Everyone Has A Recipe For… Potato Salad. What’s Yours?

Samantha Brennan, Editor

Samantha Brennan, Editor

Potato salad is one of those dishes that everyone does their own way. At almost every barbecue I’ve been to, there’s been a different version of this family favourite on the table. And not many people seem to use a recipe – it’s always made according to eye and taste, based on the way our mums and dads used to make it.

At our place, potato salads are made with just five ingredients: large chunks of potato and egg dressed with sour cream and mayonnaise, with finely chopped spiced gherkin stirred through. My husband’s mum makes potato salad with finely diced potato, egg, apple, green onion and dill, with cream, mayonnaise and lots of pepper added to the mix.

I’ve seen it with the potato peeled and potato with the skin on, finely diced and occasionally whole; rich and creamy, or light and healthy; spiked with green onion, red onion, brown onion or pickles; with and without bacon; served warm and served cold.

I think it’s time I tried something new, so tell me: what’s your recipe for potato salad, and where did you get it?

One comment on “Everyone Has A Recipe For… Potato Salad. What’s Yours?”

  1. Shanyn

    Potato, egg, whole egg mayonnaise, spur cream, shallots and a squeeze of lemon. Delicious! I found it on a website!