Seven Day Gluten-Free Challenge: Day 4

This post is thanks to PureBred

Words by Shanyn Brennan

Meal Planner

Breakfast: natural yoghurt with chopped banana and raw nuts.

Lunch: brown rice with tuna in natural spring water.

Dinner: gluten-free pasta with fried chicken and basil pesto.

Snacks: gluten-free Freedom Foods muesli bar.

Diary Entry

Now that I’m more than halfway through the Purebred Seven Day Gluten-free Challenge, I feel more and more confident that the changes I’m going through are a direct response to the new and experimental diet. Today was pretty simple in terms of the meals I prepped and ate, and I think they’re great for anyone (not just those who are gluten-intolerant) to have on the run.

Check the label of the pasta and pesto to be sure they are gluten free.

Check the label of the pasta and pesto to be sure they are gluten free.

Breakfast was so filling, and I didn’t feel the need to eat in between the morning and lunchtime. I don’t even know why that’s the case! I sometimes have natural yoghurt with banana and raw nuts as a snack between meals, but for some reason, it was more than enough as a breakfast! Lunch was amazing! I know it sounds simple – and it is, really, because all I had to do was pre-cook brown rice in the morning and reheat in the microwave – but the combination of the tuna and rice was delicious and super easy. The brown rice kept me full for a long time, too, so I didn’t have to eat my gluten-free muesli bar until I was traveling home. And dinner was another easy one. The basil pesto sauce was pre-bought from the store (I ensured it was gluten-free before doing so), and it worked perfectly paired with gluten-free pasta and fried chicken. I just mixed it all together, and it was a quick and delicious dinner for one.

I know it seems like I’ve been eating pasta non-stop, but in truth, I would be doing this regardless of the Purebred challenge. I eat a lot of pasta. It’s kind of a vice, of sorts, and I definitely feel different eating the gluten-free version than the regular wheat pasta I’d buy. I think the other difference I’ve noticed (the first being the lack of bloating), is that I feel less heavy after consuming gluten-free pasta – even though my portion sizes would be exactly the same pre-challenge. Who would think a little thing like gluten could have such an effect? I surely didn’t, so I think it’s a change I’m going to keep. Until tomorrow…