Product Review & Closed! Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

And the winner is… Debra Moody! Thanks for your entry, we hope you enjoy your Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop.

Bissell PowerFresh steam mopWhat is it? The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop cleans and sanitises hard floors without chemicals, making it ideal for homes with kids and pets. The amount of steam can be set at three levels, and it removes 99 per cent of germs when used as directed. It also comes with a Spring Breeze scent disk and machine-washable pads.

How much does it cost? RRP $269.

Where can I buy it? Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and other major electrical retailers.

Where can I find out more? Visit

Do we like it? Reader roadtester, Linda Muller (with granddaughter, Chloe), tells us what she thinks of the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop.  



Reader RoadtesterReader roadtester Linda says… The mop is easy to manoeuvre into awkward areas. I have very large areas of tiled floors and when I usually mop, the floors can be quite damp and you can’t walk on them for some time. With the steam mop, the floors virtually dry straightaway, which is really good, also it is easier and quicker to just to take out the steam mop and clean the kitchen area, and not have it wet. The mop cleaned really well including sticky spots and you felt the floor was clearly sanitised. It was great not to be concerned about any cleaning product, the convenience of just adding water and knowing that the floor is really clean is a good feeling. I also liked the scent disk. Popping the mop cover into the wash is also very convenient. I used the carpet refresher base and found it really did give the rugs a lift. However, you have to hold the trigger down the whole time you are using the mop. When I relaxed my grip it would release slightly and the floor would become wet. It would be great if you could click the trigger into a steam on position.

Now, here’s how you can enter to win!

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  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: what mess would you tackle with the Bissel PowerFresh Steam Mop?  

*Competition opens 6.00am Friday 18 October 2013 and closes 11.59pm Thursday 31 October 2013. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Thursday 7 November 2013, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here


137 comments on “Product Review & Closed! Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop”

  1. Charlotte

    The muddy, mucky mess made by many meddlesome mutts ( <3 them really! ) moseying on my kitchen floor!

  2. Jodie Farnsworth

    My three kids are under 9 and we have floor boards that are constantly getting filthy by the daily spills!

  3. Kirsten W

    Dog does poop, on the floors,
    And he gets bits, on his paws,
    Walks around, all of the house,
    OMG the smell is grouse!
    A Bissell steam mop would save the day,
    Power wash all the poop away,
    Made our floors all clean and fresh,
    No more messy-disaster mess!

  4. Grace Baker

    My twins are fereal, and always make mess,
    With High Gloss tiles , its hard to address.
    A Bissell Steam Mop is what I need,
    So my floors are shiny and germ freed.

  5. Jane Wilson

    The milk and butter,jam and whatever else my granddaughter spills when she decides to surprise Nan and Poppy with breakfast in bed.
    Our kitchen is a lo————————ng way from our bedroom

    (PS She’s 7)

  6. Cecilia Warrick

    Life on a main road…
    dirt and dust a bore,
    cleaning floors a flop;
    to really clean my floor,
    I need a Bissell steam mop!

  7. Kristina S

    Mess yes but GERMS are one of my main concerns. Truly clean the safe way with steam sounds like the way to go

  8. Judith Senese

    My little one loves to spill his bottle everywhere and if I dont clean it up fast enough it dries up and goes sticky. Not fun.

  9. Katrina Tomaszek

    I have a lovely little doggy with spinal damage, which means she’s incontinent. This mop would be handy for quick hygienic clean ups.

  10. Clare Ferguson

    My dog love to eat Spaghetti Bolognese But spills it all over the floor, the Bissel Power Fresh Steam Mop would be great to clean up the sauce and her Slobber!

  11. Lucy Leland

    It’s powered – I’ll be teaching my teenage son how to use it!

  12. Jasmine

    I was moving/sliding/pushing furniture yesterday and I left so many marks on the tiles. I’d love to use Bissell steam mop before I get evicted

  13. renee hermansen

    my kitchen floor is such a mess
    I wouldn’t expect anything less
    with all the food it wont stop
    I want a Bissell powerfresh steam mop

  14. Jen MacCulloch

    The peanut butter that our youngest likes to paint the floors with!!!

  15. Alicia L

    Kids are eerily silent and you walk in to find your tiles are coated with contemporary art made of milo and flour…it’s time to bring out the Bissell!

