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And the winner is… Natalie Stoute! Thanks for your entry, we hope you enjoy your Peppercorn Food Company prize pack.

Peppercorn Food RangeWhat is it? We’re big fans of the Peppercorn Food Company range, including sausages, burgers and meatloaves. Everything is extra lean – meaning there’s less than 3% saturated fat in each serve – and they get the Heart Foundation tick of approval, too. They’re made from fresh ingredients and are gluten free, and as a brilliant bonus, the packaging is biodegradable and can be composted. The burgers are available in traditional beef as well as a spicy Asian variety; sausages are sold as extra lean beef, pork, chicken, beef chipolatas and Italian-style; and you can buy both extra lean beef and pork meatloaves.

How much does it cost? From RRP $7.99 for sausages and burgers, at Woolworths stores.

Jen created a speedy Sausage Supreme Pizza

Jen created a speedy Sausage Supreme Pizza

Where can I buy it? The Peppercorn Food range is sold in Woolworths stores and leading independent supermarkets nationally.

Where can I find out more? For news, recipes and competitions, Like Peppercorn Food on Facebook here.

Do we like it? Our reader roadtester, busy mum Jen, trials the Peppercorn Food Company range with her family, husband Anthony, five-year-old Oliver and baby Harrison. She whipped up delicious sausage and salad sandwiches (Oliver helped too!), fantastic homemade hamburgers, and a delicious sausage supreme pizza.

Reader roadtester Jen answers our questions about the Peppercorn Food Company range…

Jen & FamilyWhat do you find most challenging about back-to-school dinner routines?
Every afternoon when I pick Oliver up from school, the first thing out of his mouth is, “Did you bring me something to eat, Mum?” I always take along a small snack for him to eat in the car in the hope that it’ll do him till dinner time. Sometimes it does, other times he’ll continue to snack until dinner is ready, then still eat a full meal. It’s not unusual for us to have dinner done by 5:30pm during the week.
What do you look for when shopping for family-friendly foods and ingredients?
Fresh! Oliver is a fairly picky eater, so the more foods I can get Oliver involved with preparing, the more he enjoys it.  I mainly just look for what I know my boys will like. I try and throw a new meal in once a week, this sometimes goes down well and other times doesn’t!

Oliver helped with dinner and made his own Sausage Salad Sandwiches

Oliver helped with dinner and made his own Sausage Salad Sandwiches

What are your kids’ favourite dinners?
Oliver loves pasta – anything with pasta and he’ll finish his plate. He also loves mashed potato, so if he gets sausages/chicken/fish with mashed potato he’ll be happy. Harrison is still on puree food, he is enjoying homemade beef with pumpkin and carrot at the moment.

What did you love about Peppercorn Food Company sausages and burgers?
All three meals we made were really nice. There was next to no fat when cooking them all, which was great, that makes you want to eat it! They all smelled great too. My main concern when cooking meals for my husband and boys is if they’ll like it – if they have a full tummy afterwards, then I’ve done good! Both Anthony and Oliver were very happy with all three meals. Their favourite was the extra lean beef chipolata, and that’ll be on our meals list from now on.

I Love Peppercorn FoodAbout Peppercorn Food Company  All Peppercorn Food products are extra lean (with less than 3% saturated fat), have been awarded the Heart Foundation Tick of approval, and are made with fresh ingredients, so you can feel good about feeding Peppercorn Food to your family.


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  2. Join in the comments below and tell us: what’s your favourite easy midweek family dinner?  

*Competition opens 11.00am Monday 24 February 2014 and closes 11.59pm Sunday 9 March 2014. Open to Australian residents only. Only one entry per person. The winner will be announced here at on or before 5.00pm Friday 14 March 2014, and contacted using the email address provided with their entry. For full terms and conditions, click here


107 comments on “Product Review & Closed! Peppercorn Food Company Back-To-School Prize Pack”

  1. Julian Cartledge

    A loovly omelette hits the spot for a quick family dinner :)
    Shallots, eggs from our own chickens, mushrooms, olives, fresh roma tomatoes and habanero chillis :)

  2. Eden Flynn

    By Wednesday I’m want super easy. After swimming lessons for 3 kids followed by baths with hair for all, it is sausages in bread for a no complaints dinner,

  3. Monica Scurlock

    Curried sausages…lots of veggies, curry paste to taste, coconut cream…yummm!

  4. Janelle V

    Beef, sun dried tomato and feta pie.
    Served with zucchini chips, a wedge of lime.
    Simple to cook, delicious to eat.
    The perfect midweek treat.

  5. Clare Pateman

    Every ones gets excited when Wednesday night comes along, They hang around the kitchen waiting and checking that ive stared to cook their favourite…Lamb Shanks with mint/lime, sweet potato mash and crispy potato bites.
    Never a Wednesday goes by that the whole family is sitting at the table with a full smile on their faces.

