Closed! Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Capsule Machine

And the winner is… Jen L! Thanks for your entry, we hope you enjoy your Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee capsule machine.

Today, we’re giving away a Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee capsule machine, valued from RRP $149. Here’s a look at what the winner will receive…

Nesface Dolce Gusto MINI ME Black & Grey capsuleNescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee capsule machine

Coffee capsule machines are a must-have appliance in many homes these days, and the new Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee capsule machine, from RRP $149, is perfect if you like cafe quality coffee but are short on kitchen bench space! (For the non-coffee drinkers at your place, this machine also makes iced tea and hot chocolate.) Also available in store are delicious capsules for cappuccinos, espresso, cafe au lait and more, plus caramel latte macchiato and the new mocha flavour. Cute and compact, this would make a great Chrissie present.

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Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

  1. Like on Facebook (and share the love by sharing this link!)
  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: how do you like your coffee, and when’s the best time of day to enjoy it? 

*Competition opens 6.00am Tuesday 3 December 2013 and closes 11.59pm Friday 13 December 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Monday 16 December 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here.

115 comments on “Closed! Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Capsule Machine”

  1. cheryl dyer

    Day or night – whatever the hour – Nescafe Dolce Gusto plugs me into coffee with power.

  2. Helga Grenkowitz

    I liked it with lots of full cream milk at any time of the day; but most I enjoy it around lunchtime sitting outside in the sun.

  3. Marlene Tham

    Soya Latte with a dash of cream,
    Lying in bed, barely awake from a dream.
    Freshly made by a Nescafe machine,
    Sipping from a mug, hot with steam.

  4. Tony seedsman

    Day or night, coffee is right.
    For Brekky or lunch, shared with a bunch.

  5. Kate Dvornik

    Love a nutty, smooth Nicaraguan blend latte, enjoyed and savoured first thing in the morning before the kids get up and the craziness begins!

  6. Joe

    How I like my coffee : I like my coffee black. Just like the women in my life. Strong, hot and steamy.

    When do I like it ? : I like it after dark. Or first thing in the morning :).. just like the women in my life….

  7. billy james

    My blood type is coffee,I drink coffee anytime,anywhere and even off any surface if I’m desperate

  8. Charlotte

    Already like you on FB :)

    My order’s pronto, stat, now
    Make it quick, I don’t care how!
    I’ll take espresso, latte, flat white
    If it’s caffeinated, it’s in my sights!

    When? You ask; well, I say –
    First thing in the morning, don’t delay!
    I wake up a zombie, but with the help of the bean
    Make myself fit enough to be seen!

    Thanks for the chance, this would be perfect for Christmas :)

  9. Fiona P.

    Steamy and creamy works best for me. Deliciously smooth and returns my mood to a place of calm and functionality. My preferred time to savour and indulge is very late, well after all are tucked in for the night.

  10. Belinda B

    with 5 kids and insomnia I Like my coffee STRONG in the morning – it’s sanity in every cup!

  11. Emily Lawes

    I love my coffee in The Family Kitchen. The morning is best, while talking about what exciting things we will get up to today.

  12. Caroline Nicholls

    From dawn to dusk and every second in between is a potential coffee time. Strong, sweet, milky or cold – coffee everywhich way is simply pure gold.

  13. sonia

    4am – any crap coffee will do
    6am – must be espresso
    7-10am – good quality barista flat white (cute barista a must)
    12 noon – any cafe coffee will do
    3pm……nescafe is OK
    6pm + only coffee chocolate permitted

  14. Helen J

    A cappuccino made by my own in-house Barista (dear husband), served on our deck each day. What decadence!

  15. Vija

    Without coffee in the morning, run for the hills, I am a bit grumpy. I love it strong with a few drops of milk.

  16. Lisa

    Coffee ohh sweet coffee,
    Some might say i am an addict,
    But i simply say i enjoy life’s little luxuries,
    I love coffee in the morning freshly brewed,
    And super strong,
    When i get to work, On my coffee break of course,
    Yes yes after lunch,
    And a creamy Latte when i get home.
    So that was strong and black in the morning
    and sweet and creamy at night.
    Ohhh i just love it all the time.

  17. sapna

    A coffee made by me, and had alone at my pace, watching tv is something I love the most. This normally happens early morning or late night as other times there is enough disturbance(two little boys) to topple over the coffee cup.

  18. Susan Gaskill

    Early. Grumpy. Coffee.
    Midday. Stressed. Coffee.
    Evening.Tired. Grumpy. Coffee with Tim Tam.

  19. Lisa Chawner

    I like my coffee served around 9, & made by someone else, it always tastes better!

