Rebecca Judd’s Family Kitchen

Where does Rebecca Judd find the time? Married to twice-Brownlow Medallist, AFL player Chris Judd, and mum to 19-month-old Oscar, the model, Paul Bram Diamonds Ambassador and television presenter is also a trained speech pathologist and prolific blogger (visit, or follow @becjuddloves on Twitter or @becjudd on Instagram). Rebecca’s next project is with the 6pm Nine News team, where she’s set to present the weather report from mid-March. So how does she manage the juggle between her work schedule and home life? We asked Rebecca to let us in on the secrets of her family kitchen.

Rebecca Judd

Rebecca Judd

Q: You’re a busy working mum. How do you find the time to prepare nutritious family meals? What’s your go-to dish for last-minute dinners?

We’re really lucky that we live right next to the Prahran Market, so we are very spoilt with the freshest produce so close to home. As my husband is perpetually on an athlete’s diet our “go-to” meals are pretty boring but extremely healthy. They are usually a mix of either a steak or salmon fillet, brown rice for carbs and a lovely salad. Our standard salad is cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, carrot, fetta and toasted almonds or pine nuts. 

Q: What do you normally eat for breakfast?

Table of Plenty fruit-free toasted muesli and a strong latte. I will usually have berries, too, and sometimes Vegemite and Philadelphia cream cheese on toast. On a weekend I’ll do something more exciting, like bacon and eggs on toast or a pancake stack.

Q: What are Oscar’s favourite foods at the moment?

He’s loving beef and vegetable risoni, and has always had a thing for pumpkin, chicken and ricotta pasta. 

Q: Do you like to entertain at home? What’s your signature dish?

Yes, I do but unfortunately we are in the middle of building a new house so our current house is overflowing with junk. This means it is a tad small to host dinner parties. Back when we had more space, my girlfriends and I used to do “dinner club” and my trademark is always a yummy roast. Roasts are far more impressive than they deserve to be because they are so easy to cook.

Q: What three words best describe your family kitchen?

Unorganised. Healthy. Fresh.