Closed! One of Three Zoku Slow Pop Makers

And the winners are… Glenda McDonnell, Antonietta and Lizzylou! Thanks for your entries, we hope you enjoy your Zoku Classic Slow Pop Makers.

Today, we’re giving away three Zoku Classic Slow Pop Makers, valued at RRP $29.95 each! Here’s a look at what the winners will receive…  

ZZoku_ClassicPopsoku Classic Slow Pops Maker

Try a cool new way to make a summer favourite! Create traditional ice-pops, ice-creams and frozen yoghurt using the Zoku Classic Slow Pop Maker, RRP $29.95. Moulds can be detached from the base and run under hot water to make removal easier. This one will make a great Christmas stocking-stuffer for the kids, and a fun activity for the summer holidays – fill with freshly squeezed fruit juice for a zesty treat.

For more information call Hale Imports on 02 9938 2400.



Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

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  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: what’s your favourite homemade frozen treat? 

*Competition opens 6.00am Monday 2 December 2013 and closes 11.59pm Friday 13 December 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Monday 16 December 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here.

76 comments on “Closed! One of Three Zoku Slow Pop Makers”

  1. Mikaela Cowan

    mango sorbet,it’s so refreshing especially on hot summer days!

  2. Michelle W

    Whip jelly crystals into evaporated milk and freeze. And take a spoonful here and there- it’s good at any consistency.

  3. Glenda McDonnell

    Pina Colada…pineapple and coconut cream, with a little dash of rum essence, nice but not naughty enough to be struck of Santa’s Christmas list !

  4. Belinda B

    White Chocolate and Strawberry Pudding Pops!
    Mix packet of pudding with milk, throw in sliced strawberries – freeze – eat – yum!

  5. Maria Lozada

    We love our layered ice blocks with fresh mangoes and lychees, then sweetened coconut milk, finished off with pineapple juice.

  6. Antonietta

    My Mum’s frozen lemon granita. She’d make it with fresh lemons from the tree and sugar, water, during the heat of summer we used to have! So refreshing!

  7. Nell

    Very ripe banana, peanut buter and Nutella. Mix. Freeze. Perfect for littlies.

  8. sonia

    Banadas dipped in caramel then chocolate and frozen on a stick….did this in Brownies and its become a tradition ever since

  9. Tess Howard

    Sprite Sorbet…..delicious and light. Adults and kids alike love it!

  10. Janelle Dowton

    Raspberries and mango; perfect on a hot and dusty summer’s afternoon in the bush!

  11. sapna

    Avocado ice cream with chopped nuts is my favourite – it brings back the memories of my childhood…

  12. Laura Jilka

    Melted dark chocolate into ice cube trays with strawberry halves in each – yummm!!

  13. kerrie

    I freeze strawberries to put into my champagne and my children like to get crushed up chocolate chip biscuits and put it in their yoghurt then freeze them for dessert the next night

  14. Kirsten W

    Nutella popsicles. They are made with just two ingredients and taste a bit like a chocolate Paddle Pop. It’s not just the kids that love them!

  15. Amanda Casalanguida

    Frozen Yoghurt Pops made with home made (HM) yoghurt, honey & banana, or HM yoghurt & any kind of berry!

  16. micheal

    coconut balls dipped in chocolate, anyone in here cannot beat this tantilizing desert.

  17. Ellen Hungerford

    I absolutely love to make seasonal frozen treats, using seasonal fruits and vegetables, for that extra nutrition kick. e.g. summer always has tropical fruits and spinach, and winter has beetroot juice and more!

  18. Ally B

    Freeze any left-over freshly brewed coffee in an ice cube tray … later, for a delicious and refreshing iced coffee, blend the coffee cubes up with cold milk (or add a touch of ice cream and chocolate for a decadent mocha milkshake). A great summer option for coffee addicts like myself :-)

  19. Larabelle

    I accidentally discovered the joys of frozen honeycomb cheesecake after Dad turned up the fridge too high (why do Dads always do that?) last Christmas Day. Along with everything else, my homebaked cheesecake was frozen solid, but it was a surprising hit, especially as it was a sweltering day!

  20. Erin Houslip

    Homemade ice blocks with chunks of fresh mango – Delicious!

  21. Lisa Scott

    The easiest frozen treat which is my daughter’s fave is frozen fruit boxes! Simple and great in hot weather!

  22. Jess

    A layer of yoghurt, a layer of fresh fruit pureed and then a layer of tinned fruit in juice

  23. Rochelle Firth

    I love to stew apples, rhubarb and a little maple syrup over the stove, let to cool then freeze into icy-poles- they taste just as naughty as store-bought icypoles, but they’re so refreshing on a hot day!