  6. Laura Scriven

    I love a curry,
    Purely because it can be done in a hurry.
    The smell roars my stomach alive,
    Without spice, I couldn’t survive.

  7. Cheryl Haining

    “Freezer Night” whenever possible I cook an extra meal and freeze it, when I have enough I put them on the bench and Its a lucky dip, choose, microwave, eat, no fuss dinner

  8. tashana purkis

    we make homemade quiche the kids love it specially when there bite sized

  9. Jasmine

    After doing the grocery shopping, I’m usually so tired that I order pizza


    We cant go wrong with Home made hamburgers, With giant flat mushrooms as a bread alternative. “always a hit and delicious and fun to to make.

  11. JanelleM

    Anything in my slow cooker. Having everything ready the night before so I can throw it in before work is fantastic.

  12. mellie jane

    One of our family favorite midweek meals is home made pizza cut up all the toppings and everyone makes their own quick, simple and delicious.

  13. Ann

    Sausage casserole stew with root vegetables. Makes the yummiest dunking sauce to go with crusty bread.

  14. Nicole White

    TACOS – using any Peppercorn mince, chicken, beef, lamb or pork! Delicious with crispy fresh salad, avocado and sour cream!

  15. Janelle Dowton

    Satay Chicken Kebabs with rice and homemade satay sauce :)

  16. Emily Mclaughlan

    I love a good curried sausages with mash and green beans always goes down treat and tastes even better the next day

  17. Judith Senese

    My one pot Spaghetti Bolognes. Always delicious, very quick and one meal I know my sons will eat.

  18. Frances Lundon

    Porcupine meat balls casserole with pasta,one of my kids favourites.

  19. Tamara Lamb

    Spaghetti Bolognaise! Quick, filling, yummy and easy!

  20. Nancee Biviano

    Snags and mash – which just got a whole lot more interesting with Peppercorn!

  21. rebekah wade

    Bangers, mashed potato with peas and onion gravy. I usually add seasonal veg too. An easy and quick meal to make which is delicious.

  22. Brenda kapsley

    As daughter has rehearsals mid week we normally have a quick dinner, so spagghetti, or pasta bake are normally the favourites for midweek

  23. Carolyn Mazzeo

    Seiner Schnitzel with hot chips and corn on the cob… relish!

  24. Kate Dvornik

    We love Sausage Pasta Bake! So easy and yum! Peppercorn Italian Style sausages, spring onion, crushed garlic, red capsicum, 2 tins of diced tomatoes, spinach and ricotta agnolotti topped off with grated pizza cheese!

  25. Marcia Coventry

    Wraps. Everything can be slice, diced and cooked ahead of time.

  26. Josie

    Pizza Night – kids choose their own pizza toppings on pitta bread.
    Little fuss and happy tummies!

  27. Lauren A

    My favourite midweek family dinner is BBQ, either burgers or sausages, because my husband does the honours!

  28. LConroy

    Can’t go past a simple juicy steak with buttery mushrooms

  29. Susie

    Home made burgers mini style and baby buns with an array of self serve fillings. Kids love it making filling decisions.

  30. Nata

    My Lentil soup has that healthy twist,
    Full of goodness, my kids cannot resist,
    With vegetable and vitamins galore,
    A dish I simply adore.

  31. andreea nicolescu

    Love an easy vegetable and peppercorn sausage frittata, for a midweek healthy and tasty meal, served with salad

  32. Melissa Krohn

    Spaghetti Bolognese is a family favourite. Everyone eats it no complaints. Is super simple.

  33. Renee Annison

    Couldn’t be tastier, couldn’t be faster, melt, serve – perfect pasta!

  34. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney

    We love porcupine meatballs using peppercorn mince of course.

  35. Anna

    “Motherhood has a very humanising effect; everything gets reduced to essentials.”
    So we open the fridge and discuss the cheese and vegie potentials,
    It’s not the “traditional” dish otherwise we’ll need more time,
    However this approach truly reduces tantrums, tears and saves a dime!
    Mid-week dinner; tastebuds dance with Mexican spice,
    Personal choice to entice,
    Jumbo taco shelled filled with delectable delight,
    Cheese! Mince! Lettuce! Tomato! Onions! Capsicum! Celery! Carrot! Avocado and the like,
    Appreciated and devoured by each precious tyke!

  36. Kirsten W

    The Bunnings sausage sizzle at home. Very easy to cook, tastes just as good and best of all doesn’t cost $2.50 for just a sausage and bread!

  37. Lisa Maree Yelverton

    To be honest, mid week can be frantic. It’s nice an easy to make a breaky style cook up for the kids for dinner, eggs toast and bacon is always a winner.

  38. Jenny K

    Chilli con Carne and sour cream on top of a beautiful fluffy baked potato :) Easy and amazing!

