The business plan focuses on creating Karam, a Middle-Eastern eatery and hookah establishment known as Karam. It will stand out from the crowd due to its uniqueness and strong ties to immigrants Arabic populace. It will also provide impeccable service and delicious food to build its customer base (Covello and Hazelgren 2005).

In a healthcare organization’s health survey, several health concerns were identified, among which being overweight and obesity were the main focus of people in the community. The causes of these issues result from poor living and unhealthy eating habits along with an increased amount of sedentary habits (Must and others. 1999).

A large proportion of people faced this health issue, which was viewed as an enormous health risk for Arabs as well as other communities in other nations (Dehghan and others. (2008)). The research conducted by the Jewish community members in Chicago found that nearly half of children are overweight.

This is usually due to adverse health effects like low life expectancy, heart disease, diabetes, and emotional issues (Mokdad and others. 2003). The kinds of figures disclosed in obesity-related matters in the Arab community revealed alarming statistics.

Regarding eating habits, research revealed that nearly two-thirds of foreigners did not eat a healthy diet daily. Similarly, around one-third of kids ate fast food every week, with overweight children registering around 38% and non-overweight children writing 28 percent (National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 2008).

Business Type

The restaurant will serve Middle Eastern cuisine and include an open-air hookah bar. It is essential to know the hookah pipe, which people use to smoke tobacco with a flavor. It is a common practice in Middle Eastern societies, and it is considered to be a standard method to unwind.

The restaurant’s customers will stop by to relax in the serene ambiance, Arabic menu, and hookah sessions and meet with Middle Easterners. The restaurant’s proprietor will employ chefs of Arabic heritage and experience working in bustling Middle-Eastern restaurants. Additionally, employees will be offered incentive programs. The company opens from 8 am until 11 pm and will have two shifts.


Karam, the restaurant, is located at 451 Prince Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. The location is ideal for this type of business since, in addition to being accessible to city dwellers however, there is an abundance of customers who come to the establishment and therefore buy its products and services.

A good reputation is one of the critical ingredients for success within the field of nutrition. The location you choose will determine this. It is in the heart of a vast immigrant Arab population and is a great location.

Revenue sources

The restaurant will make its revenues from the sales of drinks, food, and hookah. All meals are available, including lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Food items include appetizers and Mazza, Khouka, Couscous in spices and red peppers, Lamb, Samsa, and Salata Mishwiyya. Customers can also purchase drinks served along with meals. In the bar for hookah, the customers pay per hour to maximize the time spent.

Target demographic

The majority of the clients are made up of Middle Eastern immigrants in the Sydney region. Many are looking for foods that remind them of their homeland. This will make an ideal service. Most of them will be young since the Arabic populace in Canada is youthful (The Canadian Encyclopedia 2013). Foodies desiring to try Arabic dishes are likely also to frequent the eateries.

Marketing strategies that could be a possibility

The initial method of marketing will be a sign around the establishment. Names of the restaurant Karam Eatery will become prominently displayed on the wall outside. The logo will portray an aspect of Arab traditions, and images of Arabic food items will be shown. Marketing via word of mouth will be an essential strategy.

Efficient customer service will guarantee the return of business and the recommendation of those who love the food. Apart from that, pamphlets and brochures in Sydney will promote the restaurant. The restaurant will also be able to have an extensive advertising agency with local radio stations and newspapers where it will discuss its opening as well as menu offerings (Gilligan 2003).).

Potential research sources

The company will gather data for research purposes with the help of research experts. They will speak with people from the targeted demographic and learn what they want to hear. Managers and employees also receive client feedback on the quality of their services. In addition, information on marketing and promotion will be derived from books about the subject (Brags 2005).


The food center, which known as Karam Restaurant at 451 Prince Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, will help enhance Arab communities’ health and well-being. This will help them save time as they can consume healthy, traditional meals inside Canada located at 451 Prince Street Sydney, Nova Scotia. In addition, their focus on their studies and university assignments will be significantly enhanced because a healthy body maintains a healthy mind.

The purpose of this strategy is to set up an eating establishment that can offer Arabs that reside in Canada a variety of food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food items included include Mazza, or appetizers, Khouka, Couscous in red spice and peppers, lamb, Samsa, Samsa, and Salata Mishwiyya, as mentioned earlier.

This initiative is a beautiful gesture to the Arabic community, and simultaneously it is a lucrative business idea due to the absence of indigenous healthy foods in foreign countries.


The method to be employed to create the diet food center is by communicating with all the diet food companies which are already in the region, which includes diet center, diet world, and diet shop, and gathering information about the feasibility, cost, and conditions for opening a branch within the university.

After gathering information about these stores and ensuring that at least one can establish branches that are flexible enough in their contractual requirements, which will increase the chances of the venture’s success, The university’s administration will be in touch.

This is about the business plans and proposals presented to the institution. But, it is contingent on an agreement with the most suitable food service providers for diets.

Once all contracts are signed, the project will take root in the locality. The cities are so deemed to be underutilized regarding food services, especially in institutions.

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