Five Minutes with Michelle Bridges

Michelle BridgesShe’s got the goods, that’s for sure! The Biggest Loser star trainer and cookbook author, Michelle Bridges, has recently taken her passion for health and wellbeing one step further with her new range of kitchenware, exclusive to Big W. Including items like a food chopper, food scale, collapsible lunch box and measured drink bottle, the collection starts at just RRP $6 per piece. We were lucky enough to catch up with the fitness queen recently, and asked her all about her exciting new endeavour.

Q: You’re just about to launch a new kitchenware line, and this comes on top of your range of cookbooks, too. Good health obviously follows from good food and exercise, but which part of the process do you enjoy most: working out, or working in the kitchen? Why?
Does anyone like getting up at 5am to drag themselves to the gym? I didn’t think so. Well, I’m no different! That said, I love the feeling you get when the workout is done, you can’t replicate that. As for cooking, one of my all-time favourite things is to have friends over for dinner. I love creating and turning my whole fresh ingredients into something special that all my friends can enjoy. 

Q: What are you most likely to cook for dinner after a long day in the office/on set/in the gym?
After a long day working, I usually like to prepare something simple and light. I’ll often pop out and buy some fresh fish to eat with a green salad. I always have fresh greens in my fridge and just throw them on a plate with tomatoes, cucumber and some balsamic vinegar.
Q: What’s your favourite foodie treat, and how often would you give into temptation?
I’m a total foodie and so never deny myself a treat here and there. Dark chocolate is a firm favourite but I stick to one piece and like to couple it with a glass of red wine. My other favourite food treat would have to be the famous Aussie pavlova, which I normally save for Christmas Day.

Michelle Bridges Water Bottle 1Q: Tell us about the new kitchenware range: what has the design and development process been like, and which items are your favourites?
Designing and developing is the best part of the process. It’s where a concept grows from an ‘idea’ into a ‘consumer product’ and it’s really exciting to be a part of this. My favourite item from my range so far, has to be the Daily Water Consumption Bottle (left). It measures your hourly water intake and helps you keep an eye on the amount of water you drink each day. Everybody in our office has one of these and they love them!

Q: Why do you think it’s important to have great cooking tools and accessories in the kitchen? What item gets the most use in your kitchen?
Michelle Bridges Fruit and Vegetable Chopper 1
When you are busy – which most of us are these days – innovative, good-quality cooking tools can save you heaps of time in the kitchen. My vegetable chopper (right) has really helped with my preparation time for cooking as it can chop almost any vegetable into any shape FAST. I also love my scales as they stop me putting too much food on my plate by showing me not just the weight of an item but also its fat content and other nutritional information.

Q:  What three words best describe your kitchen?
Lively, functional, sunny.

Take a look at the complete Michelle Bridges at Big W range here.