Jay Laga’aia’s Family Kitchen

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Jay Laga’aia has been a regular on our screens for quite a while now, entertaining our kids on Play School and starring in the classic Star Wars. He’s also released three children’s albums and starred on-stage in The Lion King. So what is it about Jay that resonates with the kids? It might be that he has eight children himself! We asked this busy dad what life is like in his bustling family kitchen.

Jay Laga'aia

Jay Laga’aia

Q: Grocery shopping, cooking and washing the dishes: who does what at your place when it comes to getting good food on the table?

A. Grocery shopping is Mum and the little girls. I am always guaranteed a chocolate bar if Bella, my 3-year-old, tags along. The older kids wash and dry the dishes and the little girls get in the way. We all get together to get the food on the table. 

Q: It must take a bit of work to keep your kitchen stocked for a family of 10. How often do you grocery shop, and what items can’t your family go without?

A. We do one big shop, and then two or three re-stocking runs every week. We go through two-and-a half loaves of bread every day, and at least 12 litres of milk every week. 

Q: What sorts of foods do you usually pack in your kids’ school lunch boxes?

A: There will always be a piece of fruit, something homemade, like a cake or cookie, a sandwich and a bottle of water. Depending on the child, we’ll add a carrot as well.

Q: What’s the secret to pleasing the tastebuds of 10 people at dinner time?

A: Variety! And the ability to store lots of different foods in your cupboards and, most importantly, in your fridge. 

Q: What three words best describe your family kitchen?

A: Delicious. Functional. Surprising. 


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