  16. Nicole White

    Living beside coal mines there’s loads of ‘black dust’…but you gotta earn a crust – so a BISSELL Power Steam Mop is a MUST!

  17. Marcia Coventry

    Muddy or dusty (depending on the weather) footprints left behind by husband, why can’t he just take is work boots off!

  18. nicole larsen

    Yes please. This would be ideal to do a quick clean up of the kitchen before work in the mornings, and after the teenagers have had their breakfast. Most of it seems to go on the floor

  19. Vija

    The aftermath of a cooking cyclone when hubby has cooked in my spotless kitchen.

  20. Linda Courtney

    Our new home is kind of old, bathroom grout is full of mould. A BISSELL will make it look as good as gold.

  21. Nicole Morris

    every day mess in my house.
    with 2 boys and another on the way there is always a mess to be cleaned

  22. Laura Jilka

    Kitchen spills on the floor,
    Drips and bits galore.
    Vacuumed every day,
    Clean with Bissell it better stay!

  23. Lauren A

    We love to entertain, but I always seem to run out of time when preparing the food, and the few hours before guests arrive is a mad frenzy in the kitchen. Chopped fruit and salad vegetables end up on the floor, icing sugar coats everything, whipped cream dollops go flying, and the end result is a sticky mess that gets traipsed through the house as I run around like a chook with its head cut off. And before the last party, as I wrenched the overfull garbage bag out of the kitchen tidy it ripped and scattered a disgusting pile of scraps across the floor. Choice words were said and a few tears shed. How I would have loved a Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop then!

  24. Vera D

    Tackling the usual messes in my house from my kitchen experiments to front door surprises. The Bissel Power Fresh Steam Mop will make it simpler, faster and me much happier.

  25. Michelle

    Needed Bissell’s steam mop yesterday!
    Dropped the roasting pan to my dismay!
    retrieved the roast,…..but that oily mess?
    ~Took hours to clean! ~Unbelievable stress!

  26. Roukaya

    B-issell Powerfresh Steam Mop would be great to tackle and clean All:-
    I-nfectious Germs.
    E-asy to clean Dust, Grease and Grime.
    L-ittered Hair.
    L-aminated flooring.

  27. Marlene Tham

    dust, dirt, hair, crumbs and stains
    grease, debris, bugs and remains
    drips, drops, spills and smears
    need BISSELL STEAM MOP to make this list disappear

  28. lynne lillington

    Greasy floors and animal paw prints and fur balls, all without chemicals . A necessity for a family of asthmatics.

  29. kelly Walter

    The Tiles in the Bathroom and Toilet are always the hardest for me to keep Clean. out of all my cleaning thats the most thing i tackle with trying to keep clean all the time.

  30. Sue Hixson

    I cook with my 18 month old son. Its a rewarding, but NEVER clean experience. I’d use it to clean up the bomb site that exists after Finn, and then the dog have both ‘had a go’ at cooking!

  31. Rochelle

    Between two hairy dogs & a tradie partner who isn’t fond of manscaping, my floors look like they need a haircut!
    A Bissell steam mop would allow me to rest easy, knowing no hairballs are lurking under the bed! Besides, a good spring clean would help immensely with hubby’s hay fever!

  32. Jo

    I love to cook and often have several dishes on the go, trying to get ahead of myself a bit. It sometimes seems that there’s almost as much on the floor as in the bowls, and an accidental spillage of olive oil is particularly troublesome. What a handy mop to whizz around and in no time have the mess cleaned up. Thanks for offering such a great prize.

  33. Anna

    An inch of time is an inch of gold!
    The blissful “Bissel PowerFresh Steam Mop” I am instantly sold!
    How I’ve so easily forgotten the “puddles” that come with toilet training!
    There’s days when the sun is shining but inside my home I feel it’s miserably raining!
    6 WHOLE dedicated months of “Potty Training” and there has been sluggish progress!
    Reward Chart! Lucky Dip! Jelly Bean Jar! Stickers! ANYTHING to impress!
    A small fortune of disinfectant wipes is spent each grocery trip,
    Wishing it was a milestone that I could effortlessly skip!
    I’m sensing my back is surely going to give way,
    So I’m desperately needing a “steamy” solution without delay!
    My hands and knees are wobbly and weary!
    AND this mummy is beginning to become regularly teary!
    A mop that not only does clean,
    But is also environmentally “GREEN”!
    The sweet scent of spring I will no longer need to step outside,
    It will be a fragrance our humble home will wear with pride!

