score a 10 from Chef Manu!!!

  20. Belinda Bann

    Curried Sausages, my husbands fave….but for him extra, extra, tear inducing hot if he’s been particularly annoying that day!

  21. Judith Senese

    Curried Sausages with a side of creamy sweat potato mash. Always a treat with the kids.

  22. Cathy B

    My family have the traditional big cooked breakfast every Sunday, sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, eggs and lots more, totally unhealthy and very satisfying!

  23. Chris Francis

    Homemade hot dogs with caramelised onions, grated cheese and a mixture of tomato sauce and mustard.

  24. Sandy wallace

    Peppercorn sausages makes great easy meatballs! Take the skins off and you’ve got Italian meatballs for pasta. My favourite are the pork sausages with ginger and shallots which I make into meatballs and serve with a dipping sauce or with teriyaki sauce and rice. Yum.
    Gourmet food and friendly to my diabetes.

  25. Isobel

    I make a delicious family favourite stovetop, one pot, ‘Sweet & Sour Sausage Casserole’ with sausages (chopped into short lengths), tinned pineapple including the juice, tomato paste, a little curry powder, frozen peas, corn and capsicums and a little cornflour and water to thicken at the end of cooking time.

  26. allison olsen

    Hubby, cooking his plain for the peeps, gourmet for us, but still Plain old SNAGS on the bbq, with mash, and the peeps cheering bangers and mash.

  27. Courtney Brideson

    Sausage Casserole- essentially just sausages, pasta and cheese. So much fat and carbs it tastes like heaven!

  28. Laura Jilka

    Sausages are gourmet in themselves these days so we love ours with a simple onion gravy, mashed potatoes and some steamed greens. Yummmm!! let the flavours talk.

  29. Sue Jones

    Who can go past sausages with mashed potatoes with onion gravy and fresh buttered bread to make an wicked sanger…mmmmyummmm

  30. Natalie Stoute

    My favourite winter comfort dish is thick sausages with onion gravy and a big pile of colcannon. Quite an indulgent dish with the cream and butter but it warms the cockles of your heart!

  31. Petra

    Barbecued sausages on a summers night.
    Served with sweet potato salad and greens.
    It’s our summer delight.

  32. jody buhagiar

    I love my snags in gravy with peas!!! mashed potoe and tomato sauce , yum

  33. Lisa Chawner

    Grilled sausages with sweet potato wedges , baby spinach & feta

  34. Julie Fenwick

    Bangers in Mash. Had it last night. Its a casserole with sausages baked in sauce and topped with potatoes and grated cheese.

  35. keekee sands

    Sweet chilli bangers are my families favourite. So versatile and very delicious :)

  36. sonia

    Sausages in bread accompanied with onions, on a wet freezing day watching the kids play the “sport of the moment”

  37. Justine

    Thin beef sausages, well cooked and seasoned, served with onion gravy on a bed of potato gruyere mash – it’s hard not to lick the plate clean afterwards!

  38. Christine Anderson

    I love curried sausages. With Peppercorn’s wonderful flavours and lean meat, I think I will just skewer the little delights throw them on the Barbie..Yum, yum

  39. Kerrie Tullipan

    Thick sausages, wrapped in a rasher of bacon, placed in a pot in the oven with a diced onion, fresh sage, a cup of diced mushrooms, 1 cup of water, salt and pepper and 2 tsp of cornflour and 2 tsp of Worcestershire Sauce. Cook for 50 mins. A delightful meal which turns the somewhat boring snag into a lovely tasty meal for the whole family.

  40. Kim R

    Tasty, hardy, healthy sausage stew with garlic, potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, turnips and any other vegetables I have on hand. I always add lots of beef stock and gravy and sometimes spice it up with chilli. A part of my childhood when my Mum cooked it for us and still my absolute favourite.

  41. Sharon

    Sausages in bread with tomato sauce with option of onion. An Aussie BBQ staple everyone loves.

  42. Chrissy Roberts

    Our family like sausages and onions with mashed potato and peas. Warming, nutritious and tasty.
    Not fancy but delightful.

  43. David Roberts

    Good old Bangers and mash with onion gravy family favourite everytime!