  39. Natalie Stoute

    Our family loves wraps for an easy dinner and Peppercorn makes it even easier! We take a wrap, add salad and sausage (whole or sliced) for a yummy wrap. Alternatively, it’s sang choy bow in a flash with a lettuce leaf, asian burger patty minced, adding peanuts and bean sprouts/spring onion with a dash of light soy sauce. #fasteasydinners

  40. Hilary

    Homemade PEPPERCORN hamburgers… toast the buns and slice the fillings while the burgers cook. Made-to-order healthy, cutlery-free dinner in 10 minutes! 😀

  41. Alma G

    A quick spaghetti with the peppercorn beef sausages taken out of their casings and rolled into meatballs :)


    Homemade hamburgers and chips always goes down a treat with the tired kiddies :)

  43. Roberto Colombi

    Chicken drizzled in a peanut sauce – ‘Satay’sfaction’s always guaranteed!

  44. Linda Tan

    Jarlsberg chicken casserole works a treat every time, very hard to get wrong and the family love it!

  45. Marguerite Bradley

    crust less quiche! easiest meal ever and super healthy just add your favorite ingredients to beaten eggs and a little cream. Bacon, sausage, capsicum, onion, spring onion, spinach, corn whatever takes your fancy

  46. Kelly Ryan

    Anything done in the slow cooker, so easy, always taste delcious and alleviates the stress in the evening.

  47. Sonya Oskam

    Curry in the slow cooker – great wholesome and oh so tasty!!

  48. Jo-Anne Vanderhelm

    Lasagne (3 meat & 3 cheese). I make 2, one to freeze for a lazy day.

  49. Tania Carling

    Slow cooker chicken with mash potatoes and vegs.

  50. Russell

    Sausage, ricotta and spinach pasta bake – quick and easy to make with some greens packed in!

  51. Nicole C

    Home made pizza! So much fun to make and cook together as a family. Messy and it get’s the kids involved to learn new things about food and have fun making their own pizza :)

  52. Jo

    Spiralised zucchini, fresh from the garden, topped with home made basil pesto is a meal made in minutes as it requires no cooking.

  53. Melissa Wilkes

    Extra lean Asian beef burgers on crusty bread topped with fresh shredded carrot and crisp lettuce and garlicky dressing, so yum.

  54. Lauren Pratt

    Tuna mornay, I can whip it up in 10mins and my 9 month and hubby love it.

  55. Elizabeth Davey

    a slow cooked stew – pop everything in the pot in the morning, switch on and dinner is cooked when you get home

  56. kath

    peppercorn sausages cut the skin the whole length, wrapped in puff pastry and baked instant sausage rolls kids love them .

  57. Margaret Hollis

    Spaghetti bolognaise, so easy and can have so much variety, plus can add extra if visitors arrive

  58. Phillipa Giltay

    Home made fish, chips and salad. Easy and a winner with the kids!


    My Kids love “Sticky bacon-wrapped Sausages” with Creamy Mash Potato and a Onion Gravy – Can’t get much better than that, when the plates are licked clean

  60. sharron smith

    Stir frys are so easy quick and and inexpensive you can spice them up or down depending on taste any any family member is capable of cooking

  61. Fiona

    I love a good frittata – made with any and/or endless combinations from leftovers to what’s on hand at the time. Healthy, quick and tasty when I don’t have time!!

  62. Nicole

    Hamburgers, easy and packed full of vegies if home made, otherwise, served with salad for a quick easy and healthy option

  63. Jennifer B.

    I watched Jamie Oliver cook it, mixed in a hurry. It’s so easy!… Now we love his delicious home-made GREEN CHICKEN CURRY with rice! Even better if you have the time to set it up in the slow cooker in advance!

  64. Heather Hopley

    Curried sausages and rice. Throw in lots of vegetables. Believe it or not the kids love the leftovers in sandwiches for school.

  65. Jodie F

    Beef chipolatas on par bake rolls with a yummy greek salad. Easy and tasty when we have been busy with sport and activities.

  66. Jacinta hamill

    Lasagne is our favourite during the week, easy, filling and delicious!

  67. celine

    Tuna pasta bake – so quick and easy to make and it also means my little one eats some fish for dinner. I also grate some carrot in there for added veggie count

  68. Billie

    I love making my lemon chicken targine with garlic and chilli. Nothing warms you up more than a mixture of warm flavours.

  69. Catherine Dengate

    Sung choi bao – Asian inspired pork or turkey mince cooked with chopped or shredded vegetables [crushed garlic clove,finely grated fresh ginger, finely chopped water chestnuts, bean sprouts, finely chopped green shallots, and whatever else such as carrots, capsicum and celery as may be available] fried together with some soy sauce and oyster sauce;, served on a lettuce leaf cup

  70. Louise

    Our favourite midweek meal is homemade hamburgers with the lot, the kids love to help make them and we all love eating them, yum

  71. DIANA O

    Taco’s, while the salad get’s chopped up the meat practically cooks itself and then it’s all hands in to make your own just the way you like them. So yummy for something so easy.