  34. Kelly Ryan

    Perfect for a weaning baby,
    who at meal times goes a little crazy,
    decorating my floor with fruit and veges,
    a steam mop would be a blessing!

  35. Kay Gerritsen Blaney

    We have a new puppy. We are house training, but she does quite often have a woopsy inside.

  36. Sonia El-Sheikh

    We just bought a new bunny
    It’s poo is not cute or funny!
    With the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
    It will be easy to clean his mess with a simply jump and a hop :)

  37. Amy Hannah

    Toddler twins leave a trail
    Of debris and destruction.
    This mop would help to allay
    this Mummy’s cleaning frustration!

  38. Emma Puszkar

    That grime around the outside,
    That other mops ignore,
    That tricky corner residue,
    That sticks to my clean floor!

  39. johanna rees

    The toilet, – My husband’s ‘aim’ is very poor. In fact, he ‘hits’ anything but the toilet. I definitely need a Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop to keep the floor santised and smelling fresh.

  40. Sherry Pfeiffer

    The laundry always needs a regular mop,
    Our house cat Hendrix likes to make a mess,
    Too scared to venture outside,
    It’s where he toilets and rests!

  41. Lesleigh S

    From little kittens that leave little puddles on the tiles to spilt coffee splashed from hubbies cup, I’d have more uses than I can list for this steam mop.

  42. Trinity Hill

    I would use it to clean my bathrooms mainly. As I have a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.
    You’d be suprised how far toothpaste gets flung around in the mornings during the rush of trying to make it out the door on time.

  43. Jacqui

    I am always mopping and cleaning up accidents left behind by pets and children. This steam mop is exactly what I need!

  44. kerry

    My cats seem to prefer to eat their food on the floor instead from their bowls. They always make a mess. This Bissell steam mop would make the floor clean enough to eat off.

  45. Kylie Embury

    Toddler mess like a spilt tub of yoghurt,
    Only found today!
    Dirt and food and who knows what
    where the toddler loves to play!

  46. Elaine

    I have 3 beautiful grandkids and want to know my floors are hygienic for them to play when they visit. My old $60 steamer just doesn’t cut the mustard. I am sure this one would even remove “the mustard” and I would feel very confident the floors are clean

  47. jasmine stanford

    I have a five year old who likes craft, so glitter, paint and glue. Also we have three cats who make messes and a bunny who does the same, so lots of mess in our house

  48. Isobel

    Wooden floors, an indoor dog and a dozen grandkids! The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop would be the perfect hygienic solution.

  49. Sandra

    I would get to clean my horrible lino which is impossible to clean with a mop.

  50. sabina griffiths

    From kids to dog’s and a clumsy husband. I would tackle the lots

  51. Barbara Howarth

    I have arthritis in my hands and find mopping quite hard these days, I used my daughters Bissell and could do the floors with ease. Would love to have one i have been telling all my friends about it , they have similar problems , i know of two people who have been lucky enough to buy one… Great product :)

  52. YVETTE

    All wooden and vinyl floors in my house. I clean the floors going on my hands and knees and this job is for sure not a cleaning breeze. A steam mop is what I need, to make the floors clean and glowing, thus keeping the rest of my family pleased. I am desperate to win, and then can celebrate with a strong gin.

  53. Ryszard

    I love clean ,dry quick and also kill germ . I have my son 4 .5 years old he always make mass and eat massy . Bissell stream mop is good idea.

  54. Ying Ying TAN

    My little one can even bring on her most powerful attempt of Gastro vomit outburst and I can most certainly handle it with the help of Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop. There will be no stain too tough for us 😉

  55. Jodie

    The mess that is….kids home from school, kids eating afternoon snack, husband in from the garden, kids cooking in the kitchen, husband in the kitchen, family preparing their lunches, families eating breakfast, meal time at the table, sports shoes, school shoes, school bags dragged home from school, leaking water bottles, coffee drips, Milo spills, biscuit crumbs, sticky who knows what it is…..a family!

  56. Grace

    Something to help mum for the years of mess and muck she has had to clean up from my sister and I

  57. Debra Moody

    The kitchen floor after I have cooked up everyone’s favourite crispy fried pork for Christmas, there is fat and batter everywhere because it is so fiddly and hard to make, I have to make so much for everyone to enjoy my kitchen is really badly, horribly, messy.