  44. Anna

    Nonna has taught “us” well,
    Long ago we feel under her sumptuous spell!
    “Italian Sausage Pizza” epitomises pure delight,
    The kids select their very “own” toppings that does excite!
    Mini pizza’s for each adult and each tyke!
    Carefully selecting what each does like!
    Olives! Onions! Garlic! Parsley! Sausages! Semolina! Mozzarella! Parmesan! Tomatoes! Capsicum and much more!
    Preparing this meal is far from an everyday chore!
    Minimal effort for maximum satisfaction!
    Out of the budget; taking ONLY a very small fraction!
    Liked and Shared: YES

  45. Melissa Wilkes

    Slice the raw sausages in half leaving the two sides attached line with bacon, onion and a little grated cheese and grill… cover with smokey bbq sauce… Yum

  46. Julian Cartledge

    With Peppercorn Extra lean sausages, try, a nice pumpkin risotto and Kalamata olives with sundried tomatoes yummily nestled between the sausages :) I’m hungry 😀

  47. Carolyn Mazzeo

    Nigella’s Chicken, Sausage & Sage Bake. An easy recipe which tastes so amazing, and it’s cooked in one dish!

  48. Lyndall

    Bunnings BBQ sausages! Always available when go to Bunnings for 5 minutes and are still there an hour later!!!

  49. Karlene

    Skinning the sausage, adding grated cheese and wrapping it in puff pastry.

  50. Katrina Bradfield

    Sausage and Butter bean cobbler – 450g of the tastiest sausages are the secret!

  51. lynne lillington

    I lightly boil them and then slice on out on skewers, with onion and capsicum. Then fry on the bbq, my guests love them.

  52. Michelle Gray

    Whenever I see sausage I have flashbacks to Mum’s curried sausages, as I sit here with the rain falling outside, I would love some right now.

  53. Vicki F

    One Pot Italian Sausage Rice,
    Full of flavour, goodness and spice,
    Quick, easy family dish,
    With Peppercorn Sausages, totally delish!

  54. Helen Gray

    Sausage and Mash with onion gravy a winner every time in my house

  55. Tracey Waller

    Creamy Curried Chicken sausages, cut into rounds and made with real cream, authentic curry spices and a large handful of peas… on a bed of fresh streamed rice – a huge favourite with the grandkids in our house!

  56. kerrie

    Cooked on the BBQ, with onions, cooked tomato, marinated mushrooms and eggs, we cook up a big feast with friends for brunch at my house.

  57. Erika Collis

    Squeeze the meat out of the sausage to make balls. Fry with onion, capsicum, peas, herbs. Add a bottle of passata and 2 cups of cooked rice. Stir. Serve with grated cheese on top. Quick, easy and cheap with leftovers for lunch!

  58. ruth

    How did sausages in yorkshire pudding get the name toad-in-the-hole?
    Add to it veggies and thick onion gravy and you’ll find the way to my soul!

  59. Faysie

    My Mum’s curried snags are ‘to die for’… It’s a secret recipe so I can’t share it.
    It’s like KFC ‘s secret recipe… only a few know!

  60. Lauren A

    Crisp, golden Toad in the Hole, served with creamy mashed potatoes, onion gravy, and spicy baked beans. Yum!

  61. Louisa Denton

    BBQ snags & onions, mashed potatoes, gravy, mushrooms and freshly cracked pepper. Simply Aussie style xo)

  62. Emma Puszkar

    “Train Smash”. It’s a terrible name, but that’s what dad called it, sausages with tomato and onion gravy and creamy mash potato. (Dad was a meat and mash kind of bloke!)

  63. Sonya Eppinger

    German Sauerkraut wing bangers. Together with German Wheat Beer & sweet Mustard. Just Yumm…that’s satisfies my “mountainous” appetite

  64. Fiona B

    As a kid I loved sausage casseroles but gourmet sausages are so delicious and complex in flavours these days that we shouldn’t kill them with too many other flavours. I also serve my Peppercorn sausages with the perfect mash sparked with mascarpone cheese and some fresh blanched greens!

  65. Kirsten W

    It’s not a fancy meal,
    But the one we love the most.
    Its very easy and very simple,
    It’s chilli sausages on toast!

  66. Chris Higgs

    We will have curried sausages one night, then with any leftovers I will make a stew, adding lots of veges and rich gravy. Served with creamy mashed potato. The kids love it and always MAKE SURE there are leftovers to make it with.

  67. Tess Howard

    Our favourite sausage meal is what my Nan always called ‘Dirty Rice’ – its great with any and all kinds of sausages and includes some capsicum, okra and onions cooked with broth. Very yummy and easy.

  68. Lesley Redman

    My favourite dinner with sausages?
    It is a barbecue for sure :)
    It is the Aussie way of living
    It is unwritten law!

