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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This is quite a modern flourless chocolate cake, using only a small amount of hazelnut meal to give body, resulting in a mousse-like texture. As eggs are the main ingredient, this cake rises up during… Read more »

Double Chocolate Mud Cake

Sweet Treat: Double Chocolate Mud Cake

Recipe by Amira Georgy Now this is a special occasion cake! Our recipe for Double Chocolate Mud Cake starts with a white chocolate batter, which bakes into a deliciously dense mud cake. Next, it’s covered… Read more »

Self-Saucing Mocha Pudding

Fast Fix: Self-Saucing Mocha Pudding

Recipe by Amira Georgy The fact that this Self-Saucing Mocha Pudding is so easy to master may be as much a bad thing as it is good: what’s to stop us indulging any day of… Read more »

Chocolate & Pear Pudding

The Moodie Foodie: Chocolate & Pear Pudding

Recipe, photography and nutritional analysis by The Moodie Foodie The combination of pears and chocolate is just too good, don’t you think? Put them both in a warm pudding and you’re onto a winner. As… Read more »

No-Bake Chocolate Slice

Sweet Treat: No-Bake Chocolate Slice

Recipe by Amira Georgy No-Bake. Chocolate. Could there be more magical words than these? This super-easy recipe for delectable chocolate slice is a must-try. Serve it for dessert, or keep it in the fridge for… Read more »

Cooking with Kids

Purchasing, preparing and cooking food with your kids are important family activities – it’s a great way to teach them about healthy eating and good nutrition, as well as show them the ropes in the… Read more »

Creamy Chestnut Trifle

Stefano Manfredi’s Creamy Chestnut Tiramisu

This recipe is thanks to Chestnuts Australia Have you ever cooked with chestnuts? These versatile nuts are great in savoury and sweet dishes (they can be boiled and eaten instead of pasta or potato, tossed… Read more »

Chocolate & Mint Sauce

Fast Fix: Chocolate & Mint Sauce

Recipe by Amira Georgy What to do with all those Easter eggs? Make chocolate sauce, of course! So good drizzled over ice-cream or pancakes, this rich warm sauce has a hit of mint to take… Read more »

Truth About Chocolate

Chocolate: The Good and The Bad

Words by Karen Kingham It’s timely, with the approach of the chocolate-fest otherwise known as Easter, that we talk about this smooth, sweet and decadent food. Is it chock-full of goodness? We’d all like to… Read more »