  58. Katherine Ryan

    My bathroom floor, for some reason the tiles are unsealed, and they soak up every bit of dirt, water or anything else that touches them! It’s nearly impossible to get a footprint off once it’s there, we usually keep it totally covered with mats, but there are some marks we’ve never gotten off.

  59. Ratcha-un

    It ,s very good idea Mop , dry suddenly and also kill germ because I have my son 4 years old he ever felt to the tile floor and head knock to the fall after I just mop . I went to emergency Luckily he only vomit and everything ok.

  60. Courtney

    My kitchen floor no matter how many times I clean it the floor stays sticky, I need Bissell power please !! The kids and hubby and cat need cleaning too! lol xo

  61. Maitera Te Whiti-Stallion

    Winning this magnificent steam mop would be a dream as We have 5 children (15month old twins, 4, 9 and 12) and cant forget our dog harley :) so you could imagine this would be an asset to our family!!!

  62. Mel

    Need to tackle the sticky oil residue on the tiles from deep frying urgh!

  63. Cathy Moore

    Being of a certain age i find it hard to push and pull a normal mop so a lovely new Bissell Steam Mop would help me mo end for all the spills and messes that come with having a big boisterous family …..

  64. Christine Limbert

    it be great when my grand children are visiting to know my floors are clean and chemical free, they are all under 5 and crawl around the floor.

  65. Natasha

    i don’t have kids but i have inside dogs that have more than accidents around the place, i am using chemicals on the floors 3 times a day and i worry when they are inside, i could really use a cleaner that actually works without the use of a heap of cleaning products.

  66. Lynette White

    When I have my Grandchildren over,they help do the baking & there are always spills on the floor, & little accidents in the bathroom/toilet.. The Bissel Steam mop would help clean up the spills quickly saving them slipping & saving me from bending down so often to wipe up the mess…

  67. Kathy storer

    I have 6 kids 3 r under the ages of 4 so my house gets messy all the time this mop would help me greatly to keep my floors fresh, clean and germ free thank you

  68. Vanessa Haley

    Drying quickly, being easy to use and sanitizing 99% of germs, I would feel confident using the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop on the floors that my baby crawls around on. These surfaces could be covered with everything from milk, food, drool, vomit and much more, and the Bissell Mop would give me the peace of mind that I am providing a clean and healthy environment for a crawling baby!

  69. Lorrae Adlington

    Miss 3 is artistic,and usually it’s great
    Until she decides the floor needs to meet plate.
    No chemicals, easy to use and gives a great clean,
    to win the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is definitely my dream!

  70. Beverly

    I love how easy it is to use the steam mop .. I have cats so it will be great for getting rid of their hair that I can’t see .

  71. Helga Grenkowitz

    Our female bullterrier x cattle dog has an ‘accident’ every now and then. I could just steam mop it and it would look and smell like it never happened :)

  72. Dianne Boers

    I have young children that spill everything vomit on my floors one is toilet training and you can imagine that mess lol

  73. karina w

    I would use it to mop up our sticky kitchen floors after a big cook off!

  74. Judy Mills

    My sons and grandsons believe the sandpit needs to be IN my kitchen with ice cream and cordial. Makes for fun cleaning.

  75. C Hilton

    I would use it to clean the kitchen floor which gets grubby every day with the family walking and preparing food it would come in very handy

  76. Nicole green

    OMG where do i start ? My son is a whirlpool around the house and he does that many messes around the house including even doing wee on the floor as he has autism so he doesn’t realise half the time what he is doing is anything to make my day a little easier i will say YES PLEASE.

  77. carol fort

    I foster kittens so ot would be so handy as I need to mop a few times a day and it can get messy with the mop and bucket ..
    And then there the mud the kids like to walk in all the :-)
    And do I even need to mention the bathroom the steam mop sound like it would be perfect and if its anything like the Bissell upright vac I have o know it will be awesome

  78. John

    Because I make coffee every morning sometimes when frothing the milk some spills on the tiles in the kitchen. The Bissel Steam Mop would come in handy in cleaning a mess up such as this.


  79. Rochelle

    My huge dogs always manage to drool everywhere and anywhere! A Bissell steam mop would allow me to live saliva-free for a few hours!