  69. Kate Dvornik

    Nothing beats a summer bbq…snags in a roll or bread with onions and tomato sauce!

  70. janette boulton

    sausages in a casserole dish with garlic onions and tomatos,yummy

  71. Melanie

    My favourite dinner in the world is when I get to have a family BBQ ! Plump juicy sausages, rissoles, sliced potato, potato salad, Greek salad, spinach and cheese cob loaf and corn with butter and garlic spread wrapped in foil and on to the BBQ to cook :)

  72. kerry carter

    I’m sure its been said before but honestly, on a cold winters night its hard to beat bangers and mash with gravy.

  73. Deb M

    Sausages belong on the BBQ! The slapped on a piece of white bread with sauce and friend onions!

  74. Nola Goodwin

    Good old sausage sandwich with home made chips, fried onion and tomato sauce.

  75. wendy _c

    My family love my Mexican sausage casserole which is basically a chilli con carne recipe using chipolata sausages instead of mince. It’s easy to make and so very tasty!!! It’s also a good party dish served with cornchips!

  76. Jodie

    Ahhhh sausages…..I was never a huge fan of the faved snag anyway, but as a sufferer of a heart attack early last year, sausages were definitely off the menu until I discovered the lovely peppercorn range. There is no comparison to other sausages in terms of flavour, taste and nutritional value. So what is my favourite meal with sausages? Every meal that I spend with my gorgeous family! Oh and I don’t mind a good old fashioned sausage hot pot…

  77. Chony

    Can’t go passed a perfectly BBQ’d sausage on a slice of fresh buttered bread with some onions of course!

  78. Tess

    My favourite dish using pork sausages is Donna Hays Lentil and sausage cassoulet, it’s so good with rice and is a total comfort food in our house! Love it! Taste even better with Peppercorn Food Company sausages as they are high quality with fantastic flavour!

  79. Jennah Wardrope

    A sausage sanga, with a nice green salad and an icy cold glass of cider. MMmmmmmmm…..

  80. Sonya Nicole

    Sausages fried with onion and Hoi Sin sauce… sooooooo good!

  81. Tania Lynch

    I have fond memories of Mum’s curried sausages from when I was a child,served simply with mashed potato and I have carried on the tradition,with a little tweak of my own,and my children love it.It’s my go-to comfort food.

  82. Maree D

    Love sausages foldies!! Especially with Peppercorn sausages. The flavour really speaks for itself. Leftovers get used in a tasty quiche that I stumbled across the recipe for.

  83. Kat Walsh

    Snag Surprise! My mum’s creation, it’s like a great way to use up all the veges from the fridge. Pan fry onion, sausages (chopped into bite sized pieces) & chopped veges (carrots, celery, capsicum etc). Add a tin of tomato soup & tomato paste and leave to cook for an hour or so. Served with rice or pasta, it’s super simple and the kids love it!

  84. Caprice

    bangers & mash! If I ask the kids what they want for dinner that is always the answer. They need to start hiding veggies in sausages!

    • Claire Dyson

      Hi Caprice. Peppercorn Food Sausages indeed do hide some veggies! They are all made with fresh ingredients including herbs and vegetables. The beef chipolatas tend to be a favourite with kids and have carrot in them :)

  85. Courtney

    My favourite dish is a bbq when the sausages are cooked perfectly, on a gorgeous summer day and enjoying them with a salad and family just perfect.

  86. Stacey Williamson

    Bacon wrapped sausages coated in sticky barbecue sauce, cooked on the BBQ and served with potato salad. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

  87. Kay Gerritsen Blaney

    The extra lean chicken are my families fave! That hit of lime yummo!

  88. Paula Marinic

    A very yummy casserole using the fantastic peppercorn sausage range

  89. Paula Marinic

    My favourite is a sausage casserole , packed with great peppercorn sausage range and lots of veggies . Yum yum

  90. Lilly

    My all time fav: hot dog! Sausage, bread bun, onion, tomato sauce and curry! Yummy!

  91. Tanya

    Nothing beats bangers and mash with onion and gravy all my kids love it

  92. karina w

    I love a good hearty simple hot dog with lots of cheese, bbq sauce and on a warm sweet bun!

  93. Katie

    My favourite meal using sausages is the very simple “sausage in a bun”
    Tasty, easy and just what is needed on a friday evening instead of takeaways.