  72. Di

    Grilled chicken, coleslaw and crusty bread. Tastes great and never gets any complaints, so easy to throw together too.

  73. Belinda Moxey

    Its definitely meat of some sort with some veg. I hate to say it but meat and 3 veg is pretty standard in our house midweek

  74. Melinda Chadwick

    mums meatloaf hits the spot every time, we put crunchy onions in it to give it a bit of a different texture and mums special sauce on top!

  75. Jan O'Bree

    Lasagna, tossed salad and crusty bread is my favourite. Easy to prepare the night before and a tasty meal everyone loves. No leftovers here!!

  76. Karen Mashford

    We often have curried tuna and vegie rissoles (mix froz or fresh veg with mashed potato and large tin of tuna, sauteed onion and garlic and some curry powder). Lightly coat in thin breadcrumbs and cook a few minutes on each side. They are very moreish and go great with a garden salad.

  77. Jane A

    Toad in the Hole, the whole family loves it especially the kids and it’s a lovely reminder of my English heritage, very simple, sausages in yorkshire pudding batter served with salad or veggies!

  78. Graham Buckingham

    We love to cook Spaghetti Bolognese because it is quick and easy to make and it is one of only a few meals my kids eat the lot.

  79. Soni P.

    My favourite easy meal is to use the night before’s leftover rice to make sushi rolls. My 6-yr-old LOVES making them so I don’t have to do much (hence that’s why they’re easy!). I microwave seafood sticks, then when they’re cool she squishes the rice on the nori sheets, spreads avocado and light mayonnaise over the top, sticks a seafood stick and chopped cucumber in each one and then rolls them up. She feels so proud of herself that she can make us a ‘gourmet’ dinner practically all by herself, and the fact that people pay good money to buy these in the store makes her think her dinner is even more special! It’s a great healthy meal, makes her feel great about herself, and I barely have to lift a finger. Gotta love that! :-)

  80. Sonya Nicole

    My family loves lamb so I just throw some forequarter chops in the oven and pair it with frozen vegies nuked in the microwave and voila, dinner is served with minimal effort!

  81. Melissa Davis

    Jacket potatoes! We make jacket potatoes and top them with baked beans, bacon and cheese; simple and delicious, it’s packed with flavor and only takes 20 minutes to make!

  82. Antonietta

    Our family’s favourite quick and easy midweek meal is lasagna, once the bolognese sauce is made, it just all falls together……yummo!

  83. christine williams

    Peppercorn hamburgers. Low on fat, low on additives, high on taste. Simple enough the teenagers can cook for me for a change.

  84. Kylie Baker

    Chilli tuna pasta. Super easy, super yummy and super brain food. The kids love it :)

  85. Bianca

    We usually have vegies mixed with whatever … Mash potato or sausages or beans or air fried wedges .. What ever is healthy and easy to cook

  86. nik

    I’m a bit of a salad fiend, but my salads are filled with cheese and nuts and all sorts of goodies that makes them pretty un-diet-like.

    My favourite mid week is smoked salmon, goats cheese and pecan nuts! YUM

  87. Narelle Rock

    we love making homemade pizzas, the kids really enjoy it and actually eat more than if we bought them from the store, healthy and quick to make.

  88. chloe taura

    Macaroni & cheese! So easy and kids and hubby just loovve it! IFor an extra kick, I sometimes throw some bacon in or chirizo sausage

  89. Jodie Farnsworth

    With the kids having swimming after school mid week its can be time consuming. When we get home I have to wash and dry my girls hair so our easy mid week meal is tuna bake so I can do the bulk of that when its cooking in the oven, though the Peppercorn hamburgers sound like another easy alternative option i must try!

  90. Deb

    Any curry cooked in the slow cooker – so tasty, so easy, less washing up, a crowd-pleaser!

  91. Michelle Frain

    It would have to be my chicken stiry fry quick nutritious and full of veggies

  92. Jodie M

    In summer its a barbecue with Peppercorn sausages where our barbecue additions tend to be guided by the flavour of the sausage. For chicken, we combine them with Asian flavours, a crunchy noodle salad or stiry fry vegetables with lots of ginger, chilli and garlic. Italian style lends itself to a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. Beef chipolatas go well with Mexican grilled corn, bean salad and tortillas. The beef sausages are a family favourite, for that typical Aussie barbecue with fresh bread, sizzling onions and of course tomato sauce! (and green salad to balance out the food groups!) Peppercorn sausages make for a variety of cuisines with a fast, healthy and tasty product…very handy during a busy working week.

    In winter…thats a whole other story