Product Review: Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli



What is it? Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli. Serve it as tasty toasted muesli with cold milk, or as a warm porridge. It comes in eight single-serve sachets, and is made from raw oats with honey and cinnamon flavours, plus pepitas (pumpkin seed kernels) and sultanas.

How much does it cost? RRP $5.99 for 350g box (eight 45g sachets).

Where can I buy it? Woolworths stores Australia-wide.

Where can I find out more? Visit

Do we like it? The Moodie Foodie, Nutrition Editor Karen Kingham, and our reader roadtester, Kathryn McHugh (with daughter, Amelia, 2) tell us what they think of Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli…



Jay RogersThe Moodie Foodie says… When it comes to muesli, I’m all business. What got me first about Table of Plenty Hot Or Cold Muesli was you can eat it both cold and crunchy or creamy and warm. Great, an all rounder! The smell alone made me want to eat it: honey, cinnamon-y, oat-y goodness. I tried it cold to see if it tasted as good as it smelled – tick! And so I tried it hot – yum! But here are a few things you need to know: watch your microwave – my oats tended to bubble over before the suggested 90-second cooking time. It was also a little bit runny at this stage, so I covered it for five minutes to let it soak. The consistency isn’t exactly like soft porridge (the oats are still a little chewy) but I really liked it – and so did my kids. In fact, they asked for it again the next morning, and they made it themselves – bonus! All in all, it’s a nice muesli, although at two teaspoons per serve it’s a little higher in sugar than I would normally eat. It was really yummy, though!


Karen Kingham

Nutrition Editor Karen Kingham says… The nutrition information panel on Hot or Cold Muesli differs little from that on most quick-oat products: its standout is instead its type of oats. Quick-cook oats are finely processed so they cook fast, but this raises glycemic index, which is not really what is desired. Hot or Cold Muesli, however, has a mixture of whole and finely processed oats, meaning its GI will likely be lower than most other quick-cook oats, and of greater benefit in keeping mid-morning hunger pangs at bay.



Kath and AMeliaReader Roadtester Kathryn McHugh says… It’s great tasting and like no other muesli I’ve eaten before. It was delicious both cold and warm. My husband, two-year-old daughter and I really enjoyed the flavour and taste of it. Served cold, it had the sweetness of honey and cinnamon, with a lovely crunch from the pepitas. Served warm, these beautiful flavours came together into a lovely creamy porridge. The instructions are very clear and the muesli is quick and easy to make for those on the run. It also kept us content until lunchtime. I would definitely recommend it to others, and it’s a great breakfast option for families.


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