  20. Laura Jilka

    I head to the gym before the sun,
    So I need coffee before I’ve begun.
    Wakes me up so I feel alive,
    Fresh homemade is divine!

  21. christine williams

    Long and black first thing at work. I feel the steam on face and the aroma reminds me that life is good.

  22. Christine Grundy

    while making Breakfast And school lunches for the kids, White skinny strong with no sugar.

  23. Sarah Gifford

    Straight to the kitchen the moment I wake
    To turn on the kettle, my coffee fix must be made.
    Strong taste, milky and sweet,
    That first mouthful more blissful than any treat

  24. Michelle Gray

    Start with some capsules of coffee beans
    add a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Machine,
    make the milk nice and frothy,
    now you have the perfect coffee,
    serve to me in the morning
    to avoid the “don’t look at before her coffee” warning!!!

  25. Renee Annison

    that morning rich aroma, with stimulating drive,gives me an instant response, beating the tea-dium and feeling alive

  26. Kirsten W

    I like my coffee )Nespresso of course) served to me in bed by George Clooney. Well a girl can dream can’t she!

  27. Falon Downing

    I like my coffee in the morning, I’ll take it any way as long as it’s strong!

  28. Jeffrey Lynch

    My first cup of coffee is at 5am a Cappuccino,utterly wonderful,delicious and scrumptious.Sets me up for the day !!

  29. Frances Lundon

    First thing in the morning,xlarge mug of coffee.Black and strong to get me going !!.


    Strong & black first thing in the morning to give me the ultimate booster wake-up!

  31. Lauren A

    As a result of years of intensive research, I can state confidently that:
    1. I prefer to have coffee is as a liquid sipped from a mug or cup… inhaling the aroma is delightful but not satisfying, and eating it straight is just nasty.
    2. The best time to have coffee is definitely between the hours of 12.01am and midnight.
    3. The best place to have coffee is swirling around my taste buds… second best is on its way to my lips, as anticipation is half the fun.

  32. Vanda B

    Flat white with stevia and Coffeemate for creamy sweetness without sugar or dairy, first thing in the morning to get my brain firing!

  33. Nicole W

    I like my coffee like my men…strong, rich and warm and able to keep me up all night! 😀

  34. Sonia El-Sheikh

    I like my coffee strong and in the morning is the best to wake me up :)

  35. Taree

    Straight after work relaxed on the couch, listening to the radio with my exotic, full strength hazelnut nut flavoured coffee. Nothing beats coming home to that for me! Prefect blend!

  36. Linda hynsin

    White with no sugar first thing in the morning before the kids wake up-blissful!!!

  37. Jennie D

    My Favourite Coffee Time Recipe:

    Ice cream
    NESCAFE coffee with TIM TAM on the side

    Make yourself a cuppa with GUSTO.
    Serve kids some “Peace and Quiet” Ice cream.
    Retreat to your bedroom with coffee and biscuit in hand, close the door and say Aahhh….


  38. Ombre Perrin

    I like my coffee hot and strong, always the best way to start the day.

  39. Louise

    I love my coffee white with no sugar and I love having it before the kids wake up so I can have my coffee in peace

  40. Jennifer Round

    A deliciously cold Iced Coffee on those warm summer evenings simply refreshing

  41. Evie

    I love a cafe mocha after breakfast before I start the errands for the day.

  42. nicole larsen

    First thing in the mornings whilst everyone sleeps. I need it hot and balck

  43. Thai Berrenson

    I love coffee with 2 sugars and 1 third of milk, I cant live without my morning coffee and I love it when friends come over and we drink coffee and chats.

  44. Jennifer Fletcher

    I prefer my coffee (white with no sugar). Early morning is when I enjoy it most. Quite frankly, I don’t think I could face the day without it.

  45. trudi melissa okeefe

    i love a strong white coffee ,standard ,first thing in the morning to kickstart my day ,coffee should be treated as a luxerey and you should savour every last drop

  46. Nola Goodwin

    I must have coffee as soon as I get out of bed, the hotter the better.

  47. June Lawler

    I love to wake up early and sit in silence with a cup of strong hot coffee
    relaxing heaven

  48. Larabelle

    Although true coffee afficionados would cringe, I like my coffee HOT, really hot!

  49. Jess

    When i wake, preferably hot if i can get in before the kids start rushing about. Otherwise its usually warm and sepid

  50. kaz reimann

    Love my coffee with a tsp of Milo – hey, don’t knock it until you try it… Perfect late at night x

  51. jodie horton

    My morning coffee is essential and sets the mood for the day. The stronger and better quality the coffee, the better mood I am in and the better day I have!