  94. C hilton

    deviled sausages in the slow cooked with beans and mashed potato

  95. Vanessa

    You can’t go past snags on a bbq in our glorious summer weather. Good food, good company, a few coldies.
    Everyone comes together for a chat & to relax. Australia… love it! =o)

  96. Mandy

    Take good quality sausages out of the casing wrap in puff pasty, bake and yum yum gourmet sausage rolls

  97. Stacey Lee Raines

    Wether its bbq , with spicy salad, good ole bangers and mash our family just loves how i cook and ur peppercorn brand sounds delicious

  98. Amie Falls

    Pigs in blankets… but giant size. For those of you who haven’t heard of them before ‘pigs in blankets’ are a finger food of little delicious sausages wrapped in bacon. I have gone one step further and super sized them. Yum yum yum

  99. cat ielasi

    In our beautiful Aussie climate, outdoor dining is ideal. And nothing says Aussie like lamb!!! Lamb, garlic and rosemary sausages with onions and tomato sauce folded in bread, a true Aussie sausage sizzle.

  100. Jennifer B.

    I can’t go past sausages of any variety when they come with warm weather, a BBQ, tossed homemade wedges, Greek salad and garlic bread!

  101. Melanie Pound

    Toad in the hole!!! NO-ONE and I mean NO-
    ONE makes it like I do!

  102. phil

    besides bbq, i like to put them on a bed of rice then topped with tomatoes, onions & chillies

  103. Sally H

    Being a Pomme I would have to say Toad in the Hole & it HAS to be made with Pork Sausages! So I <3 that you have Pork available in your range. Sounds disgusting but tastes SOOOO Yummy 😀

  104. Tory

    I love taking my sausages out of their casings and using them as meatballs on top of spaghetti.

  105. lisa doecke

    snusages with roasted vegies and potato bake witth red wine gravy

  106. kelly tanner

    the best is always the simplest, bangers and mash, loaded with gravy. yum yum

  107. Jules

    As the Peppercorn sausages are so tasty, we just love them as they are with a couscous salad

  108. Helen J

    My slow cooked cassoulet recipe includes spicy sausages with pork, chicken and cannellini beans. The sausages always go first in this house.

  109. Jodie Morgan

    My family and I love Devilled Sausages with mashed potato and mixed vegies.

  110. Natasha Falconbridge

    Curried Sausages and Rice or Pasta, this is a regular meal in our household! Simple, economic and deliciously filling!

  111. geoff sanders

    our favourite is crumbed sausages and vegetables with honey drizzled on them

  112. Mel

    Hot dogs with caramelised onions, crispy bacon and smokey barbecue sauce!

  113. juli gansberg

    i use alot of meal sauces but id love to try your range of yummy basses for my yummy cooking please may i try them

  114. Jacqueline Fisher

    Sliced up, cooked slow in a slowcooker with fresh chilli, beans & rice. Added tomato, basil & oregano.

  115. michelle harrold

    devilled sausges in the slowcooker with rice.or another favourite is sausage lasagne

  116. tess cahill

    I love making a sausage pie with gravy and vegies. my kids love it

  117. Henny Onsoe

    Lots of options for dinner to cook using sausages.. Eg: making soup, stir fry, pizza, stew, curry, satay etc… Whatever the choice, I really like sausages & my husband too!…

  118. Kerry-anne Doughty

    The tastiest dinner with sausages
    That is super-easy to make,
    Is my delicious and all-time favourite
    Satay Peanut Sausage Bake

  119. Abby Collins

    My families favorite is Boston Bean Hotpot but a good old fashioned sausage sizzle is a close second.

  120. Marton Sadler

    Its got to be good old fashioned bangers and mash. Simple to make and simply delicious, especially with gourmet Peppercorn Food Company bangers! :)

  121. Lynette White

    Mashed Potato with finely diced onion & grated cheese,steamed vegetables & sausages with sweet chilli sauce mixed with mayo & a little lemon juice drizzled over the top… Yum

  122. Kym Hanel

    Nothing beats my wife’s Sausage Casserole with Pumpkin and Potato Mash

  123. julia

    BBQ’ed plain to get the full flavour of the yummiest snags extra lean beef nom nom nom

  124. Karen Brown

    I love making good old curried sasuages and vegies. eg onion, carrots and whatever you like.

  125. Michelle W

    Sausages and onion on fresh bread with tomato sauce. Don’t judge me.

  126. Jordanna

    Mums beef sausage caserole with rice and vegtables! Mum is the best cook :)

  127. lissie smith

    my absolute favourite sausage meal is devilled sausages with chicken stock rice!

