Miguel Maestre’s Family Kitchen

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Father and celebrity foodie Miguel Maestre is a busy man. At work he’s co-host of Channel 10’s The Living Room and author of two cookbooks, Miguel’s Tapas and Spanish Cooking. At home, he’s husband to the lovely Sascha and dad to the adorable 12-month-old Claudia. Since childhood, this energetic Spanish chef’s focus has been on food and family, so we just had to ask: how do things work in his family kitchen?

Miguel Maestre

Miguel Maestre

Q: You cook everyday for work – do you still cook at home? And do you always enjoy it?

Yes, I always cook at home and I thoroughly enjoy it. It also enables me to test all my new recipes with my family – they are the toughest judges, forget about MasterChef

Q: Your life sounds very busy! What are your last-minute solutions for quick family dinners?

There are never any last-minute situations in my kitchen. When you have a family, you need to plan and be very organised.  

Q: Claudia must be well into eating solids now. Do you cook anything special for her? What does she love at the moment – and are there any foods she won’t eat?

Claudia eats absolutely everything. Recently, we went to Spain and she was loving anchovies, jamón [Spanish ham], bacalao [dried salted cod] and pretty much everything we ate. I don’t believe in babies not liking any food, I think it’s more how parents introduce them to the ingredients. She is fascinated with cooking – she watches me cook and it is amazing, my heart melts like an ice-cream.

Q: With the balance of work and home, we guess things can get pretty hectic in your family kitchen. How do you keep things under control?

A good head chef is the one who is always in control. I love my job and I love cooking soooo much that for me, combining both together is very easy. Being very organised and always testing new things keeps our family kitchen full of new aromas and flavours. I am very lucky that my job enables us to explore new ingredients and visit plenty of exciting locations. 

Q: What three words best describe your family kitchen?

Howards Storage World! (And also, family, happy, and tasty!)

Miguel Maestre Howards Storage Word


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  1. Al Campbell

    Chef Maestre’s watch

    I really enjoy watching Boy’s weekend. Besides the great recipes, one thing that drew my attention was Miguel Maestre’s (the Spanish Chef) gold watch. I love that style of watch and would like to know where he got it. I hope he see this or if anyone is wondering the same thing and know where he got it, i would appreciate if you could let me know.