  52. Rochelle Firth

    Coffee is my great pick me up from three-thirtyitis! Nothing beats a classic flat white with one. Creamy, strong and just enough froth…bliss!

  53. Vera D

    I love my coffee mid morning along with a lovely chat on the phone or in person.
    I love it with a spoonful of sugar, the real stuff. It’s a little daily indulgence that keeps me happy.

  54. Lauren Dean

    First thing in the morning,
    Just before i start my day,
    I love my coffee strong and hot,
    It keeps me going all day :)

  55. Amie Falls

    I love my coffee hot and strong first thing in the morning, before I have even opened my eyes properly from sleep.

  56. Catherine Dengate

    When I wake and my head it still fuzzy, that first coffee of the day tastes of ambrosia and gives clarity of thought

  57. Angela Murray

    Did somebody say coffee? Ahhh, my favourite way to wake up in the morning! I like my coffee strong and sweet (which coincidentally is how I like my men too, lol). Best enjoyed while relaxing in bed!

  58. Angela Hogan

    With each waking moment there is anticipation, something I have never felt before. I nod to the man behind the machine who understands my yearning. I smell the coffee beans coming from the machine and I know it won’t be long before I have the first taste of coffee since I woke up. My heart pounds as my name is called, I reach over and take the flat white. I inhaled the coffee before it reaches my lips. My lips body waits in anticipation until the cup is against my mouth. Yes the time has finally come, my eyes are closed and coffee enters my mouth. The release is exquisite.

  59. Peter

    The best time for me to enjoy my coffee is first thing in the morning to wake myself up ready for the day. i enjoy my coffee strong with a bit of milk, and a half a spoon of sugar. A great start to the day.

  60. Nicole

    hot and strong, very sweet if I have it black, which I do sometimes, and at all hours of the day and night, to try stay sane and awake, with three wee ones under 5!

  61. Jane A

    I’m not fussy as long as I have my morning coffee, instant or peculated as long as it’s hot and sweet!

  62. Andy Peterson

    Nothing’s better than mocha delight,
    Lovin’ coffee from morning to night!!
    With an intoxicating aromatic coffee,
    It’s perfect “Pick-Me-Up” guarantee!

  63. Lynne Murray

    I love my coffee strong and sweet (just like my man), also with the milk thick and frothy… and any time of the day!

  64. Heather

    Long black with a splash of warmed skim milk is my perfect cuppa. But i enjoy any coffee most about mid-morning when the morning rush is over and there’s a lull in the madness!

  65. micheal

    I love coffee with 2 lumps of sugar right after a long succulent erotic kiss from my wife, it gets the heart racing, blood flowing and gets me in the mood for a fantastic day!

  66. Libby Bailey

    My couch is coffee-coloured.
    I can thank my morning time
    coffee for that.

  67. natalie frances

    As soon as I get up I must have a coffee to get the brain functioning for the day ahead, I will take it anyway as long as I get a shot of caffeine ,i will be fine.

  68. sue petrie

    short black with a touch of sugar i love it first thing in the morning to get my engine start and last thing at night to relax

  69. Denise Patroni

    First thing in the morning I love my coffee strong white and slightly sweet, like I like my men of course. True!

  70. Julian Rowe

    Let me set the seen. Come home late evening in to Perth airport after a long 2 weeks away at work. Get home, kids already in bed but well aware that when they wake up Dad will be home. 4:30am comes around & very excitedly the bedroom door flies open, in charges a 4 & 2 year old. In a desperate attempt to not disturb the wife, I usher them out the door.
    Now to the coffee!!! 3 teaspoons of Nescafé dark roast……… sometimes 4, half a teaspoon of raw sugar & full cream milk. Now to settle in with blankets & cushions for a cartoon marathon until the good sun decides to grace us with it’s presence……

  71. Rae Graham

    The first cup in the morning is the one I really look forward to,I love a latte preferably made by someone else!

  72. Narelle Rock

    I love a caramel coffee with just a splash of milk and a half teaspoon of sugar, has to be once I get home from dropping the kids at school and can enjoy it in peace!

  73. Lesleigh S

    I love my first morning coffee at breakfast. I like my coffee white. It Wakes me up and gets me moving for the big day ahead.

  74. Billie

    Short macchiato with a tiny bit of sugar to take away any bitterness. Like a cup of liquid gold for any morning.

  75. Kim m

    A good cup of black coffee when I first get to work in the morning is my reward to myself for getting the kids and myself ready and getting there on time!