  128. Delores Defazio

    Our favourite meal always is the Aussie BBQ sausages, the smell the flavour and the ease of cooking.
    Serve with fried onions, parmesan corn cobs,tomato salsa and for the purist, tomato sauce and white bread.

  129. april dunn

    sausages go well with mash potatoes because they great together

  130. michelle herbert

    nothing beats beef and garlic sausages with onion rings steam butter beans and heaps of mashed potatoes :)

  131. Carol van Viersen

    My family love a good BBQ & Peppercorn Food certainly seem to have a beautiful variety that l would love to try!!!

  132. Gerhard Eppinger

    German Sauerkraut wing bangers. Together with German Wheat Beer & sweet Mustard. Just Yumm…that’s satisfies my “mountainous” appetite

  133. Louise

    Bangers and mash with onion gravy…very simple but also delish

  134. Jodie Craze

    My husband loves my curried sausages made from scratch with lean pork sausages and yummy curry. Serve with creamy mash

  135. claire

    I love my sausages with my penne pasta topped with capsicium and pepper strips, yumz. Easy and simple to make for lunch and dinner and taste like heaven! :)

  136. Anne Marie Delaney

    My family love sausages many many ways from grilled to mixed through curries and stews to Italian sausages cut up and mixed with my tomato based sauce with all different pastas. The only thing that they insist on is that the sausages not be fatty.

  137. Elisa

    I love to have nice hot polenta served with sausages and fresh tomato sauce, with a bit of grated parmigiano on the top! Ideal in Winter but I will have on a Sunday dinner as well!

  138. Kassie

    Herby Sausages cut up and mixed in with bacon and easymac. =) Student budget meal. Vegies too!

  139. Belinda Maher

    Crumbed sausages with plenty of fresh garden salad and homemade chips.

  140. sharon

    I love a good flavored sausage cooked on the BBQ and served with lots of caramelized onions. With summer coming this is the best way to eat hem..yummm

  141. Tricia Powell

    Get my Homemade Pork sausages from my local Butcher… pre cook them and then cook on BBQ and serve with butter mushrooms, fried spuds and corn on the cob….Yum Yum…!!!

  142. Sandi Giles

    A breakfast of champions with sausages cooked on the BBQ accompanied with crispy bacon, a soft boiled egg or 2 & grilled tomato, mushroom & onions on toast, delish. I love to eat meat :)

  143. Stacey Webber

    Cooked in the oven slowly and served with caramelised onions on a bed of rice. It brings out the flavours and tastes wonderful.

  144. Michelle Morgan

    My favourite family dinner is a baked meal. You twist 1cm strips of puff pastry around the sausage, stick them on a skewer and bake. It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional beef sausage or the gourmet variety this recipe will work for any. Oven bake some chips and a Mediterranean vegetable medley. You can skier the vegetables as well, great for the kids, or just cook them in a baking dish. Then serve with sauce; tomato, BBQ, cheese or mustard, or all of them, whatever you feel like on the day. A healthy, quick and easy dinner for all the family :)

  145. caro

    Pineapple Cheese Sausages, Grill sausages, cut a slit along centre of each sausage, add combined crushed pineapple,low fat grated tasty cheese and fruit chutney and return to grill for 5 minutes

  146. josephine mcgregor

    Love sausages with onion garlic carrots peas cooked in a slow cooker or saucepan served with gravy and mashed potatoe

  147. Megan Brain

    Extra Lean Beef Chipolata’s are my favorite, I love chipolata’s the best because they are just like mini sausages but somehow they just taste better because they are small I think, but also because they are made with love and good quality ingredients, that’s why The Peppercorn Food Co makes the best, they use quality and skill to craft a superior product!

  148. Sheryn Mommers

    Love sausages with mashed potato and brown onion gravy. Vegies on the side. Yum!

  149. Stephanie Compton

    After losing 50kilos… you can be sure extra-lean Peppercorn products are always in my fridge. I love grilling the extra-lean Beef Chipolatas and wrapping them in lettuce! So tasty!

  150. jenny

    bangers mash onion gravy and spinach nothing simpler or as tasty unless you happen to have some mash pumpkin as well oh now I,m hungry for some real food !

  151. Lisa Di-Mauro

    My favourite dinner is Italian flavoured sausages with lentils. Especially when my mother-in-law makes it on New Year’s Day because the coin shaped lentils represent prosperity for the coming year, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling every time I eat this meal.