  80. Julia Parker

    My daughter’s “wonderful” attempts at cooking…not only is there a very full and messy sink, but a sticky, splotched floor as well!!

  81. Jane Hudson

    I would so luv to win this for my daughter who has just moved into a new house with her partner. The floors are all wood and tiles and they are expecting a baby in 10 weeks. It would be so great for them.

  82. Jill Walton

    My chihuahua just vomited on the floor & I am expecting 20 grade one kids over for a birthday party tomorrow & it is forecast rain! My poor floors!

  83. Di

    The mess that magically appears out of nowhere from day to day life, especially those muddy feet prints that no one ever seems to do.

  84. DIANA O

    The filthy footprints my supposedly clean cousins leave when they visit. Sometimes I think it would be easier to let them leave their shoes on, than have to suffer the grimy feet marks all over our pale tiles after they’ve been to visit. Seriously, wouldn’t you notice if you were leaving a trail of filth behind you when at someone else’s house? I would!

  85. Maria P

    I love to entertain family and friends. Only thing I hate about it is cleaning up afterwards but with a Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop it will be a breeze.

  86. nicole blears

    my tiled floors after a dinner of spag bol with my 12 month old..

  87. Jennifer B.

    Three dogs, two kids and one expanse of tiled floor. That alone warrants a Bissell, but the 19 year old dog now has trouble making it outside in time, so the floor gets icky daily… :(

  88. sandra

    Bissell cleans the dog paw prints and the spilled kids drinks with ease and wonder

  89. Janelle Coster

    I would love to try this to clean up all those little and big spills made by the grandchildren. It would make my wooden floors always look shiny and clean

  90. Victoria

    The old, grungy grout in the kitchen and bathroom and daily food spills. :)

  91. Karen

    My kids bathroom would put the Bissell PowerFresh to the test – it’s like a crime scene in there!

  92. Zoe

    that icky pathway on the stone floor from the front door and up the stairs that no mop or vacuum can touch!

  93. Jennifer Fletcher

    I look forward to tackling scuff and foot marks in the Family Games Room. This frequently used tiled are is so difficult to keep clean.

  94. Vanda B

    I’d tackle my gorgeous shiny porcelain tiles which are the bain of my life as they need constant mopping!

  95. kaz reimann

    The everyday grime and sand that we walk in – our family is outdoorsy, Bissell would free up my time to spend on fun!

  96. michelle leathley

    i have cat that malts, 5.5 year old son whos messy, husband who treks grese through the house and i am a messy cook.

  97. Cynthia

    Like many others I’d tackle my kitchen tiles, but I can’t blame a pet or my kids as I’m the one who makes the mess!
    I’m such a messy cook that no matter how hard I try I always seem to feed the floor and then I add insult to injury by tracking it throughout the house!
    I’m not sure if it’s because I stir my mixtures to hard or chop too enthusiastically (probably both), but regardless no-one in my house complains because at least the end result is (nearly) always yummy!

  98. Shell

    for me the mess would have to be,
    around the kitty litter trays times three,
    cause I love to keep it clean,
    and get the floor to glean,
    to keep the area germ free,
    for my three kitties and me,
    and once that area was done,
    cause I am sure to use it would be fun,
    onto all the tiled flooring,
    all cleaned with no liquid pouring!

  99. Lisa

    My tiles are a nightmare, they never look clean.
    Bissell Powerfresh would be the answer, to bring back the sheen!

  100. Jade O

    My mother in law likes her red wine and always manages to spill a glass or bottle everytime she visits. Maybe the mop can clean up and do such a good job it will scare her and she will never do it again!

  101. Glenda McDonnell

    When your little, jumping in puddles seems like lots of fun, great until you decide to take a run through Nan- Nan’s house, from top to bottom and back out, if it was just one little pair of feet, my mop wouldn’t admit defeat, but with three muddy monsters tearing about, I need some serious steam to help me out !

  102. Siobhan

    Definitely when the in-laws come to visit. Spilt cake, cordial, red wine. You name it, they will spill it!!!

