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All About Kids’ Food Allergies

Words by Karen Kingham If you don’t have a child or family member with food allergies, then you almost certainly know someone who does. Here are some good-to-know facts that can make it a little… Read more »

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How Often Do You Eat Dinner At The Table?

Words by Karen Kingham In our rush-rush world, taking time to eat dinner at the table as a family has advantages for children that are not just limited to a healthy meal. And while ideally,… Read more »

Lactose intolerant? A little bit of milk on your cereal may be okay.

Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Dairy

Words by Karen Kingham When it comes to myths about food, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, particularly when it’s been handed down through the family. Milk and dairy is one food… Read more »

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Breakfast Really Is That Good For You

Words by Karen Kingham The world can probably be easily divided into those that do and those that don’t, but is breakfast really important – and do breakfast-eaters have an advantage over breakfast-skippers? My reply… Read more »

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Take A Look: GS1 GoScan App

Here’s an app we have to have: the new (free!) GS1 GoScan. It’s been three years in the making, and for good reason – it’s the first of its kind in Australia to be endorsed… Read more »

Truth About Chocolate

Chocolate: The Good and The Bad

Words by Karen Kingham It’s timely, with the approach of the chocolate-fest otherwise known as Easter, that we talk about this smooth, sweet and decadent food. Is it chock-full of goodness? We’d all like to… Read more »

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How Often Do You Read Nutrition Labels?

Words by Karen Kingham Q: I know I should pay more attention to food labels, but I don’t have the time to compare lots of products at the supermarket. What are the most important things… Read more »

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What Is Coeliac Disease?

About 228,000 Australians live with coeliac disease – but up to 80% of sufferers don’t even know they have it. This week (13-20 March, 2013) is Coeliac Awareness Week, so with the help of Coeliac… Read more »

Yoghurt is a great first food for babies

Five First Foods For Babies

Words by Karen Kingham It’s timely to talk about first foods when Australia has just updated its advice on the best ways to feed babies. Around six months of age is still the best time… Read more »

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The Health Benefits of Oily Fish

Words by Karen Kingham Most of us know oily fish are the best. It’s a mantra repeated by everyone from your next-door neighbour to Heart Foundations around the world. But exactly what is an oily… Read more »