Product Review: Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup

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Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup 2

What is it? Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup. This golden combination of 75% agave and 25% maple syrup is deliciously sweet and ideal for using as a topping or an ingredient in both savoury dishes and dessert recipes.

How much does it cost? RRP $9-10 for 236ml.

Where can I buy it? For a list of online and local Spiral Foods stockists, click here.

Where can I find out more? Visit the Spiral Foods website at or head straight to the Organic Maple & Agave Syrup page here.

Do we like it? The Moodie Foodie, Nutrition Editor Karen Kingham, and our reader roadtester Emma Carmichael, tell us what they think of Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup…


Jay RogersThe Moodie Foodie says… I’m a big fan of adding a little sweet stuff to sweeten things up. And my girls? Hell, yeah! Yep, we have a soft sweet spot for syrupy sticky goodness in our house – but in moderation, of course. You understand…  I’m also a big fan of agave nectar and use it often in my cooking. So when I received Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup to try, I took the task seriously indeed – who needs an excuse, right? First, we drizzled it on fresh fruit and natural yoghurt – mmm. Then we added it to our morning banana-and-oat smoothie – oh, my. And then we sploshed it on our morning porridge with berries. You guessed it – yum!  So I tried it in a salad dressing and it was lip-smackingly good. It tastes maple-y, but not too maple-y. It was sweet, but not too sweet. And it has less sugar than my usual brand of pure maple syrup and agave nectar, so I was sold.   


Karen KinghamNutrition Editor Karen Kingham says… Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup has a subtler flavour than pure maple syrup, and was declared delicious by my children as we splashed a little on our morning porridge. As far as sweeteners go, this one is a concentrated source of sugars just like pure maple syrup, honey and golden syrup. All concentrated sugars like these need to be enjoyed modestly, especially if you’re counting kilojoules. Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup’s one standout is its lower GI, which is solely due to the proportion of agave it contains. Agave gets its sweetness from fructose, a very low-GI sugar. Replacing other sugars or sugar syrups in your recipes with agave and maple syrup won’t reduce the total amount of sugar in your final recipe, but it will serve to lower its GI, which, if included as part of an overall healthy diet, can offer benefits to weight and diabetes control.


Emma and Jack

Emma's Carrot, Date & Chia Loaf made with Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup

Emma’s Carrot, Date & Chia Loaf made with Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup

Reader Roadtester Emma Carmichael says... First thing I loved was the traditional-style bottle, and after checking the label, I was pleased to see it only contained two ingredients – maple and agave syrups. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to maple syrup – if I’m going to buy it, it’s always the real deal from Canada – so I was happy to note that this is true for the Spiral Foods syrup. It’s a gorgeously rich, amber colour, and nice and sticky – not too runny or watery. We used it to make a butterscotch sauce, which we drizzled over ice-cream and pancakes, and I also used it to sweeten this delicious Date, Carrot & Chia Loaf. I actually thought the flavour would be too strong to tempt my three year old, but he loved it – and asked for a second piece! The bottle says it serves eight, but I think a little goes a long way, and I’d definitely buy it again. Yum!


Try Spiral Foods Organic Maple & Agave Syrup in this recipe for Apple Frangipane Tart.

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