  24. Angela Murray

    Frozen freshly squeezed OJ. You can’t go past it! Simple but amazing. The kids love it and it’s chock full of vitamin C – so good for them and beautifully hydrating on a hot day.

  25. nicole larsen

    Home made rum and rasin icecream. I could sit and eat the whole bucket

  26. Jane Alanthwaite

    Mango iceblocks, delicious, creamy with yummy bits of mango, they are not only refreshing they make the best after school treat.

  27. Carolyn Mazzeo

    Mint icecream made from coconut cream and peppermint essence – delicious!

  28. Narelle Rock

    very simple yet delicious, I love snacking on a bowl of frozen grapes through summer, so refreshing and healthy too.

  29. Lynne Murray

    Homemade Frozen Christmas Ice Cream – the final extra extra dash of brandy (over and above what the recipe says) finishes the ice cream off nicely.

  30. Rebecca Roberts

    Frozen grapes and frozen dates (they taste like snickers!)

  31. Leanne

    I love to freeze banana then blend it up with coconut cream. Add bit of shredded coconut if you like crunch, or crunchy peanut butter. Mmmmmmm so good!

  32. Bernice

    I pretend to make them for my boys but secretly they are for me. We juice oranges, watermelon and a frozen berry mix to make amazing icy pops. When there are finally frozen we eat them dipped in yoghurt. They are the perfect summer treat.

  33. kristy Sweeney

    Frozen yogurt with fruit pieces, and if I feel like being naughty I smoother it in Ice magic.

  34. Michelle Harris

    Frozen yogurt is for me
    Apricot, vanilla or strawberry
    Made at home for a tasty treat
    Has the kids helping which is no mean feat

  35. Di

    A banana that’s been covered, I mean smothered in honey & then frozen. Yummo :)

  36. Ingrid N

    Frozen dates – they’re simple, delicious, chewy and also a very healthy and filling snack!

  37. aimee tatham

    Frozen treats are so neat!
    They bring all the kids to the seats.
    With strawberry frozen yoghurt
    to homemade lemonade ice poles
    i love fresh frozen fruit down to the sole 😛

  38. Sophie

    We love to “pop” half orange, and half pineapple juice into our freeze to savour on a hot day!

  39. Karen Crittenden

    blended mango, orange, apple and pinapple with natural greek yoghurt and a drop of honey from our property yummy!!!!

  40. jacqui bartlett

    I made Turkish delight ice cream on the weekend.. it was delish but also love Raspberry sorbet…

  41. Christina Lock

    I like blending up watermelon with a small amount of mint with icecream. Mmm!

  42. LizzyLou

    My kids and I love our Kiwi Fruit and Lemonade iec-blocks. We love it when the fruit still has it shape when frozen. Very Cool!

  43. Lisa G

    Passionfruit and Mango frozen yogurt – healthy and satisfying (for my sweet tooth).

  44. Alison Briggs

    My little’s and I love banana and berries with coconut milk or yoghurt whizzed up and frozen. Yummo , might have to grab one from the freezer now.

  45. jane gardam

    Love yoghurt ( any sort as long as it doesnt have too much sugar ) and our scrummy young berries that are ripening as we speak. Delicious, creamy and delectable.

  46. Shell

    My favorite frozen treat,
    is delicious and healthy to eat:

    It’s created in a blender,
    And its done with ease,
    Here I leave the recipe,
    To follow if it does please.

    Take some frozen berries,
    Selection of your choice,
    Then add a sliced banana,
    As Kim would say “Noice”

    Add some apple juice,
    So it covers all the fruit,
    Pop on the lid and start the blender up,
    Till all chunks are made minute

    Now pour into Zoku Classic Slow Pops Maker,
    Or if you don’t have them into a cup,
    Place into the freezer,
    Until it solidifies up.

    Enjoy them on a summers day,
    Or desert after a lovely meal,
    A Berry Burst Delight,
    That will make your tastebuds squeal.

  47. Hayley Curnow

    My favourite frozen treat is blended mango with coconut cream and a little passionfruit pulp. yummo!

  48. Tamara

    My Favourite homemade frozen treat is frozen bananas blended into a soft serve icecream. One ingredient and its truly healthy.

  49. Jovena Watson

    raspberry and mint icypoles are a winner in our family. They’re also great for christmas because of their colours.

  50. Kylie Embury

    Vanilla yoghurt with fresh, finely chopped mint straight from our garden – it’s tastes so refreshing on a hot day!