  152. Eliza

    Sausage filling makes a great mince substitute when you have none in the fridge! Process it up with veggies, onion, garlic and spices to make a fantastic spaghetti.

  153. Belinda

    Our family favourite is Peppercorns Extra Lean Beef sausages with caramelised onions on a fresh white roll….we’ve had this many times for dinner after a long day at work where we just want something quick, easy & tasty to eat.

  154. rachael

    Love making toad in the hole – sausages oven baked in amongst batter.

  155. Graham Buckingham

    I love cooking Honey Sausages with bread and onions for my six children because it is a great meal that my kids eat the lot.

  156. Deb

    Pork Sausages wrapped in bacon cooked on a bed of sliced apples – tasty and gourmet! (sorry, I made a mistake with my email address on the previous entry)

  157. Deb

    Pork Sausages wrapped in bacon cooked on a bed of sliced apples – tasty and gourmet!

  158. lynne lillington

    I like to boil them still they are firm then cut and put on skewers with onion capsicum and pineapple, then serve with sweet chilli sauce.

  159. Nicola James

    Bangers and mash with onion gravy, and home grown green beans on the side!

  160. Danielle

    BBQ’ed Bangers with Mash, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Pumpkin and Gravy! Yum, Yum, Yum!!

  161. Sarah Gifford

    I love to cook them, slice them up and put them on home made pizzas with other fresh ingredients – delish!

  162. rochelle

    Crumbed sausages with mash, veggies and gravy- yummy and so easy to prepare!

  163. Michelle Kaal

    we love any gourmet sausages wrapped in bacon and grilled served with baby asparagus and kipfler garlic potatoes

  164. elisha cachia

    my partner loves curried sausages… but in bread with sauce for me.

  165. Michelle Frain

    Simply grilled sausage on the bbq with mashed potato and baked beans
    simpl perfect

  166. Adele Smith

    Braised Sausages with Lentils. This is a slow cooked meal that is simple to create and wonderful to taste.

  167. Sue

    Sausage wrapped in pastry and quick, easy and delicious meal that appeals to everyone in this house

  168. Rose Ainsworth

    I am a traditional
    Girl who loves meat and 3 veg. A gourmet sausage especially pork variety, some roast potatoes and greens on the side. Heavenly.

  169. Renata

    Sausages with White Beans and Tarragon, with that healthy twist,
    Full of goodness, one cannot resist.

  170. Shohreh Korvi

    BBQ all different types of sausages for that smoky flavour and fresh salads with a cold beer is just amazing in summer.

  171. Libby

    We love anything with gravy, especially the sausages, always tasty and filling especially after a hard day at work and school.

  172. christina

    Curried beef sausages with potatoes, served with rice… So delicious.. Liked on FB

  173. Melinda Chadwick

    Tricking the family and telling them its chorizo sausage tagliatelle with herby panko crumbs, but in reality it’s a plain old sanger and stale bread!

  174. Rochelle Kirkup

    I can’t go past bangers and mash with tomato and onion gravy. Different types of sausages ups the ante on an old favourite!!

  175. Joanne

    Sausage roll slice for sure, big hit with the kidlets.
    Like a giant sausage/meat loaf….take meat out of sausages add egg breadcrumbs, tabasco, onion… anything you want really, roll up in puff pastry when cooked slice it up and enjoy with fresh lemon green beans and mash!

  176. Darren

    My family loves having old fashioned bangers and mash using any of PEPPERCORNS lovely,delicious beef or pork sausages

  177. Antonietta

    One of our favourite family dish using sausages is taking the meat out of the casing (Italian pork sausages), breaking it up and then adding passata making a bolognese and having it with pasta which is chosen by one of the kids (they take turns). Delicious :)

  178. Marianne

    Our family joins together at the table when I make my sausage bolognese sauce. Using the filling as mince and keeping some sausages whole.

  179. Narelle Rock

    my kids love thick beef sausage hot pot cooked in the slower cooker and served up with creamy mashed potato

  180. Anita McLennan

    My favourite dinner is snaghetti, spaghetti with sausages. It’s my husbands creation and tastes amazing!!

  181. Kimberly

    Nothing better than sausages cooked on the BBQ, in a slice of bread with tomato sauce … so simple yet delicious !!

  182. Monique

    Very simple. Sausages with really creamy mash potato smothered in gravy. Not exactly healthy but 100% warm comfort food!