Here’s What I’m Looking Forward To This Easter

Samantha Brennan, Editor

Samantha Brennan, Editor

It’s funny how the things you love about special days like birthdays, Christmas and Easter, change so much over the years. Of course, when you’re young it’s all about the presents and the thrill of going to sleep knowing that magic is about to happen. Now that I have a little boy, this week I’m looking forward to setting up his first Easter egg hunt, and watching him gleefully search for those brightly coloured foil-wrapped treats.

Before I became a mum, I read about the trick of re-hiding eggs your kids have already found, so when the searching is over, there’s only a handful of chocolate to devour instead of the dozens of eggs needed for a decent Easter egg hunt! I tucked that piece of advice away for when I might need it. Now my boy is old enough to enjoy Easter but young enough to be fooled by this trick, I’ll definitely be giving it a go this year.

As for me, Easter is always a challenge. I have inherited an insane sweet tooth, and the thousands of eggs and bunnies staring at me from the supermarket shelves is almost too much to bear. I’ve already given into one particularly persistent chocolate rabbit – the poor thing didn’t stand a chance. Aside from that, I do love our Good Friday family dinner and Easter Sunday roast lamb… I think the moral of the story here is, Easter at our place is all about the food!

Happy Easter from all of us here at We hope you enjoy lots of good food and great fun with family and friends.

My Easter Extras

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Cherry DelightThese Well Naturally Sugar-Free chocolate bars (45g, RRP $2.69) passed my desk recently. Always tempted by the word “chocolate” and intrigued by the “sugar-free”, I had to give them a go. And they’re good! If they sound like your thing, you can find flavours like Dark Cherry Delight, Almond Chip, and Mint Crisp in the health food aisle of supermarkets.

Writing_Icing_Box TN


Get stuck into edible Easter craft with Writing Icings (RRP $4.99 for four) and Food Colour (RRP $3.99 for four) from Queen. The little kids will love it, and it’s a fun family activity for long weekend. Perhaps they can create handmade Easter gifts for Mum and Dad or the grandparents.



What do you love most about Easter? What fabulous food is on your Easter menu this year?

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  1. Bianca

    Love Well Naturally Chocolate. They also do No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate versions. Fruit & Nut is my fave!