    I have liked and shared too

  76. Emily Mclaughlan

    For me i love a cappuccino strong with two sugars after i have been at work in the bakery for a few hours and i sneak out for one about 10am when everything has just been baked before i pack everything im always hanging for it by then

  77. karina w

    Steaming hot and in a big ceramic mug, best enjoyed in the morning so you have something to look forward to when you get to work.

  78. Kirsty

    A frothy cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles, in the morning with breakfast in bed. Hubby has surprised me twice with it and I loved it! Fingers crossed he’ll do it again.

  79. Helgy

    A milky, frothy, chocolatey, caramel syrup loaded, DOUBLE SHOT coffee, on the dot of 3pm, probably somewhere between changing a latte coloured nappy or cleaning up a mocha coloured vomit. Coffee imagery at its best!

  80. Lynette White

    I love my Coffee when I wake,it puts a kick in my step after a sleepless night from back pain..

  81. Sol

    Anyone who knows me,
    Knows I am a coffee addict
    Homeschooling 2 boy it gets me through my Entire day,
    I dont even care whether it be a latte or chino
    I just need it to keep me sane 😀

  82. colleen

    first thing in the morning watching the sun rise and hearing nature come alive

  83. Lady Tiffany

    My early morning coffee is like Heaven…before anyone is up…I enjoy it on the patio listening only to the birds and the call of early morning…absolute bliss

  84. Diana O

    Served to me in bed, by my gorgeous man, very first thing in the morning before he heads off for work.

  85. Maria P

    A strong short black first thing in the morning wakes me up. Then I love a leisurely white coffee with breakfast as I sit and procrastinate.

  86. Judi Adams

    Nothing beats a latter, on a cold winter’s day, or an expresso, when you need some get up and go !

  87. Beck Andrew

    When your a mum of 3 young kids, any time is a good time, I tend to drink more coffee lukewarm these days than hot! I do love a hot strong coffee!

  88. Soleima Dib

    Early in the moning, preferably in the arms of someone who matches my perfect Café blend…. Dark, rich and utterly delicious

  89. Art K

    I love the smell of coffee being made while I’m still in bed. Especially when I remember that it’s the weekend and I can have my coffee *in* bed! With bacon and eggs : )

  90. Jen L

    I like a strong shot with my brekky, but I’m also quite partial to espresso in homemade ice cream, an affogato or a tiramisu! And that machine looks the bees knees! Yay for cute coffee machines, and bench space!

  91. Ariel Richardson

    I enjoy a Caramel Latte to help me wake up and feel refreshed each and every morning.

  92. pamela

    I love a hot creamy latte. Any time is good but it goes down so well after a days shopping with the kids!

  93. Pauline Stewart

    Hot, strong, sweet & first thing in the morning! I also like my coffee the same way 😉

  94. Christine Barter

    Mocha for me
    At breakfast and tea,
    When anyone calls
    Or anytime at all.

  95. Glenda Booth

    I love (and need) my coffee around lunchtime when I run out of steam after household chores and shopping,A Cappuccino is my time out pick me up and indulgent treat!

  96. Caroline Kelly

    I like my double espresso
    Hot and sweet;
    Breakfast – time; it can’t be beat
    Perked up, I am raring to go

  97. Wendi Guy

    I’d love to win one of these as I just love my skinnychino’s around mid morning when I need a pick me up. Yum

  98. aimee t

    Coffee is great! A solo date!
    cappuccino a day!
    Saves mummy’s hair going grey!
    Milk, 2 sugars and coffee blend!
    On the patio, summer afternoon mend!

  99. Linda Clackson

    Strong, with a little sugar and milk. That first cup of the day is my favourite at 6am when I take it back to bed and read for half an hour. Perfect way to start the day.

  100. Cathi de Vriend

    I like my coffee with one sugar and low fat milk. I usually prefer to have my coffee mid morning or mid afternoon when I’m feeling a little sluggish and in need of a caffeine hit!

  101. Deb H

    Coffee early, I’m not surly
    Coffee late, I don’t hate!
    Coffee anytime lights my dial
    Coffee’s part of my lifestyle!

  102. Renata

    I rise from slumber, drink my morning coffee,
    Favourite roasted blend with Toast,
    Read my morning paper, Start my busy day,
    Savouring last drops EVERYDAY.

  103. Shell

    I love my coffee to be strong,
    In a cup that is quite large,
    For coffee is my morning gong,
    My brain it does recharge.

  104. Monique

    I love flavour infused coffees! The subtle taste of caramel or vanilla really gets my senses going first thing in the morning. So good.