Seven Day Gluten-Free Challenge: Day 5

This post is thanks to PureBred

Words by Shanyn Brennan

Meal Planner

Breakfast: 1 slice Purebred Chia Seed Loaf, toasted, topped with spreadable cream cheese, smoked salmon and 1 scrambled egg.

Lunch: leftover basil pesto gluten-free pasta from the night before.

Dinner: homemade pumpkin soup with 2 slices Purebred White Farmhouse Loaf, toasted, for dipping.

Snacks: gluten-free Freedom Foods muesli bar.

Diary Entry

Try scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toasted gluten-free bread for breakfast.

Try scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toasted gluten-free bread for breakfast.

Hello day five! Today was a mix of making meals and eating leftovers. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated in the kitchen, and a good-old microwave warm-up seems like a perfectly reasonable way to eat for the day.

So breakfast was a little bit more adventurous than the rest of my meals. I toasted 1 slice of Purebred Chia Seed Loaf, spread with light cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon and 1 scrambled egg (if I’m feeling particularly unenthused about cooking, I scramble eggs in the microwave – it works just as well as putting them in a pan). Lunch was another warm-up – leftover gluten-free basil pesto pasta from the night before. And for dinner, I had some left-over pumpkin soup from the freezer that I’d made weeks back, and it was packed with fresh vegetables with a pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning. It’s not the healthiest of dinners – there’s obviously potato in it which is quite carb-loaded – but there’s definitely no cream or bacon! And I toasted 2 slices of Purebred White Farmhouse Loaf, cut them into ‘soldiers’ and used them for dipping.

Today I’ve felt great about all the choices I’ve made so far. My lethargy is definitely on the backburner so I feel like I have more energy, and my bloating is still considerably less. And now that we’re in the final few days of the Purebred challenge, I’m going to make more of an effort to notice everything that was bothering me before and figure out exactly how my body has reacted to the diet change. Stay tuned!