  103. Russell

    The bathroom because I’m pretty sure our tiles used to be white…

  104. ros mayes

    I have just moved our chest freezer out of the walk-in pantry because it has broken down! Can you imagine the mess underneath it?? Gross!! A tin (of something unrecognizable!!) leaked and has left a scary black mark, there are cobwebs with generations of spiders and ants have been busy preparing for the Winter!! I would absolutely love one of these fantastic steam mops! I’d start on the pantry and then work my way all over the house! My grandchildren won’t recognize the place!! If I don’t win this, it will be on top of my Christmas list!! :)

  105. Amie Falls

    My 3 kids convinced their silly mother to buy a puppy a few weeks ago, with promises that they will clean up after it! Needless to say that they don’t, and didn’t think the dog would urinate so much inside. I need this mop so my lovely house can stop smelling like a zoo!

  106. Jenny Newstead

    The constant sticky patch of floor that lives under my two year old’s high chair!

  107. Narelle Rock

    The mess my brother-in-law makes when he stays here, drops of coffee and drinks all over the kitchen floor, all the way out to the back pergola!

  108. sharron smith

    Something quick and easy in today’s everyday fast liiving with youngsters a small dog and a retired father who loves to help out in the yard and brings it in with him have no heart to say anything

  109. Abby Lee

    I would love one of these to help tackle the mess my toddler manages to leave at every meal time.

  110. Falon Downing

    The laundry, which often gets kitty litter crystals everywhere *sigh*

  111. Jodie Craze

    We have two dogs that love to bring the outside inside and I am constantly mopping the floors.We have a very large area with tiles and it takes a long time to dry and if you walk on it wet it leaves smears. With a steam mop the drying time would be quick as and having washable cleaning pads is a great cost saving. No more chemicals and you can be assured that your floors are hygienically clean.

  112. Tracy Boulter

    My two little dogs make a mess on my tiled floors and my husband is guilty of wearing his work boots inside when I am not looking.

  113. Michael Rainsford

    I would tackle the sticky drink stains I always get on my floor thanks to children without a care

  114. Emily Rose

    My mum and I both like to cook but we hate to mop, and unfortunately this leads to some sticky floors in the kitchen. With a Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop this wouldn’t be an issue for us anymore! Plus, we have two cats and both suffer from hayfever, so I bet this would go a long way in easing our sniffles too, particularly if we used the Carpet Refresher Base on our carpets. Last but not least, I have to say that living in a rental house can be nerve-wracking as you have to be SO careful not to damage anything! With Bissell I could at least relax knowing our floors will be in great condition.

  115. chloe taura

    My 2 boys running in and out of the house and our Labrador chasing after them! Leaves a beautiful mess for mum to clean!

  116. Graham Buckingham

    My bathroom gets really messy and mouldy and having six children it is hard to get on top of.

  117. Carolyn Mazzeo

    I’d love to bring back the grouting in my floor tiles to their original clean condition.

  118. Heather

    New puppy muddy foot prints, “dribbles”and feed bowl “shrapnel”.

  119. Sonya Nicole

    My toddler is very fond of emptying his Weetbix bowl over our floors…. mmmmm thanks Love!

  120. Lisa G

    The normal everyday living ones and ones I have no idea what they even are.

  121. Anne

    Life is messy, mine included but I manage ok. However with this awesome applicance my house/floors will sparkle and shine like never before. All the my neighbours and friends will be so jealous and want to run out and buy one because I won’t be sharing if I win!

  122. Lani Kennedy

    As an avid and excitable cook, I seem to get foods stains all over the floorboards !!! I’d love a steam mop…………x

  123. Nicola James

    Those unspeakable messes my two cats occasionally leave me when they feel offended or insulted!

  124. AmberB

    The mess I make when I am baking in the kitchen. I seem to get cake batter and icing everywhere :)

  125. aimee t

    dog hair! it’s everywhere, with a newborn on the way and a toddler, i am having major freakage! :) i no bissell can save my sanity!

  126. Jeffrey Lynch

    Everyday mess is a challenge in my household with kids and animals.This will certainly make the cleaning easier and without chemicals is awesome.

  127. Frances Lundon

    With 2 kids a partner and 2 birds there’s always spills of every description plus more…..With 3 types of floor coverings I could clean and freshen with ease.

  128. Angela Stellino

    My house is entirely tiled except for the bedrooms, and my almost 7 month old is about to start crawling! Would love a chemical free way to get the floors cleaned and dried quickly!

  129. Monique

    I live next to a dusty construction site so my floors are so gross every single day. This would certainly help with my battle to achieve cleanliness!