Seven Day Gluten-Free Challenge: Day 1

This post is thanks to PureBred

Words by Shanyn Brennan

Meal Planner

Breakfast: 1 slice Purebred Chia Seed Loaf, toasted, with 1 scrambled egg and 1 small glass milk.

Lunch: 2 slices Purebred White Farmhouse Loaf, toasted, topped with light spreadable cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives.

Dinner: free-range pork and fennel sausages, and gluten-free pasta with peas and light olive oil.

Snacks: natural yoghurt with chopped banana and raw nuts.

Diary Entry

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly excited to start the Purebred gluten-free challenge. I’ve always felt like my energy levels were low, that I often bloated and had abdominal pain, but never thought that switching to a gluten-free diet could change all that. So, as I begin this week-long journey, I’m eager to see if it’ll be a lifestyle change for good.

Try the Chia Seed Loaf with tuna and salad.

Try the Chia Seed Loaf with tuna and salad.

First up was breakfast. I was surprisingly full afterwards, and I can only attribute that to the Chia Seed Loaf. Lunch was delicious, too. Smoked salmon was a great healthy choice, and pairing it with gluten-free bread isn’t something I’d ever think to do, but it worked particularly well, and something I’d have again. My afternoon snack was just enough to get me through the afternoon, and instead of reaching for the chocolate, I paired natural yoghurt with banana and raw nuts. It was filling and just what I needed. And dinner was a healthy mix of gluten-free pasta, peas and free range pork and fennel sausages. What I did find surprising was the taste of the gluten-free pasta – I noticed no difference in the taste or texture to the normal pasta I’d go for, and I loved that.

By the end of the night one, I feel more satisfied with my food choices then I have for a long time. This doesn’t mean that I’ve been cured of my ongoing aches, pains and lethargy – in fact, I had a sneaky power nap at around 3pm! – but I feel the healthier options are going to work wonders. I feel lighter and less weighed-down than normal, and best of all, I do not feel like I’m missing out on anything food-related. In fact, I feel so much better.