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Save chocolate and sweets for the take-home lolly bags.

Kids’ Nutrition: Good-For-Them Party Foods

When you’re a parent and a nutritionist, the world expects a bit more when it comes to occasions with food. Junk food at birthday parties? Surely not! Read on as nutritionist Karen Kingham shares her experiences… Read more »

family meals at

How To Cook Family Meals Everyone Will Love

Words by Karen Kingham If you want to avoid becoming a short order cook and have your children eating and enjoying the same food as you, introduce the family menu as early as possible. This… Read more »

Try something new on the weekend - perhaps a slow-cooked stew that will freeze well for another night

Top Tips For Easy Family Dinner Planning

Words by Samantha Brennan Aside from the obvious must-haves, like family and great food, there are two things I can’t live without: red pens and notepads. I am a serial list-maker – I have right… Read more »